OSRS Thieving training guide [2022] – 280k xp an hour

There are only a few skills in osrs that are very fast and easy to train while profitable. The thieving skill is one of these. You can make over 450k gp/hr while getting 280k xp an hour. This osrs thieving training guide will teach you how to quickly get the skill up to 99 and make a profit.

The guide will also discuss alternative ways to train thieving AFK profitably. Finally, at the end of the article, an FAQ section will answer questions you might have. 

Optimal thieving training method: level 1 to 99

This chapter represents the fastest and most optimal way to train your thieving to level 99, starting from level 1. You can switch this list up with a couple of interesting other strategies like Pyramid Plunder if you enjoy those more. 

training thieving osrs guide

Starting: questing till level 37

Often the best way to train your early levels is by doing quests. For example, a couple of inquiries give thieving experience, which you should do first. These quests unlock a ton of content and help you train other skills’ starting levels. 

The following quests can be completed to train thieving and get xp:

  • Biohazard
  • Hazeel Cult
  • Fight Arena
  • Tower of Life 
  • Tribal Totem

These quests are straightforward to complete and have low requirements, so you can do them just a bit after starting your account. In addition, you can get 7200 thieving xp for doing these quests, which will bring you to level 24.

There are a couple of other quests you can do to get up to level 37 thieving. These have slightly higher requirements but give 22500 xp in the skill. These quests are:

If you can not do these quests, you should train level 24 to level 25 thieving on Bakery stalls and then switch to Fruit stalls. 

Level 25 (or 37) thieving to 45: Fruit stalls

Make your way to Hosidius, where you can find Fruit Stalls. These fruit stalls are fantastic to get your thieving level up to 45. To steal from the fruit stalls at Hosdius, you will need to have a 15% favor. 

There are three fruit stalls which you can thieve out. Unfortunately, one of these is a bit further away than the others. To steal from all three, you will need to have energy potions and use the strange fruit you steal to replenish your run energy. 

Stealing from two stalls is the optimal play here. But this still takes a bit of run energy. You will get 42k xp an hour if you steal from two fruit stalls. However, if you want to relax and train thieving on osrs mobile, you can steal from just one stall. Doing that will get you 34k xp an hour on average. 

Tip: drop the fruits you steal. They are not worth it to sell. However, if you are an ironman and want to keep the fruits, you should get yourself up to 20 baskets. You can fill these up and bank them. 

beginner thieving training

Level 45 to 91: Blackjacking 

One of the best ways to train your thieving to level 91 is Blackjacking Bandits. If you want to have an extensive explanation of how this method works, check out our ultimate osrs blackjacking guide for 2022. To do this method, you need to have completed The Feud Quest. 

Blackjacking in osrs is pretty simple. You use your club to knock out the bandits, and then you pickpocket them two times while they are knocked out. You can do this for three bandit types, which all give different xp. If you fail to knock out the target, you will get damaged for 4 hitpoints.

  • Training 45 to 55 thieving, you should blackjack the Bearded Pollnivian bandits at level 41. 
  • From 45 to 65, you should use this method on the pollnivian bandits, which are level 56, and wield a scimitar.
  • To train thieving from level 65 to 91, you can blackjack the Menaphite Thugs. These offer the best xp.
osrs thieving training guide

Osrs blackjack thieving tips

There are a lot of steps you can take to make this method a lot better and get your xp an hour up by quite a ton. 

  • Get the complete rogue equipment if you want to make some extra coins. Getting this outfit only takes about 20 minutes and doubles your loot, but not your experience.
  • Due to the damage you take, you should bring good training food and items that increase your hp restoration rate, like the regen bracelet. Alternatively, you can buy jugs of wine from Ali, the barman. 

Training level 91 to 99 thieving: Pyramid Plunder

Pyramid plunder can be started from level 71 but becomes the best method starting at level 91. To understand how to do this minigame, check out our Pyramid Plunder guide [2022] with all the tips and advice you need. 

Here is a short overview of how to do Pyramid Plunder:

  1. Talk to the mummy inside the pyramid to start the minigame. 
  2. When entering the pyramid plunder minigame, go to the penultimate room as fast. You may optionally check the great golden chests to try to find a Pharao’s scepter.
  3. When you are in the penultimate room, start looting the golden chest and the urns until about half the time has passed. 
  4. You should go to the best room you can plunder when half the time has passed. You should always do this, even if you have not looted everything in the previous room. That is because the better room gives 50% more experience than the previous one. 
  5. Teleport to your restoration pool or to Nardah to restore all of your stats. Then just teleport back to the pyramid and talk to the mummy again. 
osrs training thieving guide

Alternative ways to train to 99 thieving

There are a ton of alternative ways to train thieving in osrs. Some are worse xp an hour but better profit, while others are not as much xp and gp but just more exciting and fun to do.’

