Ultimate osrs Turoth slayer guide 2022

This guide will take an in-depth look at the Osrs Turoth Slayer task. This monster can give quite a few new players trouble, and the majority of experienced players tackle this task the wrong way. 

You need to have 55 slayer to harm this monster, but you do not need a slayer task. So you can use this guide if you want to grind some herbs and seeds for money-making or on your ironman.

Turoth weakness and stats

The Turoth are weak to slash, magic, and ranged attacks. However, they have a +0 defense bonus against these three combat styles, so you fight them easily with all three combat styles. However, there is a twist. Turoth can only be damaged by leaf-bladed weapons, broad arrows/bolts, and the magic dart spell. This mechanic is the same as the Kurask in osrs

You will encounter four different combat-level Turoth during your slayer task. There are level 83, 85, 87, and 89 level monsters. The difference between all of these is minimal. The combat levels 83 and 85 have a max hit of 9, and the combat levels 87 and 89 Turoth have a max hit of 10. 

Combat levelWeaknessHitpointsMax hitAttack styleSlayer xp
83, 85, 87, 89Mage, range and stab76 to 81 hp9 to 10Stab76 to 81 xp

Osrs Turoth Location

There is only one location where the Turoth is found. This place is the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. The osrs fastest way to the Turoths is by using the slayer ring and teleporting to the Fremennik slayer cave. You can also use the Fairy ring (code AJR) as a fast travel method to the Fremennik slayer cave. 

Alternatively, you can also reach this cave using the Lyre or the teleport to the house with a redirection scroll.

There are various other monsters in the slayer cave, like the Pyrefiends and the Cockatrice. The monsters are found near the end of the cave, so it’s a great idea to bring a stamina potion to avoid running out of energy.

turoth location slayer task guide osrs


  • Level 55 slayer
  • Leaf Bladed weapons or broad bolts/arrows
  • Combat 70 or more (recommended) 
  • Herb Sack (recommended)

The Turoth Slayer task is not that hard, so you don’t need a high combat level. However, it would help if you either use a safespot, protection from melee, or bones to peaches tabs to make sure you can make the entire trip without having to bank again. 

Osrs Turoth Slayer task Strategy

Since Turoth is weak in all three combat styles, you can use magic, range, and melee to fight them. Unfortunately, you can not use a cannon to kill Turoth on your slayer task. Trying to set up your dwarven cannon in the Fremennik cave will prompt a message that you can’t use the cannon here. 


There are multiple Turoth safespots. You can find a safespot by checking the walls of the dungeon. If there is rubble nearby, you can just position yourself behind this rubble. When you position yourself in the safespot, you can attack the monsters with magic and ranging if you use magic darts and broad bolts. Using a dragon halberd (or another halberd) will not work, as the Turoth are immune to this kind of damage. 

osrs turoth safespot

Setup gear and inventory

You can use three different combat styles to fight them. Keep in mind that you need to use broad bolts, broad arrows, leaf-bladed weapons, and magic dart. Other weapons will deal 0 damage. However, the effect of the Saradomin Godsword still works. 


The best weapon to use is the Leaf-bladed battleaxe. Your second-best choice is the leaf-bladed sword, which you can get as a drop here. If you don’t have these weapons, you can buy a leaf-bladed spear from the slayer master.

If you are fighting without protection from melee prayer, you should wear good defensive armor that gives you a strength bonus like Bandos. If you can’t afford this armor, Torag Legs and a fighter torso are great alternatives to using. 


When using magic, you can use either a slayer staff or a staff of the dead to cast magic dart. Try to wear your best magic boosting armor if you are safe spotting them. For example, if you have a slayer helm (i) or black mask (i), you can wear that equipment to boost your magic accuracy and damage. 

Bring at least 2500 casts with you to ensure you don’t run out of runes during your osrs turoth slayer task. 


If you use ranging, you should use either a dragon (or rune) crossbow with broad bolts or a magic shortbow with broad arrows. Use your best-ranging armor and the slayer helmet (i). 


No matter the combat style you are using, the inventory will be more or less the same. Therefore, I would advise you to bring the following items to your Turoth slayer assignment to get the optimal gp and xp.

  • Combat boosting potion (super combat, magic potion, ranging potion)
  • Good food like monkfish
  • Nature and fire runes to alch the drops you get here
  • Herb sack to pick up the herbs you get here.
  • Bones to peaches tabs to use as (emergency food)
  • Prayer potions if using piety or protect from melee
example inventory

Turoth Slayer XP and tips

When doing the turoth slayer task with good gear and high stats, you can get about 25k slayer xp an hour. Unfortunately, this is below average, which is why many people tend to skip this task if they are going for the fastest xp possible. 

Ironman would do well to do this task. You can get quite a lot of alchable items here. There is also the herb loot table, which is quite generous. If you have a herb sack, you can gain quite a bit of herblore xp here. 

  • Bring a stamina potion to navigate the slayer cave more quickly.
  • Despite not having a stab option, the best weapon to use at turoth is the Leaf-bladed battleaxe.
  • You can get a leaf-bladed sword as a drop. This is useful for ironmen as it is better than a spear. Bring a shield or a defender just in case you get this drop. 
  • If you have 81 agility, you can use the first shortcut; you can use the second one if you have 62 agility. So you can bring a summer pie to boost your agility stats if you are near those levels.


The drop table of the Turoth is quite extensive, so we will only discuss the most important drops you can get here during your slayer task.

  • Rune dagger (1/128 chance)
  • Adamant full helm (1/128 chance)
  • Leaf bladed sword (1/500 chance)
  • Mystic robe bottom (1/512 chance)
  • Nature runes (15 to 37 at once)
  • Various high-level herbs
  • High-level seeds
  • Limpwurt roots
  • Clue scroll (hard)

The turoth slayer task is quite a decent moneymaker for medium-level accounts. You can earn around 300k to 400k while grinding these monsters. They are also a decent source of herbs. If you want more herbs, you should kill chaos druids, as these are easier to kill. 

Superior variant: Spiked Turoth

If you have unlocked the bigger and worse slayer perk, you have a 1 in 200 chance to spawn a Spiked Turoth. This monster is a lot stronger and has a max hit of 29. Since the Spiked Turoth only attacks with melee, you can just pray to protect from melee to avoid getting killed. You can also just safespot the monster if you use ranging or magic. 


The Turoth slayer task is well worth doing if you are an ironman. You can get a ton of herbs and a decent amount of alchable armor and weapon drops. However, if you are a regular account who wants to get as much slayer xp as possible, it is better to skip the task.

Don’t forget your leaf-bladed weapons or broad bolts and arrows, and make sure you have some extra prayer points left if a superior spawns. If you follow this guide, you will be just fine! 

Turoth Slayer Task osrs FAQ

Is there a Turoth safe spot?

You can find the Turoth safe spot near the walls of the Fremennik Slayer cave. Simply stand behind the rocks you can see on your screen, and the monsters will no longer be able to reach you. You can still hit them with magic and range from there. 

How do you kill Turoths with magic?

To kill turoths with magic, you need to cast a magic dart. All other spells will not be able to damage them. You can auto-cast the magic dart spell with the slayer staff and the staff of the death.

How much slayer xp an hour is Turoth?

Depending on your combat stats, you can get between 15k and 25k slayer xp an hour here. However, because you can not use a cannon here, the xp an hour is a little slower here. So if you are going for the maximum slayer xp an hour, you might want to skip this task. 

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