OSRS Map Guide – cites and places travel overview

OSRS is probably one of the biggest MMOs out there from a content perspective. As a result, there are hundreds of locations to check out in the vast world of Gielinor. In this OSRS map guide, we will discuss the most popular locations in the world of OSRS and list what activities and skills they are best known and optimal for. 

We will not discuss every single location in the game, as that would be a bit too much. Though we will give more info on every OSRS map location, you should check it out at least once! 

OSRS Cities overview


There is no location in OSRS or Runescape as iconic as Lumbridge. The starter city is beloved by all, and it is the first city any fresh out of tutorial island account will see. The city is available for F2P and has a ton of history, quests, and NPCs. So what can you do in Lumbridge?

Interesting NPCs, shops, and places in Lumbridge

Lumbridge castle: The Lumbridge castle has a ton of interesting NPC’s. You can find the cook there to do the first quest introduced to RuneScape. You can also find Duke Horacio there, a spinning wheel, a basement with level 2 spiders, and free leather boots and gloves. 

Bob’s brilliant axes: Bob doesn’t sell just axes, but he is also one of the few NPC’s who can repair barrows armor.  

Hans: Hans is wandering just outside the Lumbridge Castle. His task is to give you an existential crisis and a short feeling of despair and helplessness, as he is the one to tell you how much time you have spent on your account so far. 

Lumbridge OSRS


Ardougne, or Ardy, is a large city where the plague city quest line finds a place. You can find a marketplace where you can steal multiple useful items for your account when starting out. For example, you can get silk, silver, and gems by thieving the market stalls. There is also an agility course that you can use when you are 90 agility. 

How you get to Ardougne

  • The Ardougne teleport: This teleport is available after the Plague City quest. 
  • West Ardougne teleport: You can get this spell after getting 60% favor of Arcuus. 
  • Fairy ring teleport: You can do this with the code D – J – P 
ardougne osrs


Canfis, also called Kharyll, is a small settlement in Morytania inhabited by werewolves. Canfis has the Canifis Rooftop Course to train agility starting from level 40. There is also the slayer master named Mazchna. Canfis has a bank that is relatively close to the slayer tower. 

How you get to Canifis

  • Kharyll teleport – This teleport is unlocked after the Desert Treasure Quest. You need 66 magic to cast this spell. 
  • Fairy ring – You can use the fairy ring code C – K – S to teleport very nearby. 
  • Salve Graveyard Teleport – this teleports you very close by to Canafis.
  • Portal chamber – You can put a portal in your POH that will bring you straight to Canifis. 


Yanille is the city where you can find the Wizards guild. The city has a lot more exciting features than you would think at first glance. Not only is there a house portal, but there is also a Yanille agility dungeon and one of the most beloved mini-games; Nightmare zone. There is also one of the few hunting shops in Yanille. 

How you get to Yanille:

  • House teleport – The most convenient way to get to Yanille is the house teleport.
  • Nightmare zone teleport – You can use the mini game teleport to teleport right outside the city gate of Yanille. 
  • Watchtower teleport – You can also use the watchtower teleport to get outside the Yanille walls easily. You can then use the agility shortcut nearby to get inside the city quickly. 


Varrock is the capital city of Misthalin and one of the largest and most iconic cities of Old School Runescape. There is an agility course, multiple banks, a general store, a ton of quests, and of course, the Grand Exchange. The city of Varrock is by far the largest city that F2P players have access to. 

How to get to Varrock 

  • The Varrock teleport: At just level 25 magic, you can teleport to Varrock.
  • Grand Exchange teleport: Using the ring of wealth, you can teleport quickly to the Grand exchange. 
  • Spirit Tree: You can use the spirit tree to teleport to the Grand Exchange quickly.
Varrock OSRS


Taverley is one of the first cities you will come across when you just bought your membership and go through the gate. Unfortunately, there is not much to do in this location, as it lacks a bank. However, the most exciting part of Taverley is under the surface by far. The Taverley Dungeon features multiple classic Runescape monsters such as the Hellhounds, Blue Dragons, and the Black Demons. You can also find the slayer boss Cerberus there. 

Taverely is very close to the Principality of Burthrope. 

How to get to Taverley 

  • House teleport – If your house is in the Taverley dungeon, then you can use the house teleport to get to Taverley quickly
  • The Balloon Transport system is another way to get to Taverely by teleport.
  • Alternatively, a Falador Teleport and using the agility shortcut is a fast way to get to Taverely.

Port Sarim

Port Sarim is best known for the hit song Sea Shanty 2. It is nearby Draynor Village and just South of Falador. Port Sarim is somewhat of the traveling hub of OSRS and is the only way for Free to Play players to go to Karamja. 

In Port Sarim you can find multiple useful shops. Most notably, the wizard shop where you can buy runes and a couple of herblore ingredients. There is also a feather shop in Port Sarim where you can buy feather packs to make some money as a F2P player. 

