OSRS Spider Slayer Task – Best 5 places and alternatives

If you are starting training your account or using Krystilia as your slayer master, odds are you will get a spider OSRS slayer task. Unfortunately, many new players – and even experienced ones – have no idea how to start this task and how to get the most xp an hour.

This spider OSRS guide will tell you exactly which spiders you can fight, where to fight the arachnids best and how to make this slayer task profitable and fun. 

What spiders are there in OSRS?

As you know, the amount of monsters in Old School is enormous. So if you get a slayer task, the odds are you have various alternatives for this creature. The spiders are no different. Spiders have over ten distinguishable variants you can kill, including two boss variants. 

Here is a list of all the most exciting spiders you can find throughout Runescape 07. 

Regular Spiders in OSRS

  • Spider: A combat level 1 spider found all over Runescape.
  • Spider (Ungael): combat level 35, located in the Dragonkin Laboratory
  • Blessed spider: combat 39, located in the Underground Pass
  • Crypt spider: Combat 56, located in Barrows
  • Deadly red spider: combat 34 found all over OSRS
  • Fever spider: this is a slayer monster that requires you to have 42 slayer. The beast is combat 49.
  • Giant crypt spider: a combat level 79 monster found in Barrows.
  • Giant spider: can be combat level 2, 27, and 50 and is found all over OSRS. 
  • Temple Spider: the most noteworthy regular spider in OSRS, found in the Forthos Dungeon. Spoiler: these are the best to get slayer xp. 
spider osrs slayer

Spider bosses in OSRS

There are two variant bosses in OSRS. If you have a spider slayer task, you can also kill these two bosses if you want to increase the profit you get per monster here


Sarachnis is the spider boss found in the Forthos Dungeon. The monster is level 318 combat and is one of the bosses weak to crush in OSRS. Besides the boss; there are also a couple of minions he spawns forth. Those Spawn of Sarachnis also counts as spiders for your slayer task and helm.

Sarachnis is known to be one of the best, if not the best, monsters to get clue scrolls from. You have a 1 in 40 chance to get a hard clue scroll here and a 1 in 60 chance to get an elite clue scroll. The elite clue scroll can give you access to the mimic boss fight and some valuable extra loot. 

Because you can kill up to 30 of these an hour, the boss is a very decent moneymaker for mid-tier accounts who want to start bossing. In addition, using a slayer helm on the task will make your kills much easier due to the bonuses you get.

Sarachnis is pretty profitable. You can earn up to 30k gp per kill here. These are the best drops you can get at this boss:

  • Sarachnis Cudgel
  • Battlestaff (8 to 10)
  • Dragon Med helm
  • Giant egg sac
  • Elite clue scroll
  • Sraracha


This osrs boss is the most potent spider in Old School Runescape. Venenatis resides in the wilderness and is a combat level 464 monster that attacks with both magic and stab attacks. Due to the monster being a wilderness boss, other players can attack you while doing her as a slayer task.

Venenatis is worth about 100k per kill. You can get some very decent drops killing this boss. The best ones are:

  • Treasonous ring
  • Dragon pickaxe
  • Dragon 2h sword
  • Elite clue scroll
  • Venenatis spiderling

I would not advise doing this as your spider slayer task since fighting the wilderness carries significant risk. The monster is also relatively slow to kill so you might be here for some time. 

temple spider safespot osrs
temple spider safespot osrs

The best spider to kill for slayer

As you see, you have a ton of options to choose from for your slayer task. However, some spiders you can fight are much faster xp an hour than others. These options make the task go by quickly, and you might even turn a profit. 

Regular: The Temple Spider

The best place to kill spiders for slayer is the Forthos Dungeon. Here you can find combat level 75 Temple Spiders. These variants have significant benefits over other variants of this type of monster.

The Forthos Dungeon is a multi combat zone and has 21 different spawns. You can place a cannon here, so the xp an hour you can get here is pretty high. When using ranging, you can get 160k xp an hour and 40k slayer xp. This xp rate is comparable to doing Black Demons on task. 

The OSRS Temple Spider also has a couple of pretty decent drops, so you might be able to make some money for your cannonballs back. The average kill is worth about 1.5k coins here.

  • Rune dagger
  • Rune med helm
  • Death rune
  • Nature rune
  • Grubby key
  • Clue scroll (hard)

When fighting temple spiders on a slayer task, either use melee gear or ranging gear. In addition, you should bring a cannon and enough cannonballs for the optimal xp an hour.

Boss: Sarachnis

If you want to do a boss spider, I recommend fighting Sarachnis. The profit is pretty decent, and the slayer task goes pretty fast. I prefer her above Venenatis. While Venenatis is more profitable, she is much slower to kill and more dangerous due to her being in the wilderness. 

spider location osrs
Fastest ways to get to the forthos dungeon

Best alternative places to kill spiders for slayer

If you can’t or don’t want to fight the above two monsters, there are quite a few alternatives for you to consider. For example, a lot of spiders are found in multi combat zones, where you can use a cannon. So, the xp an hour can be pretty decent there, too, even if it’s not in the Forthos Dungeon. 

Lovakengj – The fastest way to finish your spider slayer task is killing the combat level 1 variant in Lovakengj. These are in a multi combat zone and can be cannoned. However, these won’t give you a lot of xp as they only have one hp. There are 41 spawns here.

Ogre Enclave – An alternative for Lovakengj is the Ogre Enclave. These eight-legged monsters are level 1, too, and are also in a multi combat zone and cannonable. There are ten spawns here. 

Sisterhood sanctuary – another decent place to quickly kill the level 1 for slayer is the Sisterhood sanctuary. There are 11 spawns in a multi combat zone that you can combat. 

Stronghold of Security – if you go down to the Pit of Pestilence of the Stronghold of Security(level 3), you can fight a ton of giant spiders of level 50 here. These can not be cannoned. However, they are pretty decent monsters to AFK for up to 10 minutes at a time.   

temple spider osrs


Whenever you get a task from your slayer master that seems weird or slow, check out if you have a good alternative for the task. For example, a spider slayer task in OSRS has a ton of other options you can do. 

The best variant is found in the Forthos Dungeon. You can cannon the spiders in a multi combat zone. You can get up to 40k slayer xp here and earn back the money you spend on a cannonball. These factors make spiders one of the best mid-level tasks here. 

I strongly recommend checking out the spiritual creatures guide if you enjoyed this guide.


Is the osrs spider slayer task worth it?

Yes, if you kill the spiders in the Forthos Dungeon, you can get up to 40k slayer xp an hour doing this task. That makes the task one of the most worth doing assignments you can do on a medium-level account. 

What weakness does the spider OSRS have? 

Generally speaking, spiders are weak to crush in OSRS. However, if you use a weapon like a sarachnis cudgel or an abyssal bludgeon, you will hit accurately due to their low defensive bonuses against the combat style. 

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