OSRS Skills Overview and Tier List [2022]

A the moment, there are 23 different skills in OSRS. All of these start at level 1 with 0 at zero exp, except for hitpoints, and go to level 99 and 200 million exp. So unless you are planning to make a particular account build, like a skiller or a pure, you want to get your skills as high as possible. 

In OSRS, there are skills, like hunter and herblore, exclusive to members and can not be trained in F2P. In addition, the skills you can train in F2P often have slower and less lucrative training methods than the options you have available in P2P.

We will share a complete OSRS skill overview and our 100% indisputable Skill Tier List.

F2P skills

There are 15 free-to-play skills. You can train these from level 1 to 99 without paying for membership. However, it will take you a lot more time since the training methods in F2P are extremely slow compared to members. You need to get 13,034,431 experience points in a skill to be level 99. 

F2P Skills

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defence
  • Prayer
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Woodcutting
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Firemaking 
  • Smithing
  • Mining
  • Crafting
  • Hitpoints
  • Runecrafting

P2P exclusive Skills

P2P skills in OSRS are exclusive to players who have bought a membership. Therefore, you can only train them in a members world. As of now, eight skills are exclusive to members. P2P players also have access to many different and better training methods to level up their F2P skills. Like those skills, P2P skills also need 13,034,431 experience points to get to level 99. 

P2P exclusive skills

  • Hunter
  • Construction
  • Farming
  • Thieving
  • Slayer
  • Agility
  • Herblore
  • Fletching

OSRS Skills Tier List

OSRS Skills tier list
Made via Tiermaker. 

The above image features our OSRS Skills Tier list. S-tier is the best tier and means the skill is delightful to train and is very useful. F-tier is the worst tier and means the skill is slow and boring to train. Here we will give some info about the skill and why we put it in the tier, you see above. 


Ranging is one of the combat skills in OSRS and part of the combat triangle. Ranging uses bows and crossbows to hit enemies from a distance. This means you can use safe spots to fight monsters without taking damage. Training your ranging level also gives you access to various dragon hide armors, which have high magic resistance. Ranging in the NMZ is one of the best methods to get your levels up AFK.

Ranging is an S-tier skill for us because it is one of the best combat skills there is. You have access to powerful weapons like the Twisted bow, can hit high and accurately, fight monsters without getting hit, and you only have to train one skill instead of melee. 


Magic is another combat skill that is part of the combat triangle. Generally, you need runes to cast spells. Different spellbooks give you access to different types of magic. You can use both combat spells that deal damage and use utility spells, like teleports, that make playing OSRS easier. 

Having a high Magic level also lowers the accuracy of your enemy’s magic attacks. So the only downside to training the spell is the cost of runes. There are also a ton of AFK magic training methods to get this skill up passively.

Magic is an S-tier skill for us because the skill is handy thanks to the teleports, multi-target attacks, and the ease of training it. You can fight up to 15 monsters at once with no problem when using blood and ice barrages and get exp up to 400k an hour in magic and 100k in Slayer. In addition, teleports are extremely useful. Unlike melee, you just need to train this skill to make use of it. 


Hitpoints is one of those skills you can train on cruise control. You can get 99 without even paying attention to it by just training your other combat skills. Having a high hitpoints level makes you a lot more survivable and is generally extremely useful in combat. 

Hitpoints is an S-tier skill for us because of how easy it is to train and how useful it is at just about any level. 

NMZ is one of the best ways to train combat skills like range, hitpoints, etc.


My personal favorite is Slayer. This skill unlocks some of the best content in the game and gives you a lot of variety while training combat. Getting a slayer task is always exciting, and it is the one skill on OSRS that does get regular updates. Training slayer isn’t just great for getting your combat level up and is also a fantastic moneymaker. 

Slayer is an S-tier skill for us because it unlocks a ton of content and makes combat training much more enjoyable. In addition, Slayer unlocks some of the best boss monsters in the game, and you almost always make a ton of money training slayer. 


Defense is one of the three melee skills, next to attack and strength. Having a high defense raises your combat level, gives you access to better armor, and makes monsters hit less accurately when they attack you. The defense also lowers the magic accuracy of your enemies’ attacks. 

Defense is an A-tier skill for us. After all, it is an easy to train skill that is extremely useful to fight monsters and bosses because it reduces their DPS. However, it does not get an S since you need to have a high attack and strength too to make the skill truly useful.  


Attack is a skill that gives you access to better weapons and increases your accuracy when you are attacking monsters. Attack is easy to train and is one of the three melee combat skills. It is also very cheap to train since you do not need runes or ammo. The only exception is when you use degradable weapons, which do cost some money to use. 

Attack is an A-tier skill because it is easy and cheap to train, and valuable for killing monsters and bosses. It makes your hits more accurate and gives you access to better weapons, increasing your DPS. However, it does not get an S since you need Strength and Defense to make it work.


Strength is a melee skill that increases your max hit. Strength is the most popular skill in OSRS and has the most players that have reached 99. It is beneficial when bossing and fighting low-defense monsters to increase your exp an hour. 

