Pyrefiends OSRS slayer guide [2022] – my best tips for this task

Many newer players tend to struggle with the OSRS Pyrefiend slayer task. While these monsters aren’t challenging, many factors come into play when killing Pyrefiends during a slayer task.

Their habitat is quite far from the bank; they are found in several locations, most notably the Freminnik Slayer Cave. In addition, the drop table is quite large, and there is a superior variant to watch out for. Our OSRS Pyrefiends guide will tackle all of these issues and help you complete this slayer task successfully and efficiently.

osrs pyrefiend

 What are Pyrefiends in OSRS

  • Slayer monsters
  • Require level 30 slayer
  • Magic based melee attacks
  • Drop steel boots

In OSRS, there is a special kind of monster that can only be attacked if you have a certain slayer level or higher. Pyrefiends are one of these slayer monsters. The requirement to be able to harm them is at least level 30 slayer. This slayer level can be boosted with a spicy stew or wild pie. 

Like bloodvelds, Pyrefiends attack with a melee that rolls off your magic defense to calculate the accuracy of the attack. In other words, you will have a bad time wearing metal armor. You need to wear armor that can protect you against magic attacks. It is thus strongly advised to wear dragonhide. However, if you want to use prayer, you need to use the ‘protect from melee’ prayer.

The Pyrefiend is one of two monsters that drops steel boots. The other is the Harpie Bug swarm. 

Pyrefiends Locations OSRS

There are a couple of locations where you can fight Pyrefiends for your slayer task in Old School Runescape. At the time of writing, there are six places where they appear. As they are member-exclusive monsters, F2P players can not fight these creatures. Below are the locations where they are found, ranked from best to worst. 

Fremennik Slayer Cave

The best location to kill Pyrefiends is the Fremennik Slayer dungeon. They can be reached relatively quickly by using the fairy ring code A J R. This will bring you just outside the slayer cave entrance. The Slayer Cave of Relleka has 13 spawns of this creature. 

There are plenty of Pyrefiends Safe spots in the cave. These are often rocks and rubble that can be found near the cave’s walls. 

Smoke Dungeon

Another great place to fight these monsters is the Smoke Dungeon. Besides Pyrefiends, the smoke Dungeon is also the home of other fire-related monsters, like the Dust Devils. You will need a dust mask or a slayer helmet here. There are 23 spawns here, but they are rather spread out. The Smoke Dungeon is a decent place to do a fire giant slayer task with a cannon.

Isle of Souls

The Isle of Souls is a novel OSRS location where you can stumble upon a wide array of creatures and NPCs. One of those is the Pyrefiends and their more potent variant, the Pyrelords. This location is pretty fun, and I advise you to check it out at least once. You can find ten spawns of the level 43 variant here. 

God Wars Dungeon

This is a pretty awkward place to kill your Pyrefiends, but if you require a change of scenery or want to avoid fighting them directly, you should head over to GWD. There are no other variants here but the level 48 ones. There are four spawns here. 

Wilderness God Wars Dungeon

If you have a Pyrefiends wilderness slayer task, you have no other option but to kill them in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon. Since this location is in the wilderness, other players can attack you. There are only two spawns in this location. 

osrs pyrefiends slayer guide

Pyrefiends stats and weakness

To effectively slay a monster like this, you should know a thing or two about the strengths and the weakness of Pyrefiends in OSRS. 

There are two different variants of these fire demon imps in OSRS. One is level 43 and can be found in the Fremennik Slayer Cave, the Isle of Souls, the Sisterhood Sanctuary, and the Smoke Dungeon. There is also a slightly stronger variant of combat level 48. These monsters can be found in the God Wars Dungeon and the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon.

Combat level43
Hit Points level45
Max Hit4
Attack styleMagical melee
Level 43 Pyrefiend stats
Combat level48
Hit Points level48
Max Hit4
Attack styleMagical melee
Level 48 Pyrefiend stats

Pyrefiends are weak to magic attacks. This is due to the fact that they have no defense bonuses against that style and have a magic level of 1. This means you will hit accurate and hard with spells like slayer dart, firebolt, and other combat spells. 