How to get to port sarim

Use the Rat Pits teleport: You get access to this mini-game teleport after doing one of the worst quests in OSRS. It is by far the easiest way to get to Port Sarim. 

Use a glory to Draynor: A decent alternative is to use a glory teleport to Draynor Village. Then just use the agility shortcut to Port Sarim. This takes a bit longer than the Rat Pits teleport. 


The city of Prifddinas is one of the newest additions to OSRS. You can only enter the city after completing the Song of the Elves questline. As an end-game city, there is a lot to do here. There is a colossal slayer dungeon, one of the best agility courses in the game is here, and you can do the (corrupted) gauntlet in the city. You can also do the Zalcano mini-game. Finally, if you are in the mood for some skilling and making a lot of GPs, you can try to pickpocket the elves here. In short, some of the best moneymakers in the entire game are in this city, and you can make a bond in an hour without leaving the city grounds. 

How to get to Prifddinas

  • The Teleport Crystal is by far the best way to get to Prifddinas, as it brings you straight to the center. 
  • Redirecting the house teleport with a scroll of redirection is another excellent way to get to Prifdinnas. 
  • If your house is located in Prifdinnas, you can use a regular house teleport tablet to go to Prifdinnas. 
  • Finally, the spirit tree is a great way to get to Prifdinnas as it teleports you straight to the northern bank of the city. 


Falador is another of those iconic OSRS cities. However, it is nowhere near the status of Varrock and Lumbridge. The City of the White Knights has a ton of exciting activities. You can train your mining in the mining guild or the Motherlode line under the surface; there is also a pretty fun agility course. Of course, one of the oldest OSRS bosses, the Giant Mole, can be found just below the surface of Falador park. 

How to get to Falador

The Falador Teleport: The easiest way to get to Fally is by using the level 37 magic spell, or the teleport tablet, teleport to Falador. You will end up right in the city square near the bank and the armor shop. 

Spawn after dying: Alternatively, you can place your spawn point at the white knight’s castle. If your character dies, it will spawn there. 

Skills Necklace: Another way to get to Falador quickly is by using the skills necklace to the mining guild. However, this teleport method brings you quite far from a bank. 

Falador OSRS

Draynor Village

Another town most people end up in the right at the start of their adventure is Draynor Village. While there is not a ton to do besides cutting willows and training agility, but it is close to a few hubs and clue scroll steps. The Dark Wizard in the village is also a very cool NPC some of us still have nightmares about. 

How to get to Draynor Village

  • Using the amulet of glory is by far the best way to get to Draynor village quickly. This is the only easy way to get there, as the second-best teleport is the Wizards Tower, which is quite far from the town. 


Many of us regret the day we ever set foot in the town close to wildly overestimating our PK skills. Edgeville, despite its small size, has a lot going on. It has a very extensive slayer dungeon, two slayer masters, a general store, and is the undisputed hub for people who want to PK in singles. 

How to get to Edgeville

  • The amulet of glory is one of the easiest ways to get to Edgeville. It brings you straight in front of the bank. 
  • The Ancient Magicks teleport – Paddewwa Teleport – is another good way to make your way to Edgeville. 
  • Finally, The Ring of Return also gives you the option to go there fast.
  • The ring of wealth is a decent alternative to Edgeville as the GE has a quick shortcut to the town.

OSRS Skill locations

In OSRS, there are a couple of guilds dedicated to a certain skill. While not every skill has its guild, a few important ones do. Often these guilds have great training methods for the skill or offer you certain must-have perks. 

Cooking guild

One of the most disappointing guilds in OSRS is the cooking guild or Cooks’ guild. While you do not need a high cooking level to enter, it isn’t very helpful to unlock for training the skill. You need level 32 cooking to enter, a chef’s hat, a cooking cape, or at least level 3 Varrock armor. When you have completed the Varrock hard diary, you can use the bank there. 

Warriors guild

Access to the warrior’s guild gives you the ability to get the best’ shields’ in the game. These are the defenders. You need a combined level of 130 in strength and attack or a 99 in either of those to enter the guild. You can collect tokens in the guild to gain access to Cyclops. Killing these Cyclops gives you a chance of getting a defender drop. There are also multiple useful shops in the guild for buying great food and potions at an OK price. You can find this guild in Burthrope. 

Magic guild

The magic guild, or the Wizard’s guild, can be found in the city of Yanille. You need a level 66 magic to enter. You can use boosts such as an imbued heart, Wizard’s mind bomb, or a magic potion to boost your level high enough to enter. 

In the guild, you can buy magic armor such as mystic and various runes, rune packs, and staff. The portals on the second floor of the Wizard’s guild can be used as one-way teleportation. You can travel to Draynor Village, Falador, or Seer’s village using portals. 

