Skotizo guide osrs [2022] – ultimate strategies and setup

One of the most profitable bosses and best ways to get hard and elite clue scrolls are killing Skotizo in osrs. To get the most out of your totems, killing Skotizo effectively is crucial. This strategy article will discuss everything you need to know about this osrs exclusive boss. 

Skotizo weakness, location, and stats


You can only reach the boss when you have a complete totem. The fastest way to get to Skotizo is by using the Kourend teleport. This teleport will bring you to the middle of the city, right next to the pillar. Just enter, and you will see a strange altar right in the middle of the Catacombs of Kourend. Use the totem on the altar, and you will be teleported to the liar of the boss. 

skotizo location osrs


Skotizo is a combat level 321 boss that has the demon attribute. Being part demon means that you can fight this boss with the Arclight. Besides being a monster weak to the Arclight, Skotizo counts as both a greater demon and a black demon for your slayer task.

Combat levelHitpoints Max hitAttack styleWeaknessXp Bonus
32145038Slash and magicArclight, melee+37.5%
Skotizo weakness and stats

Skotizo should not be underestimated from the above table, as you can deduct. The boss has 450 hitpoints and has a max hit of 38. He also uses two different combat styles, namely melee, and magic. 


When you look at Skotizo’s weaknesses, you see that he only has +80 defense against melee attacks, while having +130 protection against both magic and range. Combining this weakness with the fact that Skotizo is a demon and weak to demon bane weapons like the Arclight makes using melee the obvious choice here.

Another interesting fact about this demon boss is that he can not be assigned as a slayer task if you have unlocked the Bigger and Badder perk. You can switch him out for greater demons and black demons slayer tasks, but do keep in mind that you need to have the totems to do this task. 

Gear and inventory


Head slotSlayer helmetNeitiznot faceguardHelm of neitiznot
Amulet slotAmulet of tortureAmulet of furyAmulet of glory
Cape slotInfernal capeFire capeArdougne cloak 4
Chest slotKaril’s LeathertopBandos chestplateFighter torso
Legs slotBandos tassetsObsidian platelegsKaril’s leatherskirt
Weapon slotArclightScyte of ViturGhrazi rapier
Shield slotAvernic defenderDragon defenderDragon fireshield
Quiver slotRada’s blessings 4God blessingsN/A
Gloves slotFerocious glovesBarrows glovesRegen bracelet
Boots slotPrimordial bootsDragon BootsSpiked manacles
Ring slotBrimstone ringBerserker ring (i)Ring of suffering (i)
Special weaponDragon warhammerBandos godswordDragon claws
Gear setup and alternatives Skotizo
skotizo guide setup

Ranging is only viable if you have a twisted bow. This is because the boss has a huge magic attack level, making it a prime target for this fantastic weapon. However, if you are pure and don’t want to tank the melee attacks, you can also use ranging if you have BIS pure gear and 90+ ranging. 


Here is an example inventory to fight Skotizo. If you struggle with the fight, you can move items around and bring better food like saradomin brews. 

  • Special attack weapons like dragon Warhammer or Bandos godsword
  • Divine super combat potion
  • One or two prayer potions
  • Emergency one-click teleport
  • Totem to enter the liar
  • Stamina potion
  • Rest food like a shark or manta ray
skotizo inventory osrs

Fighting Skotizo strategy guide

You can start collecting totem pieces from level 3. However, you should wait until you can consistently do elite and hard clues. That way, you can profit optimally from the loot you get from Skotizo. 

Skotizo recommended stats

  • 75 attack
  • 75 strength
  • 70 defense
  • 43 prayer
  • 90+ range if using ranging

You should not underestimate this boss. If you are a low level, you should wait till you have a greater or black demon slayer task before trying to fight the boss. 

Skotizo fight and mechanics

Skotizo fights with two attack styles: magic and melee. To do this fight more easily, you should always use a melee, pray to protect from melee, and wear armor with a high magic defense.

If you want to use ranging, you should use the twisted bow. Other ranging weapons are not effective enough to make the fight easy. 