However, due to their low defense bonus against other combat styles, the Pyrefiends can also be fought with combat styles such as melee and range. If you don’t have dragonhide or protect from melee, you should safespot these monsters by standing behind rubble and rocks. 

pyrefiend slayer safe spot osrs
Safespot in red, area where the monster is in green

Pyrefiend Slayer Task Gear and Inventory

  • High magic defense armor
  • Decent food like lobsters or better
  • Range or combat potions
  • High alchemy runes
  • Teleport (Dramen staff if fairy ring)
  • Stamina potion (optional) 

The main takeaway is that you should either have an armor optimized to defend against magic attacks, pray protect from melee, or safe spot the pyrefiends. If you want to earn more GP and pick up more drops, you should bring some fire and nature runes to cast high alchemy.

The stamina potion is optional, but most spawn points are pretty far from a bank or bank chest. Bringing an energy or stamina potion will save you some time as you won’t run out of energy. 

The pyrelords and pyrefiends both drop ashes. These ashes can not be converted to peaches with the bones to peaches spell. So, make sure that you bring sufficient food to stay here for as long as possible to complete your slayer task more efficiently. 

pyrefiend inventory
Example inventory for slayer task

Pyrelords: the stronger variant

The Pyrelord is an OSRS exclusive monster, a stronger variant of the Pyrefiends. These monsters also require 30 slayer to kill and can fight as an alternative if you have a slayer task. 

The Pyrelords can be found in two locations:

  • Isle of Souls
  • Sisterhood sanctuary

These are larger and stronger than the regular variant. Pyrelords are combat level 60 and have a slightly higher max hit of 5 and an impressive 80 hit points. 

Pyrefiends drops on a slayer task

This section does not feature all of the drops you can get during Pyrefiend slayer, but you should keep your eyes open for the most interesting ones. Since this guide is aimed at beginners, some drops won’t be worth it to pick up for high-level players. 

Regular version

  • Steel boots
  • Staff of fire
  • Fire runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Death runes
  • Medium clue scroll

The average value of a pyrefiend kill is around 400 gp if you would pick up all the drops. However, I would advise you to just pick up these drops and some armor drops like the mithril chainbody and alch. 


  • Steel boots
  • Staff of fire
  • Fire runes
  • Chaos runes
  • Death runes
  • Medium clue scroll

The pyrelord drop table is near identical. The only significant difference is that Pyrelords drop various runes at a much higher rate than the regular, weaker versions. Other loot, including steel boots, is dropped by these monsters too.

Flaming Pyrelord

  • Mist battlestaff
  • Dust battlestaff
  • Eternal gem
  • Imbued heart

Flaming pyrelords are a superior version. They can only be encountered randomly during a slayer task. Besides the regular drops that a pyrefiend also has, they also have the above four drops in their loot table. 

The flaming Pyrelord is only unlocked after you have bought the Bigger and Badder Slayer reward from a slayer master. 

Infernal pyrelord

  • Mist battlestaff
  • Dust battlestaff
  • Eternal gem
  • Imbued heart

When you are fighting Pyrelords during a slayer task, you have a 1 in 200 chance per kill of an infernal pyrelord appearing. These have identical drops to the Pyrelord and drop these four additional items. 

The infernal Pyrelord is only unlocked after buying the Bigger and Badder Slayer reward from a slayer master. 

OSRS Pyrefiends slayer task FAQ

Where is the Pyrefiends safespot?

You can find the safespot for the pyrefiends near the cave walls where you are fighting them. There should be a bunch of rocks and rubble there. When you stand behind those rocks and debris, you can safespot them easily. 

Can I kill pyrefiends with a cannon?

Yes, there are three locations where you can kill the pyrefiends with a cannon in OSRS. These locations are 1) The sisterhood Sanctuary, 2) The Isle of Souls, and 3) The Smoke Dungeon. Of course, the best place to cannon pyrefiends and pyrelords is the Isle of Souls.

Are pyrefiends a good task?

Fighting Pyrefiends is an excellent task for players who want to train their slayer. Their defense is low, and they have reasonably high hitpoints. Thus, you get more exp per kill. These monsters also have a stronger alternative and are more xp an hour, the pyrelord. Making this an exciting slayer task for lower and medium levels. 

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