The Ultimate Obor osrs guide [2022] – fighting the hill giant boss made easy

There used to be a time when f2p osrs had no boss monsters besides Elvarg. That fact changed when, in October 2016, Obor the Hill Giant boss was introduced. 

In OSRS, Obor is a boss that can be fought in both f2p and member worlds. However, he can only be fought when you have a giant key. This guide will discuss the tactics, strategies, and how to fight Obor effectively in F2P and members. 

Hill Giant boss Obor location

You can find Obor in the Edgeville Dungeon. You need to use a giant on the iron gates to access his lair. This key is a drop you can get from certain monsters like hill giants and cyclops.

The fastest way to Obor the hill giant boss is by teleporting to the grand exchange and running to the west to the wooden house. Use your brass key on the door and go downstairs. Then just run towards the end of the cave (why are hill giants in caves?) and use your giant key on the western wall. 

If you don’t have a giant key yet, we have written a guide about the best ways to get a giant key in osrs quickly. 

location obor fastest way

Obor weakness and stats

Obor is one of the easiest bosses to fight in osrs. He can easily be killed by a level 60 member or a level 70 f2p player. This difference is because he only has a combat level of 106 and 120 hitpoints. This makes the fight very straightforward. 

The hill giant boss does have a couple of attacks to look out for. He can fight with both melee and ranged. Obor is weak to magic and ranged attacks. His defense bonus is only +20 against those two attack styles. 

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitWeaknessAttack style
106 combat120 hp22 melee26 rangedMagicRangingCrushCranged

Since Obor is a hill giant, you can fight him as a slayer task when you get those monsters assigned. You also have the opportunity to fight him if you have unlocked the Like A Boss slayer perk.

Two slayer masters can assign Obor as a slayer task:

  • Vanneka
  • Mazchna

Recommended stats 

To fight Obor, the following stats and gear are recommended:

  • 50 attack: this way, you can hit accurately when using melee
  • 50 strength: having a high enough max hit is crucial in defeating the boss at low combat
  • 50 defense: preferably even more heightened when using a magic tank strategy
  • 65 ranging: Despite being a boss weak to range, ranging obor in f2p is much harder than any other combat style
  • 59 magic: being able to cast fire blast will help you tremendously. 
  • 40 prayer: gives you the ability to protect from missiles

You can get away with a lower stat if you have a member’s account. However, the fight is much more challenging due to the small amount of good gear in f2p. Obor can easily hit through the BIS magic f2p gear with his accurate attacks. 

How to beat Obor osrs strategy

This chapter is more or less the same for F2P and members. Only the gear section is substantially different. 

Obor is an aggressive monster, so he will attack you right after you climb down the rocks in his pit (why is the hill giant boss in a pit?). So make sure you have read the strategy part and know more or less what to do so you don’t waste your giant key.


Obor attacks with both melee and ranged. Out of the two attacks, his ranging attack is the most dangerous. Using your protection prayer against missiles will only reduce the damage done by 50%. 

The boss also has a stun attack when doing melee, which will knock you back a few tiles. However, this attack isn’t something to worry about too much. So you can tank it if you use a tanking strategy. 

F2P Gear

The gear in F2P you can use at Obor is pretty limited. If you are using the magic tanking or snaring method, I would advise you to use rune armor with BIS f2p gloves, an amulet of defense or magic, and a staff of fire.

In your inventory:

For food, you should use pizza or food like lobster and swordfish. Add a strength potion, too, if you are using melee. Finally, don’t forget your giant key, or you will not be able to enter the hill giant boss lair. 

obor gear osrs

Members Gear

If you are a member, you have many more options to go with. It is advised you use your trident of the swamp with full void if you have these. If not, you can use a rune with a granite shield to tank the hits while using your best staff and a combat bracelet. If you have a toxic blowpipe, you can use this weapon at Obor. 

You can use melee here. The boss is relatively weak to crush attacks. So in case you have an excellent crush weapon like the sarachnis cudgel, you can bring it here. 