Ranging guild

The ranging guild can be entered when you have 40 range. Unfortunately, there is barely anything to do in the guild. You can get yourself a skill cape here when you get 99 and shoot at targets for tickets which you can hand in for rewards. This guild is long overdue for an update to give it some fresh content. 

Woodcutting guild

One of the more recent Old School RuneScape guild wise is the Woodcutting guild. This is a guild located in Hosidius, which is part of Zeah. You need to have 60 woodcutting and 75% Hosidius favor to enter the guild. The guild is great for afk woodcutting training as it has Redwood Trees. Not just that, but when you are in the guild, you get an automatic +7 invisible woodcutting level boost. 

Often forgotten, the woodcutting guild also features a pretty cool dungeon where you can find a bank and 22 Ents. These can be killed to woodcut them for noted logs. 

Kourend OSRS

Crafting guild

You need to have a crafting cape or a brown apron and at least 40 woodcutting to enter the crafting guild. The crafting guild’s only redeeming aspects are the one-click bank chest and a couple of ores close to the bank chest. 

Fishing guild

The fishing guild can be entered when you have level 68 fishing. You can boost this level starting from 63 using admiral pies or a spicy stew to boost it to 5 levels. In addition, you get an invisible +7 to your fishing level when you are inside the fishing guild. 

The best feature of the fishing guild is the Minnow platform. You can use this platform for fishing minnow when you have at least 82 fishing, an angler’s outfit, and the fishing contest quest. This is a great way to train fishing, but it is less AFK than most other methods. 

Mining guild

One of the most iconic guilds in Old School Runescape is the mining guild. Since f2p players can enter it, it used to be one of the significant account goals for many players. You need to have at least 60 mining to join the mining guild. F2P players can find two adamantite and five mithril rocks here to mine. 

As a member, you have access to another part of the guild. You can mine two runite rocks, which have a massive amount of 60 amethyst rocks and eight adamantite rocks. When you are in the members’ area of the mining guild, you get an invisible boost of +7 to your mining level. 

OSRS Mini game locations

Soul wars

Soul Wars is a mini-game that has been recently added to OSRS. You can go to the Soul Wars mini-game by using the portal in Edgeville or the Ferox Enclave Dungeon. It is strongly advised that you use the Edgeville portal since it is by far the quickest and easiest to reach. The mini-game can give you Zeal Tokens, which are exchangeable for items and Exp rewards. 

Soul wars isle of souls map osrs

Pest control

Pest Control is easily reached by using the mini-game teleport. You can also use the Pest Control Teleport scroll. When you are combat 40, you can use the novice boat to start playing the mini-game. It is advised to be at least combat 70 to use the intermediate boat. You can exchange the Pest Control points you get from winning for Void armor pieces and exp. 

Nightmare Zone

You can use a Watchtower teleport or the mini-game teleport to reach the Nightmare Zone mini-game easily. When you reach the mini-game, talk to Dominic Onion. He gives you the option to fight quest bosses you have defeated in the past again. The mini-game is excellent to train your combat levels and get points to imbue items. 


WIntertodt is a mini-game you can play at level 3. You need to have unlocked the camp by using Veos’s ship at least once to go to the Piscarilius House. When you have done this, you can use the games necklace to teleport to Wintertodt. 

The Wintertodt mini-game is great to train your firemaking and herblore and woodcutting to a lesser extent. Successfully defeating the Wintertodt gives you firemaking experience and loot crates with useful rewards. 


The most recent addition to OSRS concerning mini-games is the Temporos boss. You can easily do this boss when you are level 3 since it does not hit you. It is a great way to train fishing and get useful rewards like the Tomb Of Water. 

To get to Temporos, you need to use the Ferryman Sathwood’s boat. You can find this boat south of the Al Kharid Bank. Then, by using an Amulet of Glory, you get brought directly to the docks in Al Kharid. 

Have we missed an iconic location in Old School Runescape? Let us know, and we will add it to our OSRS Locations list for beginners! 

OSRS map cities and places FAQ

How do you open the world map in OSRS?

To open the world map of OSRS, you need to click it. You can do this by left-clicking on the floating map. Another option to open the OSRS is right-clicking it. This will give you the option to see the map in full-screen mode. 

Which Anvil is the closest to a bank for smithing?

In F2P, the closest bank to an anvil is the West Varrock Bank. You can find this bank south of the GE. The Anvil is just west of the bank. When you have completed Song of the Elves, Members, you gain access to the Prifddinas anvil. 

What is the closest teleport to a bank in OSRS?

The closest teleport to a bank is the Hallowed Crystal Shard. This teleport will bring you 3 to 4 tiles from the bank. A Hallowed Crystal Shard costs you one Hallowed Mark and requires you to have completed the quest Sins of the Father.