The Ultimate Rockslug slayer guide [2022] – bring out your salt bae

Due to the many monsters you can encounter in OSRS, you often get an assignment that makes you scratch your head on how to start. Not many players are familiar with the rockslug since the monster is so obscure, and nobody grinds it for xp or gp.

So if you just started playing osrs or are doing slayer on your ironman, this rockslug slayer guide will help you out to do this task effectively! 

OSRS Rockslugs weakness and stats

To harm a rockslug in osrs, you need to have at least a level 20 slayer. Moreover, you need to use a bag of salt to finish off the monster when she has five hit points or less. If you do not use salt on the rockslug, the creature will flee away. 

Combat levelHitpointsMax hitAttack styleSlayer xpWeakness
29274Crush27 xpSalt
Rockslug weakness and stats

Rockslugs are weak to the brinesaber. However, this weapon has the remarkable effect that you do not need to use a bag of salt to finish off the rockslug. 

If you do not have a brine saber and want to make killing rockslugs more convenient, you buy the Slug Salter slayer perk. 

However, this perk is not worth the 80 points you have to spend, and you are better off using these points to add monsters to your slayer blocklist or skip tasks. 

osrs rockslug

Rockslug locations

You can find rockslugs in three locations in osrs. The best place to kill osrs rockslugs is the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. There are four monster spawns there, and you can use a cannon to destroy the rock slugs.

This write-up demonstrates how all the osrs rockslug locations compare to one another:

Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon: This is the best location if you plan to use a cannon on your slayer task. There are only four spawns here, so sometimes, you will be out of combat.

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon: The fairy ring code to reach the osrs rockslugs is A-J-R. This will bring you just outside the dungeon where the monsters are found. Enter the dungeon and run to the second room between the Cockatrice and the cave crawlers. There are seven spawns here, and the place is single combat. You can not use a cannon.

Lumbridge Swamp caves: a popular location for beginning players to kill rockslugs are the Lumbridge swamp caves. There are five spawns here. Since the Lumbridge swamp is dark, it is essential to bring a good light source. 

rockslugs location osrs
Red indicates that there are wallbeasts

Rockslugs slayer task strategy

Fighting rock slugs is pretty straightforward. They do not have a special attack or a dangerous effect, like the magical melee attack of the pyrefiends, which might surprise you. You should wear the same armor as you usually do when training your combat stats. 

However, it is imperative to bring your bag of salt. If you do not bring this item or a brinesaber, you can not finish them off. So don’t forget your bag of salt or you will have to go back to the bank.

If you are a beginner with no access to fairy rings, fight the monsters in the Lumbridge swamp. If you want to fight them in single combat, fight the monsters in the Fremennik slayer dungeon. Finally, if you’re going to use a cannon, the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon is your place. 

osrs rockslug slayer

your inventory

You can bring the same as you would bring at the hobgoblins. Rockslugs are about equal strength as those monsters. So tuna, salmon, and trout are good enough food. If you safespot them, you do not need to bring food.

Bring a strength and attack potion if you plan on doing your slayer task with melee. Bring a ranging potion if you are fighting with range. 

If you want to kill these monsters with magic, that will work. You don’t need to wear your mage gear; you can also tank them in melee armor due to their low defense against magic.

Bring a cannon and about 500 cannonballs if you plan to use the cannon to do your osrs rockslug slayer task. 

rockslug inventory


The drops here are pretty underwhelming. Rockslugs are more substantial than, e.g., Chaos Druids in osrs, but have much worse drops. The average kill is worth 120 gp depending on the Ge prices. 

The light mystic gloves are the most valuable drop you can get at the Rockslugs. These are worth about 5.5k gp on average. So the odds of getting the mystic gloves here are 1 in 512 per kill. 

Other decent drops you might get here are the snape grass seeds. Unfortunately, however, the chance to get the snape grass seed was only 1 in 1792. 

Advice and final thoughts

When you are a low combat level and are training slayer, you often get lousy slayer tasks like the rockslugs. However, they are worth killing as the task goes by quite fast. 

Wasting points on the slayer perk to kill them without a salt bag or blocking rockslugs is not good. Instead, save your points for more valuable things like getting a slayer helm or skipping monsters like dark beasts.

If you would use a cannon, you would surely make a loss killing these monsters. However, the time you save doing this slayer task faster can be spent killing monsters with decent drops to make back your money and earn some extra xp. 

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