If you have a dragon Warhammer or Bandos godsword, you can use this to lower the defense of Skotizo and hit more accurately. 

During the fight, Skotizo will regularly activate Awakened Altars on all four sides of the room. These altars have 100 hitpoints each and increase the defense of Skotizo and apply a damage reduction effect. 

skotizo osrs guide

The Awakened Altars should be prioritized when there are two or more active. Despite having 100 hitpoints, the Arclight destroys them in a single hit. When you are disabling the altars, you will leave Skotizo his melee range, and he will exclusively use magic. Then you should use the protection from magic prayer.  

When Skotizo is damaged for two-thirds of his health, he will summon reanimated demon spawns. These spawns attack exclusively with melee, so you can ignore them and just keep praying to protect them from melee. 

Killing Skotizo without an arclight

The boss is pretty easy with an arclight, but you will struggle quite a bit if you don’t have one. Melee is still the optimal way to kill the boss. If you don’t have the Arclight, you should have 90+ stats and bring 3 prayer potions. 

You should use the Scythe of Vitur or the Ghrazi Rapie as your melee weaponry. If you are using ranging, you should use the twisted bow as your main weapon and the Toxic Blowpipe to kill the Awakened Altars. 

osrs skotizo guide 2022

Notable drops

The boss has a ton of notable drops that are worth quite a bit. While Skotizo does not have a big money drop, he does have a ton of smaller, very worthwhile items on as loot. For example, the average kill is worth about 180k. For ironman, there are a ton of interesting items on the drop table too. 

  • Hard clue (hard): this drop is 100% and makes the boss the best source for hard clues in osrs if you have the totems.
  • Ancient shards: Ancient shards are dropped here quite often. The average kill will get you 1.41 shards to recharge your Arclight.
  • Uncut dragonstone: You can get 10 noted uncut dragonstones here as a 1 in 111 drop
  • Uncut onyx: The uncut onyx is the second most valuable drop on the loot table and is worth 2m. The chance of getting this item is 1 in 1000 kills. 
  • Rune armor: Skotizo drops 3 noted rune platebodies, rune plate legs, and rune plateskirts. Which makes him great for alchable drops. 
  • Runes: You can get large amount blood, soul, and death runes as a drop from the boss. 
  • Supply drops: There are a ton of supply drops on the loot table; these are adamantine or snapdragon, torstol, angelfish, and runite bars. You can also get Mahogany planks, battlestaffs, onyx bolt tips, and shield left halves. 
  • Other interesting drops: there are quite a few other interesting drops. You can get totem pieces, elite clue scrolls, the dark claw for your slayer helm, and Skotos the pet. 
  • Jar of darkness: The jar of darkness is the best drop you can get here. This jar is worth 8.8m worth each. 

Conclusion and tips

Skotizo is a fun boss that you can occasionally fight if you have the totems to do so. However, if you fight him, I strongly recommend using the Arclight and using melee to kill him. The drops are pretty okay but useful if you have an ironman account. 


  • Pray melee until you leave melee range. Then switch to magic prayer.
  • Destroy the Awakened Altars when there are two or more.
  • Do not bother killing the demon spawn or Ankou; these only use melee and will just come back if they die.
  • Totems are pretty valuable and hard to get. Only fight the boss when you are ready for him, both in stats and gear.
  • Skotos is one of the easiest pets to get and has the highest drop rate out of any boss or skilling pet in osrs. 

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Skotizo guide osrs FAQ

What is the best way to get totem pieces in osrs?

The best way to consistently get totem pieces in osrs is by doing your slayer tasks in the Catacombs of Kourend. Due to the number of slayer monsters and the fact that you can AFK them a lot of the time, this is the best way to get totem pieces. 

How can you kill Skotizo without taking damage?

You can kill Skotizo without taking damage by using ranging. If you range the boss, you can just pray magic to avoid all the damage he does. You need to keep running when he spawns the demonic spawns as they use melee. 

How to leave Skotizo?

There is no exit in the lair. So you will need to take a teleport with you. I would suggest bringing a one-click teleport like a teleport tablet to leave Skotizo instantly whenever you want to. 

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