Level 1 to 5: Men and women pickpocketing

If you are a member, you can start training till level 5 thieving the moment you get off Tutorial Island. To do this, simply pickpocket the men and women around the town of Lumbridge. Don’t underestimate this method as it is pretty quick to gain the early levels as you don’t have to fulfill any requirements. You need some food if you are a hardcore ironman who does not want to lose the hardcore status. If you have a regular account, you can pickpocket them until you run out of hitpoints, die, and return. 

Level 5 to 20: stealing from cake stalls (or tea stalls)

When you get to level 5 thieving, you should switch to cake stalls in Ardougne. Stealing a cake will get you 16 thieving xp. You can get spotted by the owner of the cake stall. He will call the guards on you, and you will be attacked. So make sure you are on the east side of the market, where you can easily hide from the cake stall owner, and guards can’t spot you either.

A superior option to the cake stalls, in my opinion, is the tea stalls in Varrock. The Ye Olde Tea Shoppe is in West Varrock near the bank. Since there are no guards around the tea stall, you get a slightly higher xp an hour rate here. 

osrs thieving guide

Level 20 to 25: Thieving from Ardougne Silk Stalls

Once you get to level 20, stealing cakes (or tea), you should switch to stealing silk from the stalls in Ardougne. You can find the silk stalls in the east of the Market of Ardougne. Thieving from these stalls will get you about 15k xp an hour. 

You can sell this silk to the silk merchant. You can get a tiny profit doing this. If the merchant does not want to buy the silk, wait for a couple of minutes until he no longer accuses you of being a thief. 

Level 1 to 25: Chambers of Xeric

An excellent alternative to doing quests to train thieving in osrs is to steal from the chests in the thieving room of Raids I. You don’t need any levels or other requirements to do this option. Every time you find the Cavern grub, you get 40 xp in the skill. Bring some food, a lockpick, and a way to restore your run, and you can get over 20k thieving xp starting from level 1. 

Level 55 to 99: Knights of Ardougne

Starting from level 55 thieving, you can pickpocket Knights of Ardougne. While at level 55, you fail quite often, doing this method at level 80 combined with the Ardougne Diary can get you a ton of profit and is quite AFK. Of course, you should also use the Dodgy necklace and the complete rogue equipment to double your loot. 

thieving guide osrs

Level 85 to 99: Underwater thieving training

If you have completed the Bone Voyage quest, you can start doing underwater thieving as a training method. While the underwater training is a bit slower, it also trains Agility. The aquatic strategy is great if you want a bit of double training on a fast skill and a slower skill like Agility. This combination of training is very similar to barbarian fishing, where you also train Agility and strength. 

Level 78 to 99: Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chest

The Dorgesh-Kaan rich chests are easy to plunder and are pretty decent xp and gp an hour. If you bank the loot you get from this activity, you can count on getting up to 300k gp an hour and 190k thieving xp an hour. You should hop worlds every two chests you steal from to do this method effectively. 

If your bank, preserving your run energy is vital. Make sure you wear clothes from a graceful outfit. 

Thieving money making methods

No osrs thieving training guide is complete without mentioning the profitable ways to train this skill. We have already mentioned a few thieving methods that make quite a decent amount of money. 

  • Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne
  • Doing Pyramid Plunder
  • Stealing from Rich Chests

To make the maximum amount of money when training to thieve, you should wear the entire rogue’s outfit. 

Pickpocketing Master Farmers

A great way to make some extra coins early when thieving is by pickpocketing master farmers. These farmers often have valuable seeds like ranarr and snapdragon seeds as loot. The xp you get from master farmers is also quite decent. 

You can get up to 1m gp an hour using this method if you are level 90 thieving or higher. You also get a decent 100k xp an hour. Pickpocketing master farmers are also great to do for ironman accounts. Make sure you use the dodgy necklace when pickpocketing, that way, you will get stunned less.

