OSRS Sandcrab training Guide for Melee

In OSRS, Combat is a huge part of the game that requires you to train hours on end. Some want to get those mellee levels up and raise Combat quickly, so they try to get the best out of every training method. As we all know that the OSRS world is filled with Monsters that you have to slay to train your stats. However, the thing is that most of the monsters found in Glienor are not all that great for this purpose. 

For this reason, we have here OSRS Sandcrab training Guide for Melee to let you get steady combat exp in OSRS.

About Sandcrabs

Sandcrabs are no doubt one of the most famous original Monsters in OSRS to train your Combat. Typically, people find similarities between Sandcrabs and Rockcrabs, but Sandcrabs are genuinely better for training purposes.

The reason for being so good is that there are no real requirements for training Sandcrabs, while the effort you need to put up is negligible in comparison to what you are getting.

Sandcrab training: important stats

  • Combat level: 15
  • Hitpoints level: 60
  • Max Hit: 1
  • Location: Great Kourend

These are harmless crabs that are not quite visible in the game or mini-map. The good thing about Sandcrabs is that they are quite aggressive, meaning when you get on their radar, they will start following and attacking you. The time required for them to leave their aggressiveness lasts around 10 minutes. 

If you want to make them aggressive again, you will have to get out of their radar and then return back. You will find the Sandcrabs in the Isle of Crabclaw and also the Southern part of Zeah. 

Training on Sandcrabs

There are several ways in which you can Train your Combat on Sandcrabs. Some of the methods are quite useful, while others are not so fruitful. Below in our OSRS Sandcrab training Guide for Melee, we will share with you the Best way out there.

sandcrab training osrs

AFK training

AFK training means you are basically away from your keyboard while you are getting the Combat Trained or Melee Combat specifically. Sandcrabs are known for providing good AFK training, but only for some spots. 

As we already know that Sandcrabs have a maximum hit point of only 1, you can Train as pure or a character having lower defensive stats. You do not have to worry about the dangers of AFK training with Sandcrab.

Because of the Aggressive nature of Sandcrabs, you can easily do AFK training but after a certain amount of time, the Sandcrabs turn unaggressive which destroys the whole purpose of AFK training. 

The trick here is that when the Sandcrabs start going unaggressive, you can simply time it out. Typically it takes 10 minutes for the Sandcrabs to become unaggressive and at that moment you can get out of their radar. You can do this by going far enough away that their spot disappears from the minimap.  Then, simply come back to your spot to do the same AFK training. 

The Distance of Sandcrabs is the same as the mini-map diameter, so it becomes easy for you to know how much you have to move around for the Aggressiveness reset.

For the Melee training, there is nothing extra here, the process is fairly the same, you just have to equip the Melee weapon you want to increase the Combat Level for. 

The best strategy is to simply equip the Melee Weapon and start attacking the Sandcrabs. Once they become unaggressive, you can take a short round outside their aggressive radar and come back in.

osrs sandcrab training guide

Best Spot to kill sandcrabs

The Sandcrabs became so popular that the developers had to introduce a separate Location for you to enjoy besides the regular Sandcrabs. Typically, the Beaches of Hosidius are crowded and many people don’t want to stay here for long sessions. 

In our OSRS Sandcrab training Guide for Melee, we will share a new spot that only requires 10k in OSRS for you to accommodate. Yes, we are talking about Crabclaw Island which was introduced by the Developers for people who want to enjoy the Sandcrab training in a much better place. 

Simply bring 10k gold to the Hosidius Beaches; from there onwards, you can use the Canoe for traveling. Crabclaw Island is by far the best spot for training on Sandcrabs in osrs.

Reaching the Sandcrabs location

Now, the question remains, how will you actually reach Sandcrabs to Train your Combat? There are quite a lot of ways to reach them, but the fastest way to get to the saincrabs to start training is Xeric’s Talisman. 

From there you will find a Teleport. To get your hands on this Talisman, you will have to get through the Lizardmen. They drop it, which is the only possible way to get the Talisman. 

Typically the level is around 53 for the Lower Level Lizardmen, but they have the Talisman drop rate of one is 250. You can also make an exchange for Lizardmen Fangs from the Grand Exchange. 

Now that you have the Teleport, you can Teleport yourself to the Xeric’s Glade. From that spot, you will have to go towards Hosidius Beach from the South entrance. There, you will find the Sand Crabs.


Can Sandcrabs be attacked by Dwarf Multicannon?

No, you can’t attack the Sandcrabs with the Dwarf Multicannon.

How to keep the aggressive stage of Sandcrabs?

The time limit is around 10 minutes and after this limit, the Crabs become unaggressive. There is no permanent way to keep them aggressive beyond 10 minutes, rather you can reset the aggression by exiting the surrounding area, going north, and coming back in the mini-map diameter. 

What are the best Sandcrabs?

Honestly, Sandcrabs are now replaced by the Ammonite Sandcrabs because of their higher Hit points and the same 1-hit damage. The only issue is that they are not so close together, rare to find, and have upgraded aggression.

Which is the most suitable way to Farm Sandcrabs?

Most of the pathways require something in return for you to accommodate. The simplest method is to simply go towards Port Sarim, talk to Veos and get to Port Piscarilius. From there, you will have to head towards the South and there you will find the Beach. This beach has Sandcrabs for you to Farm on.

How much Experience can you get from training Sandcrabs?

Sandcrabs have a level of around 15 on Combat, while the health is something around 60. When you kill the Sandcrab, the experience you will gain is around 240, while it mostly depends on your Combat Level.

You can get somewhere between 45k and 10k XP each hour if you have a decent enough level.

osrs training sandcrabs

Why Train on Sandcrabs?

  • In the realm of best training Methods, the Sandcrabs have their place in the top 10 because of how easy they are to kill while also being great for Combat training.
  • Sandcrabs come with higher Hit points but have lower levels in comparison to that. Therefore, their hit isn’t that effective, while they act as sponges, tanking the damage.
  • Further, there is also no need for you to worry about your gear as their damage is only 1. Yes, you won’t get hit by the Sand Crabs even if you left the character there to get hit by Sandcrab.
  • The only thing you need to understand here is that the better gear you have with you, the better Experience Rates Gain will be there. 

Final Verdict on osrs sandcrab training

Sandcrabs are pretty straightforward, there is nothing too complex about them, which is probably why they are considered the best training spot in the game. You just have to keep them aggro again and again by taking turns of the map and you will have incredible Melee Combat training, either as a beginner or an expert player. To get a complete understanding of this training we have here an incredible OSRS Sandcrab training Guide for Melee

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