Strength is an A-tier skill for us since it is easy to train and makes you hit high (Hulk smash!). However, it does not get an S because you need attack and defense to use it. 


Construction is one of the most underrated OSRS Skills, in our opinion. It gives you access to so many useful teleports and storage places that will save you countless hours if you are going for a maxed account. Construction is also advantageous if you are training skills like SlayerSlayer and doing clues. The player-owned house is also fun, even though it is mainly used for teleports. 

Construction is an A-tier skill for us because it is a beneficial skill to train and improve your quality of life by an extreme amount. It only takes a couple of hours to get to a high level. However, we didn’t give it an S since it is tedious and expensive to train.


Prayer gives you access to many temporary aids to assist you in combat. For example, you can protect yourself from melee range magic or make your attacks hit higher. 

Prayer gets an A tier from us because it is handy and is one of the essential skills to train if you want to do end-game content like bosses. It does not get an S since it is nearly useless by itself and is very expensive to train to higher levels. 


Hunter is all about capturing wild creatures. The skill is easy to train and can earn you quite a bit of money if you catch chinchompas. 

Hunter gets a B tier since it is effortless to train and is great to make money. However, we don’t put the skill in a higher tier because hunter is pretty dull to train and useless outside of the skill itself. The only way to make this skill slightly more enjoyable is to track and catch the Herbiboar. This method is a bit slower at 160k an hour but is much more interactive.

Hunter OSRS


Firemaking is as good as entirely useless. You just light logs, and that is it. The only redeeming qualities it has is that Wintertod is remarkable for ironmen, and firemaking is easy to train. 

Firemaking gets a very close B tier. The skill is close to worthless, but you get a lot of useful items from Wintertod as an ironman. 


Herblore is one of the most useful skills if you are an Ironman or if you enjoy doing Raids. The skill gives you access to high-level potions that make training skills and doing bosses a lot easier. 

Herblore gets a B tier because it is a useful skill that is fast to train. However, it is expensive and very monotone to do. 


If you have a lot of money and want a fast 99, then training fletching is the way to go. You can get up to 99 in under a day by doing optimal training methods like high-level fletching darts. It is a fun and fast skill that you can efficiently train on OSRS mobile. 

Fletching gets a B tier despite it not having a lot of use. Fletching is very fast to train and gives you an easy 99. You can even make a fair amount of GPs with it if you time your purchase of raw materials right. 


The cooking skill is pretty useless if you are a regular player, but for Ironman, it is a vital skill to have a ton of good healing food to train your combat and SlayerSlayer. The higher your level is, the better the food is you are able to cook, and the lower your chance is to burn it. Unlike 15 years ago in the original OSRS, you can now make quite some money by training your cooking level. 

Cooking gets a B tier since it is useful for Ironman, fast to train, and you can make some money with it. However, there are better ways to make money in the game. That is why it only gets a solid B and not an A. 


Thieving is a skill that has gotten a lot of good updates years ago. Most notably, Piramide Plunder has made it a lot more enjoyable to train. You can make a good amount of GP when training thieving if you are lucky with the scepter drops, and it goes blazing fast. But, unfortunately, it is as good as useless besides training the skill itself. 

Thieving gets a B tier for those reasons. 


Smithing is all about making your own armor, weapons, and ammo from raw materials and metal bars. The skill is costly to train up to 99 but goes quite fast exp wise. The fact that rune items – a tier 40 armor – are the highest armor and weapons you can smith is, of course, ridiculous and should be changed.

After 99, you can make quite a bit of money by smithing rune platelegs and skirts as the price of bars is a bit lower than the alch price. 

Smithing gets a close B tier for us because of the speed and the potential to make money after 99. 

Smithing OSRS  skill tier


Farming is one of the weirder skills in OSRS. Knowing how to start training it effectively can be pretty daunting. The mechanics of the farming skills are different from other skills where you need to grind your levels actively. You can log in for 5 minutes for farming, do your herb farming run, and then log back in after a day and get your exp.  

We are giving farming a C tier. This is because the skill has had some major overhauls over the last few years, and it isn’t as dull as it used to be. For Ironman, you can get a ton of useful herbs and secondary ingredients; however, regular players don’t really get a lot of utility out of grinding out those high farming levels, besides being able to use the spirit tree patches to get new spirit trees to teleport.


Crafting is one of the more challenging skills to train on an ironman due to the sheer amount of materials you need to get to the higher levels. However, you get pretty some utility out of it since you can make high-level ranging armor which you can alch for money. You also use crafting for stronger jewelry like onyx amulets, which you then can enchant into an amulet of fury. 

However, as a regular account, this skill only has two uses. Those are making the Slayer Helm and the Slayer rings. While Crafting is very fast to train, since it is a buyable skill, it just feels so useless to us. Jagex should just add the ideas they had for Warding into crafting. 

For those reasons, Crafting gets a C tier from OSRS Boss. 


