The ultimate osrs pyramid plunder guide [2022] – Fastest XP best GP

Training your thieving doesn’t have to be repetitively clicking the same pixel repeatedly. This Osrs pyramid plunder guide will introduce you to a pretty fun minigame that gives over 240k xp an hour in thieving and makes you a ton of profit.

We will discuss all the tips and tricks you need to know and the optimal strategy to get to 99 thieving skill fast. 

How to get to pyramid plunder

The fastest way to pyramid plunder in osrs is by using the Pharaoh’s scepter and selecting the teleport option of Jalsavrah. This will bring you next to the mummy you need to talk to start the minigame.

Alternatively, you can use the Magic carpet at the Shanty pass and travel to Sophanem. Once you have arrived with the carpet, simply enter the city and go straight ahead to the pyramid. 

pyramid plunder location osrs
Red: Sell artifacts Green: Bank Cross: pyramid plunder

Requirements to do pyramid plunder

There are a couple of obligated and optional requirements to start the minigame. The more optional requirements you have, the easier pyramid plunder will be, and the higher gp and thieving xp/hr you will get here.

Obligated requirements

The first requirement there is that your account has access to the city of Sophanem. To get access, you need to have started the quest Ichlarins Little Helper or have the Pharaoh’s scepter. 

If you have not done this quest or can’t buy/afford the scepter, there is no way to enter the city or the minigame.

To be able to start the minigame, you need to have at least 21 thieving. However, the experience you get at this level is relatively low due to only having access to one room. In addition, this room does not give a lot of xp. 

It is advised to have 61 thieving at the very least to make the pyramid plunder minigame somewhat effective. From level 81 onwards, you can get up to 200k thieving xp an hour here.

Recommended requirements

A couple of quests and items would make doing pyramid plunder a lot more effective and less tedious. 

  1. Complete the contact! Quest. This quest unlocks the bank in the Sophanem Dungeon, which is the closest bank to the pyramid plunder minigame. 
  2. Get an Ardougne cloak for the prayer bonus. This will also give you a teleports to the Ardougne Monastery. You won’t have to use prayer positions to recharge your prayer. 
  3. The Pharao’s scepter can save you quite some time because it teleports you next to the mummy. 

Pyramid plunder guide – complete strategy walkthrough


The key to doing pyramid plunder effectively is weight-reducing gear and a high prayer potion. In addition, your run energy and protection from melee are vital here, even more so if you are a hardcore ironman. 

gear set up pyramid plunder

Weight reducing gear: Bring your graceful outfit, boots of lightness, and spotted cape if you have one. The only natural armor you are wearing is the serpentine helmet to avoid poison damage. 

Prayer bonus: some great low-weight prayer items you can use are the dragonbone necklace, monk robes, god vestments, holy symbols, etc.

HP restoration: You can also take your cloak of Ardougne with you in your inventory and wear a regen bracelet in combination with the hitpoints skill cape to restore one hp every 15 seconds. 


Your inventory should consist of the following items:

  • High healing training food
  • Prayer potion (optional)
  • Antidote++
  • Coins
  • Stamina potions
  • House teleport to restore your stats at the rejuvenation pool if you have one. 
pyramid plunder inventory

You can also bring other items, like a weapon to loot the golden chest or an emergency teleport to avoid dying. 

Note: Rogue gear has no special effect here. So the items described above are much better to use. 

Talking to the mummy in the pyramid

To start the minigame, you need to talk to the mummy inside the pyramid. There are four doors, but only one will lead to the mummy you need to talk to. Since the mummy’s room is constantly changed, you will often enter an empty space. So simply leave and go through a door to find the guardian mummy to start the pyramid plunder minigame.

Once you have talked to the guardian mummy and are ready to start the minigame, The mummy will bring you to the first room. At that moment, your timer has begun, and you have 5 minutes to begin looting the pyramid. 

starting pyramid plunder

What you encounter when you enter

In the rooms, you will encounter various objects and mechanics to interact with. There are 8 total rooms, which all have more or less the same items in them. You will discover the following things:

Spear wall: the entrance of each room is guarded with spears in the wall. You need to disable these first before you can enter the room. You might fail and get 1 to 4 damage done to you. 

pyramid plunder guide osrs

Golden chest: The golden chest in the middle of the room can be looted. However, looting it might set off a trap releasing scarabs that will attack you. You can also get a pharaoh’s scepter if you are lucky. 

Sarcophagus: The sarcophagus can be opened for the chance of getting a pharaoh’s scepter. The odds of being able to open it depending on your strength level. Often a mummy will come out and attack you. 

Urns: The bulk of your experience and loot will be from the earns you can loot. You should just search them and don’t bother checking for snakes to get the highest possible xp an hour. 