Pickpocketing Elves

Pickpocketing Elves at level 90 and above is one of the best ways to make money with the thieving skill. While training thieving in osrs on this NPC, you can count on 150k xp an hour and 3.8m gp an hour. This high amount of coin is because they drop enhanced crystal teleport seeds. 

To pickpocket elves, you need 85 thieving. However, to get a decent amount of xp and gp, you need to have 95 thieving at least and wear the doggy necklace and complete rogue equipment. 

Pickpocketing Vyres

An excellent alternative for Elves which you can do starting from 82 thieving, is pickpocketing Vyres. You need to wear rogue equipment for this and wear the dodgy necklace. Moreover, for a further 10% odds, you need to have completed the Hard Ardougne diary. These requirements will get you up to 180k xp and 3.3m an hour. You also need to have completed the Sins of the Father Quest. 

I prefer this method above the elves since the gp an hour is excellent, and the xp is superior to pickpocketing elves. The vyres are also locked away behind a much easier quest than the elves are. 

AFK thieving training osrs

If you want to train your thieving while watching a movie or doing something else, then training thieving AFK is what you will have to do. But, unfortunately, there is only one way to AFK thieving in osrs: pickpocketing NPCs like the Knights of Ardougne. 

Knights of Ardougne

The most AFK thieving training method in osrs is pickpocketing the Knights of Ardougne. Technically this strategy is not entirely AFK. You need to click the knight constantly and empty the pouches occasionally. However, this method is still pretty AFK since you just have to spam-click the knights and open the pouches. You can use mouse keys for this. 

Make sure you enable the left-click pickpocketing option, so you can spam click the knights.

OSRS thieving training tips

  • Get the rogue outfit. Just like the Lumberjack outfit, the rogue outfit is easy to get and only takes 20 minutes. This doubles the loot you get and improves your chances of successfully pickpocketing. 
  • Using the dodgy necklace with pickpocketing will significantly help you increase your xp and gp an hour. Using the necklace gives you a 1 in 4 chance to avoid being stunned when pickpocketing and getting caught. 
  • One of the best foods to use for training thieving is Saradomin brews. While it does lower your combat stats, the thieving skill is not lowered by it. 
  • The Cloak of Ardougne 2 (in Ardougne) and the cloak of Ardougne 3 and 4 give you a 10% additional chance of pickpocketing successfully. 
  • When you go to the options menu, you can hide the NPC attack option. You can left-click when pickpocketing and avoid attacking the NPC by accident. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

One of the fastest skills to train in osrs is thieving. While training the skill, you don’t just get a ton of xp an hour, but you can also make a nice profit. The best way to prepare and get some profit is described in our optimal osrs thieving training guide method at the beginning of the guide. However, there are many alternative strategies you can use to get your level up. 

Leveling up your thieving skill might be quite a grind, but following the methods described here will make your life a lot easier. Make sure you test out different approaches to determine which ones you like the most. 

Make sure you check out the following skill guides:

Osrs Thieving training guide FAQ

How long does 99 thieving take in osrs?

Thieving is a pretty fast skill to train. Using the optimal training strategy, you can get from level 1 to 99 in under 100 hours. If you play efficiently and concentrate on what you do, you can get the skill cape in under 70 hours. 

What items boost thieving in osrs?

Seven items in osrs boost the thieving skill in osrs. These are the following: 1. Thieving cape, 2. Bandit’s brew, 3. Spring Sq’irkjuice 4. Poison chalice 5. Autumn Sq’irkjuice 6. Summer Sq’irkjuice and 7. The spice stew. The first four will boost your thieving level by 1, the autumn Sq’irkjuice with two, and the summer Sq’irkjuice by three. The spicy stew will randomly raise your thieving level between 0 and 5. Up to 5 levels can also reduce your level if you are unlucky. 

What are the best items to pickpocket more successfully?

There are a couple of items you can use to successfully increase your pickpocketing odds. These are the dodgy necklace, the cloak of Adougne, and the complete rogue outfit to increase your loot.
You can also use the shadow veil spell to increase your pickpocketing chance by 15%. This shadow veil spell stacks with the dodgy necklace. Next to that, you can also use the gloves of silence if you have not done the Ardougne Diary 3 or 4. 

Where can I get Picklocks in osrs? 

An NPC named Martin Thwait sells these picklocks for 20 gp each. You can find Martin in the Rogues Den. The Rogues Den is located under the Pub in the member town of Burthrope. To Reach Martin Thwait to buy his picklocks, you need to have at least 50 agility. 

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