Fishing level? Nice. Fishing is one of those love it or hate it skills in OSRS. We will put Fishing in an average C tier because of that. There is nothing wrong with the skill, and the Tempoross mini-game has given it quite an upgrade, but it is slow and very monotone. 

For regular players who can use the Grand Exchange, there is almost no reason ever to train Fishing. If you do want to train the skill, I recommend you to follow a profitable AFK Fishing method, so you get some passive coins from it. However, Ironman accounts, of course, have to train it to get food for their slayer and monster killing. 

In osrs Barbarian Fishing is the best way to get to 99 fishing fast. You can earn up to 110k xp using this technique when using tick manipulation.


One of the most iconic skills in the game is woodcutting. I am sure this is what almost everyone trained back in the day if they weren’t getting their combat skills up. However, thanks to some recent updates, woodcutting is pretty AFK, and the EXP is alright.

We are putting WC in a C tier because woodcutting from level 1 to 99 is the same thing. Click tree, drop logs, click tree. The meta for woodcutting is also pretty weird, you are better off cutting level 15 oaks for exps than cutting yews, and you will make more money cutting oaks if you would bank them. Lots of lost potential and only gets a C for nostalgia reasons. Make sure you have a lumberjack outfit for the optimal Woodcutting xp.

woodcutting osrs skill tier


Fun fact, not Runecrafting, but agility is the skill with the least number of people with a 99. The only redeeming quality that agility has is that it is not Runecrafting. There is almost no point in training this skill besides having your run recover faster. That is literally it—solid D-tier skill. 


Mining is another pretty horrible skill in OSRS. Thanks to the Motherload mine and some other extraordinary training methods, it no longer is an E-tier skill, in hour opinion. Unless you are three ticking granite rocks, mining is a slow skill that feels the exact same from level 1 up to 99. The fact that you don’t make any good GP until level 85 with this skill makes mining a D tier in our book. 


Runecrafting is a solid F-tier skill in our book, to no one’s surprise. While some might disagree with this, we are sorry to inform you that you are wrong. The entire skill is completely useless, is boring, and doesn’t even make good money. The only small plus it has is that you can runecraft ZMI somewhat AFK, and there have been a ton of updates that make it more sufferable. 

The skill needs a significant overhaul (no exp increase) to make it more enjoyable to get Runecrafting out of the F tier. The only way that this skill is not an F tier, is if you follow our Guardians of the Rift Guide. This will help you enjoy the skill a bit more.

Fishing OSRS Skill tier

Notable mentions: Rejected skills


One of the biggest what-ifs in OSRS is the Sailing skill. There have been numerous discussions about introducing the sailing skill in OSRS, but all of them have failed so far. Sailing would have introduced shipbuilding, navigation, treasure hunting, and exploration. Judging from the available information, and Sailing would have probably been a B-tier skill in our tier list. 

 Sailing failed the poll 68% yes to 32% no. So 7% shy of the required 75%. 


Warding was supposed to be what smithing was to melee and crafting to the range for mage armor and robes. Unfortunately, Warding was kind of awkwardly put together and did not convince the player base at all of the use of the skill. In the end, it was just another filler skill that would have been a buyable skill with very little utility. We are guessing. On our tier list, Warding would have been a C or D tier skill.

Only 66% of the players wanted to add the warding skill to the game, so it has been canceled and will likely never make its way into OSRS.


Artisan was supposed to be a skill like SlayerSlayer, but for skills. Unlike Warding, the Artisan skill did seem to be a useful and fun skill to train. Admittedly we are kind of sad that Artisan did not make it into the game as it does raise the question, what will? Reading the developer blog and the QA’s done by Jagex, we are pretty sure Artisan would have been an A-tier skill on our OSRS Skill tier list. 

Artisan only got a 56% yes on the poll. So it will likely never be repolled again and won’t make it into the game. 


What is the worst skill in OSRS to train? 

With few exceptions, most OSRS players agree that Runecrafting is the worst skill to train. Runecrafting is monotone and is very slow to level up while having very little use outside, making runes to train the skill. Other skills that come close to being as bad as Runecrafting are Mining and Agility.

What is the fastest skill in OSRS to train?

The fastest skill to train in OSRS is the member skill Fletching. When you use the optimal way to train your Fletching, you can get over one million exp an hour by fletching Dragon Darts. The skill trains so fast that you can get 99 in under 12 hours, making Fletching by a wide margin the fastest skill to train in OSRS.

What is the best skill to make money in F2P?

The best skill in F2P to make consistent money in the mining skill. At level 85 mining, you can mine runite ore. Mining these will give you around 600k to 1 mil an hour in F2P. Mining is thus by far the fastest way to make money in F2P with skilling. 

Final thoughts on OSRS Skills

The 23 different skills in OSRS have had significant upgrades over the years. Generally speaking, every skill has gotten more and better content making them more enjoyable to train. While the danger of Easyscape is a genuine concern, we are nowhere close to how easy RS3. 

We do think it is long overdue to introduce a new skill in OSRS. However, we are pretty sure that if Dungeoneering was polled today, the odds of it getting 75% YES would be reasonably high.