Best OSRS Slayer block list For Duradel [2022] – optimal xp and gp

When training your slayer, a big part of strategizing and wondering is what monsters you should put on the block list when Duradel is your slayer master. Having the best possible slayer block list on OSRS is one of the best ways to save countless hours on your journey to 99 slayer. 

All of us at OSRS Boss have 99 slayer, so we know a thing or two about the slayer block list. In this article, we will share what six monsters you should put on the block list, in order of priority and why. 

block list osrs slayer optimal best ones

1. Hellhound

Hellhounds are horrible monsters for both experience and GP. The hellhound task is weighted at 10 points at Duradel, which means you will often get this slayer task, even though you can use your cannon to fight these monsters. The task is just not worth it, and you should block it to increase your odds of getting better tasks. 

Note: if you want to earn more gp with slayer, you can unblock this task after level 95 when you have unlocked the Hellhound boss Cerberus. 

2. Greater Demon

The Greater Demon is quite a controversial pick for this block list, but the decision is backed by science. Greater demons are a mediocre experience for slayer and are negative gp an hour. They might be okay for lower-level accounts who want to train melee or range AFK, but if you are going for optimal slayer exp, you are best off skipping these monsters. 

Greater demons weigh 9 points at Duradel, so you will often get this task if you don’t block it. 

3. Cave Kraken

Probably the worst task you can get at Duradel or any slayer master. The Cave Krakens have some okay drops, like the trident, but their exp is horrible. Due to their high defense, annoying mechanics, and the fact that they are pretty scattered, the exp an hour is low. Another factor that makes them so bad is how slow the slayer task is, so you won’t get any easy points. 

Note: The Cave Kraken also has a boss variant which you can kill. The boss is okay to make some extra GP. However, the Kraken boss also barely gives any slayer exp an hour. 

Just like Greater Demons, the Cave Kraken weighs 9 points. Duradel will assign you this slayer task quite frequently. 

4. Wyrm

The Wyrms are a pretty recent addition to the OSRS bestiary of monsters. These monsters have okay drops, but an hour’s experience is relatively low. You can use a cannon in the dungeon where the Wyrm is located, but it is a single combat area, which isn’t very effective. 

These monsters should be put on your slayer block list to kill them as soon as you reach the slayer level. The Wyrm is weighted at 8 points at Duradel. 

block list slayer osrs

5. Drake

Drakes are one of my least favorite slayer tasks to get from Duradel, and they should be blocked ASAP if you want the maximum gp and xp an hour. The Drakes drop a valuable drake claw. However, since their defense is relatively high and they are single combat, drakes are a bad slayer task and should be skipped or blocked. 

Just like Wyrms, Duradel weights the Drake with 8 points. That means you will get this task about 1 in 25 tasks if you don’t block it. 

6. Abyssal Demon

This pick is sure to be controversial! At 85 slayer, you unlock the abyssal demons. These monsters are known for their whip drop. However, by the time you have a 6th spot to block, you don’t need those drops anymore. The fact that Duradel assigns 12 points to the Abyssal demon task makes it so that you get this slayer assignment very frequently.

The only reason not to put this monster on your Duradel slayer block list is if you are great at using ice barrage or want to fight the boss variant, the Abyssal Sire. 

Notable alternatives

Maybe there are a couple of monsters on the optimal slayer block list that you enjoy and want to get as a slayer task. Or you want to get the task to do the boss alternative. Here are all the exciting options to put on your slayer block list. 

best slayer block list osrs
  • Spiritual Creatures: The drops are insufficient, the road is far, and the xp is bad. So this is an excellent alternative to the list. 
  • Black Demon: While the Black demons are a pretty AFK task, if you use protection prayers, they are terrible xp and negative gp. 
  • Ankou: These ghost monsters are okay to AFK, and you can cannon them, but the xp is mediocre, and there are no exciting drops. 
  • Skeletal Wyvern: While the drops are okay, the experience is awful because you can not cannon them, and their defense is very high. 
  • Steel Dragons: Like the skeletal wyverns, steel dragons are mediocre exp and negative gp an hour. 
  • Aberrant Specter: this is a decent slayer task for the ironman account, but due to their low xp an hour, you should add them to the block list. 
  • Iron Dragon: unlike its much stronger brother, the adamant dragon, this metal dragon variant is slow xp and has no notable drops. 
  • Fire Giants: the Fire Giant slayer task is okay for people who want to AFK or train melee, but if you are going for optimal xp, you should add it to the block list. 
  • Kurask: the same reasons apply here as for the Aberrant Specter. 
  • Elves: While you can cannon Elves, they are not a very fast slayer task due to the fact they are so spread out. Elves also have no interesting drops to go out of your way for. 

OSRS Slayer block list FAQ

How does task weight decide your slayer task?

Every slayer task is given several points from 1 to 12. The higher the points where a slayer task has been assigned, the higher the task weight. This task weight will determine the odds of getting this monster as a slayer task. When the task weight is high, the odds of having to fight these monsters are high too. 

What is the best slayer block list for profit?

If you want to get the maximum profit out of your slayer tasks, you should block the following six low-value monsters: 1. Iron dragons 2. Steel dragons 3. Fire giants 4. Greater demons 5. Black Demons 6. Elves.

Who is the better slayer master Duradel Vs. Nieve?

Duradel is a much better slayer master than Nieve. Duradel gives better slayer tasks, there are more monsters per task, and the overall xp and GP are a lot better than when using Nieve. The only significant benefit of using Nieve is the slayer stronghold’s nearby location. 

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