OSRS rabbit boss strategy guide [2022] – all you need to know

Deep in the dungeons of Prifniddas lurks one of the strongest monsters the world of Glienor has ever seen. The white rabbit boss. A lot of Old School Runescape players have no idea this monster exists. The rabbit boss, which you unlock after the Song of Elves quest, was intended as a joke boss.

However, as it turns out, this monster isn’t just fun to kill for the laughs, but it also has a pretty decent drop. That is why we decided to write out this Osrs rabbit boss strategy! 

What is the white rabbit boss?

The white rabbit, also referred to as the killer rabbit, is a level 2 monster that can be fought after completing the final quest in the elves’ series. The beast references the cult classic Monthy Python and the Holy grail and is based on the Rabbit of Caerbannog. A fearsome monster with a seemingly innocent appearance. 

The killer rabbit only respawns every six hours and gives a bonus xp of 112.5%. This bonus xp ratio means every hit you land gives you double experience. This crazy hard rabbit in osrs has only one drop, the Crystal grail. The Crystal Grail is a cosmetic item that is worth around 400k coins. Interestingly enough, the monster does not drop raw rabbit. 

Killer Rabbit boss stats and weakness

Combat levelLevel 2
Max hit40
XP bonus112,5%
Attack styleMelee
Hitpoints level2000
WeaknessNo real weakness
OSRS rabbit boss stats

The combat level of the boss does not make any sense. If you would calculate the combat stats of the white rabbit, the actual combat level is 872. That makes the monster significantly stronger than various famous OSRS bosses like The King Black Dragon, the Jad, and the moss giant boss Bryophyta. 

The creature has no apparent weaknesses against a particular combat style. However, it does have a very high defense against range. Next to having a dauntingly high max hit of 40, the killer rabbit also has a speed of 3. That means the boss will attack you every 1.8 seconds (or once every three ticks). This rate is swift compared to other NPCs in Runescape. 

holy grail rabbit osrs drop

Strategy to fight the rabbit boss

Recommended stats and inventory

To kill the white rabbit boss, it is strongly advised you have at least:

  • 90 defense
  • 94 magic
  • 90 ranging
  • 90 hitpoints
  • 77 prayer

Next to these stats, you should also have a suitable teleportation method to Prifdinas. 

Your inventory should consist of the following:

  • Divine ranging potion
  • Super defense potion
  • High heal food (manta rays, Sara brews)
  • An emergency teleport
  • Stamina potions (3 to 4)

Strategy to kill the rabbit effectively

The best way to kill the rabbit boss is by using ranging. Due to many hit points, ruby bolts (e) are incredibly effective. These bolts hit a % of the hp a monster has. Thanks to these bolts, you can hit over 200 at the start of the fight. 

When the rabbit boss is at 25% of its health, it is strongly advised to switch to dragon diamond bolts (e). These bolts have the effect that they will lower the defense of the rabbit, making it easier to kill. 

During the fight, you must keep running. Just like when fighting the Saradomin boss, Zilyana, you should stay outside of the melee range of the boss. Run as close to the walls as you can, and keep running clockwise. Keep your eyes on your run energy and take a sip of a stamina potion when needed. 

Using ice barrage on the rabbit boss does not work. The monster has a resistance against the freezing effect of the spell. Instead of a 20-second freeze, the boss is only frozen for 3.6 seconds. 

Alternative strategy

Another strategy to kill it is by entering the cave, shooting a bolt, and going out of the cave again. Of course, your kills will take significantly longer, but it is a very safe way for hardcore ironman accounts to kill the rabbit in Prifddinas. 

strategy osrs rabbit boss


The Rabbit boss can be found in the Elven rabbit cave. This location is a small cave that holds only this rabbit. It would be best to go to the Gwenith Hunter Area to get to the cave. This hunter area is a small valley North east of Prifddinas

To get to the Elven Rabbit cave, you first need to teleport to Prifddinas after completing Song of the Elves. Then make your way to the city’s north, go through the northern gate, and keep going north till you see the rope underneath the bridge. Turn east at the rope, and you will arrive in the valley. In the north of the valley, you can find the Elven Rabbit cave, where the boss is. 

osrs rabbit boss location

Thesis about this incredible monster

I love monsters like this, and I strongly hope that Jagex will implement more of these creatures in the (near) future. Not only does this boss add more mystery to the game, but the funny aspect also gives a nice distraction from the eternal grind that OSRS is. 

The White Rabbit boss might not be a good moneymaker due to the respawn rate and the difficulty factor, and it is a monster. We strongly advise you to try fighting and killing this monster at least once. 

Rabbit boss FAQ

What does the Rabbit in Prifddinas drop? 

The boss rabbit has a 100% chance to drop the Crystal Grail. Therefore, killing the rabbit boss is the only way to get a crystal grail in OSRS if you are an ironman account. 

What is the weakness of the white rabbit boss of Prifddinas?

The rabbit does not have a weakness. Therefore, the best way to kill it is by using range and running around. That way, you avoid getting hit by the devastating melee attack.

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