Our profitable monsters with good drops OSRS Guide [2022]

The holy grail of OSRS is getting good exp, doing it AFK, and making money simultaneously. This post will go in-depth into those profitable monsters with good drops in OSRS. We have a section for both members and F2P players.

These are regular monsters and not OSRS bosses. The Guide is intended for lower and mid-level players of 90 combat and below. High-level players have other profitable monsters to grind, like the adamant dragons. 

Best profitable monsters with good drops

Let’s begin with the best member monsters with good drops for members. These are all reasonably easy to fight, somewhat AFK, and have a decent exp an hour, so you will gain some levels while training here. This list does not include monsters that give access to a boss like the hill giants that drop the giant key. These creatures are all straightforward to fight and grind. 

best profitable monster osrs good drops

1. Green dragons

The iconic green dragon is probably the best profitable monster in OSRS for mid-level players. Thanks to its 100% drops of green d’hide and dragon bones, every kill is worth money. Occasionally, green dragons drop rune items and valuable runes, like the nature and law rune. 

Green dragons have a low defensive level and can be fought with melee and range. Thanks to their spawns in the Wilderness being relatively close to a teleport, you can easily bank while training here when you have a complete inventory. 

The downside to green dragons is that you have to fight them in the Wilderness, and getting killed or attacked by PKers will lower the amount of gp an hour you get here. That is why the best place to kill them is the myth guild. On average, green dragons will net you about 1man hour. 

2. Killing Ents

Another incredible monster that is easy to fight for a good amount of profit is the Ents. These monsters can be found in the Wilderness and the dungeon below the woodcutting guild.

I strongly advise you to kill Ents in the Wilderness. They have double the loot when you woodcut them. After that, they are killed. Killing Ents in the Wilderness significantly increases your profit an hour. Avoiding Pkers is pretty straightforward. You can escape them by teleporting or running away as the wilderness ditch is nearby. The amount of Pkers here is also meager.

Killing Ents in the Wilderness on a medium-level account will get you around 500k an hour, depending on your stats and woodcutting level. Your exp an hour is pretty decent, too, at at least 50k combat xp an hour. 

profitable monster good drops desciples of iban osrs 2022

3. Disciples of Iban

A pretty original moneymaker that gets close to a mil an hour for low levels is fighting the Disciples of Iban. These NPCs drop the Zamorak monk’s top and the Zamorak monk’s bottom. This moneymaking method can be done quickly on any account with over 50 hitpoints, making this an excellent strategy for low levels to make some serious coin.

You will need to have completed the underground pass quest and have a teleport crystal and rings of dueling to make traveling faster. If you have 60 hp or below, you should bring an antiposion. You will then need to go to the Well of voyage and fight disciples. Hop worlds to make sure you fill up an entire inventory. 

When your inventory is filled with zamorak monk tops and zamorak monk bottoms, use your dueling ring and teleport to clan wars to get your hitpoints and run energy back. You can also bank there using the chest near the clan wars portal.

chaos druid money making profit

4. Chaos druids

Killing chaos druids is a fantastic way to make money for low-level players. Even a combat level 30 account can get over 200k gp an hour killing Chaos druids in the Edgeville Dungeon. Thanks to the very high drop rate of rannarr weeds and other valuable herbs on their drop table.  

Ironman accounts should check out the Chaos druids. While these creatures won’t give ironman accounts a lot of items to alch, they will get a ton of exciting herbs and supplies to help train herblore.

The best place to kill chaos druids is in the Wilderness. While this spot is only in level 3 wildy, hardcore ironman accounts should be very wary for PKers when grinding here. Next to being a profitable monster, chaos druids are also reasonably well combat experience. 

tree spirit osrs

5. Tree spirits

If you are a low-level ironman, killing tree spirits is a great way to get nature runes to make money by alching. These monsters are one of the best sources for low-level ironmen to get these runes and make a bit of profit on the side. 

While the quest requirements are a bit steep: having partially done the Quest Fairytale II – cure a queen and the lost city, you do not need high combat stats. You can safespot the tree spirits and fire strike them. 

You can get to the tree spirits using the fairy ring code BKQ. A tree spirit will spawn whenever you cut down a tree with an axe. Next to nature runes drops, killing tree spirits is the best way to get mithril, adamant, and rune axe on a hardcore ironman account. 

An hour of tree spirit killing on a low-level account will get you about 250 nature runes and 50k in other drops. So while these monsters are not known to give a massive amount of profit, killing them is very useful.

flesh crawlers monster good drops profitable

6. Flesh Crawlers

Another good monster for beginning players is the Flesh Crawlers. These monsters have a max hit of one and can be found in the stronghold of security at the second level. They have a relatively high hitpoints level and low defense bonuses. These factors combined make Flesh crawlers profitable and an excellent training method. Flesh Crawlers are aggressive, so you can AFK them and fight them on mobile easily.

The drops to look out for at the flesh crawlers are the following:

  • Fire runes
  • Nature runes
  • Ranarr weed
  • Noted iron ore
  • Cantine
  • Lantadime
  • Kwuarm
  • Avante 

When you are level 40 combat or higher, you can easily earn over 180k an hour here and get 20k combat experience on top of that. That is more money an hour than you would get at the Bronze dragons. All of this makes flesh crawlers a great monster to AFK grind for lower levels and noobs. 

7. Ogress warrior

The most profitable monster to grind in F2P is the ogress warriors. You can find these monsters in the Corsair cove dungeon. The Ogress warrior has a bunch of exciting drops that both F2P and ironman players can profit from. They are stronger than for example the cave slimes in OSRS, so do not underestimate them just because you can safespot them.

Some of the best drops you can find at the ogress warriors are:

  • Rune med helms
  • Rune full helms
  • Rune battleaxes
  • Shaman masks

This makes the ogress warrior the best monster for F2P players to make money. These monsters are great to train your range on, even more so than ice giants. You can safespot the ogress warriors, and they have a pretty low defense bonus. Those factors make the ogress warriors the best monster to train your ranging on after level 60 if you are free to play and not a member. 

Final thoughts: OSRS best profitable easy monsters

Even at lower levels, there are a bunch of profitable monsters in OSRS. For example, earning a bond in just a couple of hours in members by training your combat is possible and relatively easy. These three are my personal favorites to make money on a noob or new account in OSRS.

  • Green dragons
  • Disciples of Iban
  • Flesh Crawlers

The easiest profitable monster to kill in OSRS are the green dragons. These can earn up to 1 mil gp an hour and bring in very consistent profit. If you are a low-level player, killing disciples of Ibans is another obscure and unknown moneymaker.

Profitable Monsters with good drops FAQ

What is the best monster in F2P to earn a bond?

The best monster for F2P players to kill if you want to get a bond is Ogress warriors. These drop rune items and valuable runes. They are pretty easy to kill, and you can safespot them. Fighting these for about two days will earn you enough gp to get yourself an OSRS bond on the Grand Exchange. 

What is the easiest profitable boss in OSRS?

The easiest boss for money is Bryophyta. This monster is the moss giant boss you can access if you get a mossy key. She drops the Bryophyta essence. This drop is worth five mil. Since she has a low combat level and very easy-to-understand mechanics, a level 60 account can easily win this fight. 

How do you open the looting bag in Osrs?

You need to stand in the Wilderness and click the open option to open a looting bag. When the looting bag is available, you have 28 extra inventory spaces to pick up drops when you are in the Wilderness. Remember that you can not use a looting bag when you are outside the Wilderness. 

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