In your inventory:

Bring a prayer potion so you can also use defensive prayers like steel skin and attacking prayers as a mystic might on top of your protection from missiles.

Great food to use at this boss is cheese potatoes. These are meager costs and heal many hitpoints in one go. Also, bring 3 to 5 karabwams for combo food so you can rapidly heal up again. 

obor inventory

Magic snare strategy

The magic snaring strategy for low-level players who can keep their cool is the recommended strategy. To do this obor strategy effectively, you will need access to magic blast spells like air blast or fire blast. You also need at least 50 magic to be able to snare the hill giant boss in his place. 

This is how to do the magic snare strategy effectively:

  1. Turn protect from ranging on before going down
  2. Go down and use snare on Obor before he reaches you
  3. Stand as far from him as possible
  4. Cast your damaging magic spell on him, e.g., fire blast
  5. Cast snare when he can run again
  6. Run away and cast your damaging spell again
  7. Repeat until the boss is dead

Magic tanking strategy

Since Obor is weak to magic, you can use some rune items like armor while using your magic attacks. You will get hit quite often, so you need to have a high defense, hitpoints, and good food. If you are a member, you can use your void armor and trident of the swamp. It is advised to use the protection from missiles the entire fight. 

Melee strategy

Using melee is the best strategy for high combat level players who want fast kills. However, due to Obor being able to attack with both melee and range at a close distance, this method is more dangerous.

You will need at least 50 in all combat stats and 40 prayers to use to protect from missiles. The rune scimitar is the best weapon to use here as a f2p prayer. An argument can be made for the rune mace if you plan to use attack, strength, or defense boosting prayers. Make sure you bring a strength potion to boost your str levels. 

osrs obor guide


Obor is one of the few F2P monsters that drops rune items. Moreover, the hill giant boss is the only monster in OSRS who drops the Hill Giant Club. This club is the best crush weapon in F2P. 

100% drops

Obor has a couple of drops which he will always drop when killed. These drops are the following:

  • Big bones
  • Beginner clue scroll 
  • Ensouled giant head (members only)

The beginner clue scroll should be completed between trips as it has decent loot, and you can’t have more than one. 

Armor and weapons

Hill giant boss obor drops a lot of rune weapons. Like the f2p moss giant boss Bryophyta, he also has a unique drop. However, the hill giant club is also available for f2p players. You can get almost every notable rune item here, except for the rune scimitar. 


There are a lot of valuable drops on the drop table. You can get large amounts of every high-value f2p rune here. Obor drops the following runes:

  • Law rune
  • Cosmic rune
  • Chaos rune
  • Death rune
  • Nature rune

Other good obor drops

A couple of other decent drops add to the value per kill here. These are:

  • Coins
  • Limpwurt root (noted)
  • Big bones (noted
  • Giant key
  • Uncut ruby (noted)
  • Uncut diamond (noted)

Obor does not drop a pet. 

Obor FAQ

How to immobilize obor osrs?

The best way to immobilize Obor in f2p is by casting the snare spell on him. You need level 50 magic to cast this spell, and the spell’s effect is that Obor will be stuck for 10 seconds. If you are a member, you can use ancient magic to immobilize the hill giant boss for up to 30 seconds with Ice Barrage. 

Is there an obor osrs safe spot?

There is no safe spot for Obor. The only way to be outside his melee attack is by using spells like snare and ice burst to freeze him in place. However, the boss will still be able to attack you with his ranging attack. 

What’s the lowest level you should be to fight the hill giant boss osrs?

I would recommend you be at least level 60 combat when attempting to kill this boss in F2P. The attacks with both range and melee can hit quite high. Having level 40 prayer and a decent defense level are essential to pull this off. If you are a member, you can kill him at the lowest level of combat 50. 

Final Thoughts and advice

There you have it! Everything you need to know to get your first Obor kill. When fighting the boss, it might be useful to also look at the combat achievements you can get here. 

Because giant keys can be stacked in your bank, it is advisable to save them until you have a high enough level to fight the boss. That way, you won’t have to teleport out suddenly and lose an opportunity to kill him. 

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