Doors: There are four doors in each room. Only one of the doors leads to the next room. You need to test doors until you find one to go further into the pyramid. Having a picklock in your inventory will increase your chance of opening the door successfully. 

Tip: Do not bother with the sarcophagus. The sarcophagus gives strength xp and is pretty slow to open. You can get a pharaoh’s scepter if you are fortunate. More often, a strong level 84 mummy can appear and attack you. 

Read below for the best pyramid plunder strategy for optimal thieving xp and gp an hour. 

Optimal pyramid plunder strategy

Pyramid plunder is relatively easy and great thieving xp. The most important thing is to only loot two rooms per game. These rooms are the best room you can steal and the second-best ones. When entering the pyramid plunder minigame, immediately head to the penultimate room. You can loot all the golden chests in the lower-level rooms if you want to get more gp an hour. 

guide osrs pyramid plunder

When you are in the penultimate room, start looting the urns. When about half of the time, 2.5 minutes, is over, head to the best room you can loot. You do the same and loot as many urns as you can before getting kicked out.

Here is a step by step walkthrough of a pyramid plunder game:

  1. Find the guardian mummy to start the minigame. You can either do this by testing the doors or teleporting using the Pharaoh’s scepter.
  2. Go to the second-best room you can loot. You can choose to loot the golden chests on your way to the room. This tactic will increase your gp an hour but slightly lower your xp an hour.
  3. Start looting the urns until the timer is about halfway passed.
  4. When the timer is just past the halfway mark, go to the highest room possible and start looting all you can
  5. Use your dueling ring (or crafting cape) to go to the bank to restock your inventory.
  6. Use your restoration pool or go to Nardah with the Desert amulet (4) and restore your stats and pray at the Elidinis statuette. 
  7. Repeat the previous six steps! That is it! 

Pyramid plunder xp/hr

Pyramid Plunder in osrs scales to your thieving level due to being able to unlock higher rooms which gives a much higher xp rate. It is strongly advised you only start doing Pyramid Plunder when you reach level 71 thieving.

  • 71 thieving will earn you about 120 000 xp an hour
  • 81 thieving will get you about 190 000 xp an hour
  • 91 thieving will get up to 275 000 thieving xp an hour

Every higher room will get you 50% more xp per activity than the previous one. Therefore, you should always prioritize looting the highest room. No matter how much (or little) of the penultimate room you have stolen, make sure you leave when the timer is halfway and go loot the best room you have access to. As you see, the xp rate doing Pyramid Plunder is amazing and compares to high level fletching training methods.

Possible loot

During the Pyramid Plunder minigame, you can loot urns, chests, and sarcophagi. The chests and sarcophagi give you a chance to receive a Pharaoh’s scepter. You can also get the following artifacts.

  • Comb (ivory only)
  • Seal (stone and gold)
  • Scarab (pottery, stone, and gold)
  • Statuette (pottery, stone, and gold)

The GP an hour for doing Pyramid plunder dramatically depends on whether you loot the golden chests or not. 

pyramid plunder

What to do with artifacts from pyramid plunder?

You can exchange the artifacts you get from training thieving with pyramid plunder with Simon Templeton. Simon Templeton can be found at the Agility Pyramid, and he will give you coins for your artifacts.

The amount of coins depends on the material the pottery is made out of. There are only three artifacts that are worth bothering to exchange. 

  • Gold seal for 750 gp
  • Gold scarab for 1000 gp
  • Gold statuette for 1250 gp

Osrs pyramid plunder 2007 tips and advice

  • Go to the second-best room you can loot as soon as you can. When the timer is halfway, immediately go to the best room as that room will grand 50% more xp per activity done.
  • If you want to get more gp an hour, you should quickly loot all the golden chests. 
  • Do not open the Sarcophagi. These will hamper your thieving xp an hour and are pretty slow to open. 

The following minigame guides might be of interest to you

Pyramid plunder training FAQ

How long does 99 thieving take pyramid plunder?

Going from level 71 to 99 thieving with Pyramid Plunder will take about 75 hours of efficient gameplay. However, if you take a more relaxed approach and don’t loot all the grand gold chests you come across, you should account for about 85 hours to reach 99 thieving.

What is better pyramid plunder vs. master farmer?

If you have a regular account, doing the pyramid plunder minigame is better than the master farmer. While the gp an hour is a bit lower, you get a lot more xp an hour, and it is much more fun to do. However, if you are an ironman, doing the master farmer is preferable due to the number of seeds you get. You can use these seeds to train both your farming and your herblore. 

Can you get the thieving pet from pyramid plunder? 

You can get the thieving pet from pyramid plunder. You can get it by looting the Grand Gold Chests you encounter in the middle of the room. Every Grand Gold Chest gives you a chance of 0.06% to get Rocky the thieving pet. 

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