Osrs vampyre slayer task guide [2022] – Most effective methods

So, you have just gotten a Vampyre slayer task. This task is pretty hard to do effectively if you don’t know where to begin and how to gear up properly. So, we decided to write the ultimate guide on fighting these monsters. We will discuss vampyres, were to fight them, the optimal strategy to kill them, and the drops you should look out for.

What are Vampyres

Vampyres, also called vampires, are monsters almost exclusively found in Morytania. This creature has different variants, which all count towards your slayer task. Five possible slayer masters can assign you this monster: Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Konar, Nieve, and Duradel

If you are not getting vampyre slayer tasks from Konar, Nieve, and Duradel, you should check if you have unlocked the perk named “Actual Vampyre Slayer.” From a gp and xp an hour perspective, it is best to leave this task locked. There are better tasks around.

There are five types of vampyres in OSRS:

  • Feral Vampires: The Feral vampires are the outcasts of the vampire society. This variant is found in the haunted woods and the God Wards Dungeon.
  • Vampyre juveniles: The weakest of all vampires are the vampyre juveniles. These are recently converted humans and thus not very strong.
  • Vampyre juvinates: These are somewhat stronger than the juvenile’s version. These monsters are immune to silver weapons.
  • Vyres: These monsters are fully developed vampyres. They are powerful, can fly, and can only be harmed with weapons like the Ivandis Flail and the Blisterwood flail. 
  • Vyrewatch Sentinels: these are the strongest of all non-boss vampires. The Vyrewatch sentinels can only be fought after you have done the Sins of the Father Quest. 

For your slayer task, we will only discuss one kind of vampyre as these monsters are the only ones worth it for the money: Vyrewatch Sentinels. The other vampyre are all pretty straightforward to deal with.

If you don’t want to or can’t do Vyrewatch Sentinels, you should kill Feral Vampyres in the haunted woods. All weapons can harm these, are weak, and you can use a cannon to help you. 

vampyre slayer osrs guide

Osrs vampyres location for slayer 

The vyrewatch sentinels can be found in Darkmeyer. Darkmeyer is the city you unlock after doing the Sins of the Father quest. The Vyrewatch can be found all around the town of Darkmeyer and are aggressive towards players. 

In Darkmeyer, there are 19 different spawns of these level 151 Vampyres. Since these monsters are aggressive, you can easily position yourself between two spawns and AFK these monsters. 

I have included an image below to show you some better locations where you can fight these Vampyres. 


You can safespot most Vampyres in OSRS. The safe spots for Feral Vampyres and Vyrewatch are mostly behind trees and in buildings. However, I strongly advise you to fight the Vyrewatch using the melee combat style. This is much more effective, and you can AFK them this way. 

OSRS vampyre slayer task strategy

Vyrewatch Sentinels are a type of vampyres exclusive to the city of Darkmeyer. So you will need to have a suitable teleport method to the city to kill them effectively. I suggest you have the Drakan’s medallion teleport there fast and effectively. 

The vyrewatch sentinel is immune to the following types of damage:

  • Poison
  • Venom
  • Cannons
  • Thralls

Moreover, they are immune to damage from every weapon, including silver weapons—the only way to damage these vampyres is by using either the Ivandis Flail or the Blisterwood flail. 

The preferable way to kill them is by using the protect from melee prayer and the piety prayer. You should also wear prayer armor with a decent prayer bonus. This will significantly increase your kills an hour. Due to the drops and increased kills an hour, you won’t just get more xp but also more gp an hour. 

If you are an ironman running short on ranarr weeds or prayer potions, don’t use prayer potions. 

vampyre slayer gear

This picture shows the melee gear I would wear when killing the Vyrewatch sentil vampyres on a slayer task. If you don’t have the money, you can switch out a couple of items for something like the amulet of torture for the amulet of fury. I would suggest switching out the primordial boots for dragon boots, as the bonus is marginal and not worth the money. 

Vampyre drops

The only vampyre drops on a slayer task we will discuss here are the Vyrewatch Sentinels. Therefore, these monsters are the only ones with drops worth picking up. Here are the drops you should watch out for: 

Weapons and armor

Vyrewatch sentinels are decent for alchable drops. These vampyres drop the following weapons and armor. 

  • Rune dagger
  • Adamant platelegs
  • Adamant platebody
  • Rune full helm
  • Rune kiteshield

These drops are all great to alch. You can get these pretty often—about one in six of these creatures will drop an alchable like this. 


The vyrewatch utensils have three different rune drops. The following runes are dropped here about once in every nine kills. 

  • Death rune (6 to 10)
  • Blood rune (8 to 16)
  • Nature rune (6 to 11)

You will see one of these runes on average once in three kills. That means that those drops add up. If you are:

  • An ironman.
  • Getting these runes can be complicated and expensive.
  • Making these vampyres a great monster to grind, even when you don’t have a slayer task. 


There are four material drops you should look out for at the Vyrewatch Sentinels. These material drops you should pick up here are:

  • 8 Coal (noted) 
  • One runite bar
  • Six yew logs (noted)
  • Runite ore

These four materials are all useful for ironman. However, these material drops don’t add up too much value over a trip for regular accounts. So you should still pick up those drops, even when they are unnoted. 

Blood shard

You can only get one unique at the Vyrewatch Sentinel, which is not dropped by any other monster. That drop is the blood shard. Blood shards are used for a passive healing effect and are pretty helpful on an ironman to prolong your trips and save food. 

These tiny shards are worth over 6m each and get dropped about once every 1500 kills. Unfortunately, these blood shards are hard to spot on the floor, so keep your eyes open, even if you are AFK. 

This loot is decent. The average vampyre kill is worth around 7k here. That loot makes this type of vampire a great monster to use as an AFK moneymaker, even if you don’t have a slayer task.  

osrs vampyre slayer task guide
Alternative gear if you are not on a slayer task and want to AFK for money

Vampyre slayer task conclusion

This slayer task is okay, but nothing too special. The only way to make it worth it is by doing Vyrewatch Sentinels. These can earn you around 500k gp an hour. Ironman can get a few decent drops here, but that does not make the task worth it.

In conclusion, I would not unlock the Vampyre slayer task if I was you. If you did and want to get the slayer assignment over with as fast as possible, you should do Feral Vampyres. If you’re going to profit or the blood shard, you should do the Vyrewatch Sentils as your slayer task. 

OSRS vampyre slayer task FAQ

What are the easiest vampyres to kill for Slayer?

The most accessible type of killing on a slayer task is the Feral vampyres. These can be found in the haunted woods. Unfortunately, these monsters are not immune to regular weapons like other vampires are and can be attacked by a cannon. 

What vampyres should I kill for profit?

The Vyrewatch Sentils are the best type to kill for profit. These are great for profit due to the many runes and armor drops that these creatures drop. In addition, the Vyrewatch Sentinels are the only monster in OSRS that drop the blood shard. This shard is worth around 6m gp.

Are Vampyres worth it for slayer?

No, it is not worth it. The task is relatively slow, and the GP is not impressive. Furthermore, the fact that vampires are typically immune to cannons and regular weapons makes them hard to kill and bad slayer xp an hour.  

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