OSRS Runecrafting guide [2022]: 1 – 99 fastest and best methods to train

Runecrafting is by far the most hated skill on OSRS. We, and many others, put it in a solid F tier regarding the fun of training. However, over the last few years, the skill has become somewhat more ‘enjoyable’ to train. 

In this OSRS runecrafting guide, we will discuss the best ways to train fast from 1 to 99. We try to focus on a good mix of AFK, exp an hour, and profitability. This way, you get the most out of your time training the skill. If you want to train runecrafting the most fun way, we strongly suggest you check out our ultimate Guardians of the Rift guide.

What you need before starting to train runecrafting in OSRS

Runescrafting does not involve a lot of different materials. Just using a talisman and pure essence can get you all the way to the level you want. However, when you are runecrafting, it is advised to make sure you do it as effectively as possible. That is because this skill is absolutely mind-bogglingly, boring and tedious. So spending as little time training it as you can is best. 

Here are some tips before you embark on the worst journey of your life: training this skill in OSRS.

training runecrafting guide osrs
Me after 5 minutes of training runecrafting in osrs

Use Pure essence

Despite being a better essence, pure essence is more common than regular essence. This is because you can make most runes with pure essence, and they are generally a bit cheaper than the regular rune essence. 

Use rune pouches

Rune pouches are a good way to increase the size of your inventory. However, using these can double the amount of essence you are carrying. So make sure you bring them as soon as you have access to the medium rune pouch. There are four different rune pouches in OSRS. However, I would suggest you only use the medium, large and giant rune pouch. The small one is just not worth the extra effort.

Do some quests

Questing is a great idea to train the beginning levels of your skills. Runecrafting is no different. There are multiple good quests you can do, besides rune mysteries, to make sure you are going to get more levels.

  • Tears of Guthix (for the minigame)
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie
  • Enter the Abyss miniquest
  • The Ascent of Arceuus
  • Lunar Diplomacy

Use daeyalt essence

If you have done the sins of the father quest, you can mine daeyalt shards and trade these into daeyalt essence. These give 50% more exp per essence compared to pure essence. Also, mining these are AFK, so it is a great way to speed up the active part of Runecrafting a bit. 

The optimal OSRS 1 to 99 runecrafting guide

This is the best way to get get to 99 runecrafting in OSRS, in my opinion. This is a good blend of AFK, money, and exp. After this part, I will discuss a couple of interesting alternative methods you might do. 

Runecrafting level 1 to 24 – doing quests.

Quests are a great way to speed up the first 23 levels of Runecrafting. I suggest you do The Eyes of Glouphrie, Enter the Abyss, The Ascent of Arceuus quests. These will bring you all the way to level 24. Level 24 is significant since you can craft lava runes at that level. This is one of the fastest ways to train your runecrafting and can thus be done at a fairly low level. 

runecrafting guide osrs

Runecrafting level 24 to 77 – Ourania Altar

The Ourania Altar – or the ZMI – is a great way to somewhat AFK runecrafting. This altar training method won’t be too AFK, but it is the best you can get. The altar gives you fast exp, and you can follow other players going to the altar. Make sure you have done the quest Lunar Diplomacy. This will give you access to Ourania Teleport. 

Make sure you have rune pouches so you can carry extra essences and get more exp per trip. Also, it is a good idea to sip a stamina potion before you make your trip to the altar. That way, you won’t run out of running energy. 

I strongly advise you to have 71 magic to be able to use NPC Contact; that way, you can repair those pouches right away and get the optimal exp an hour. At level 77, you can make blood runes. 

Use Daeyalt essence here! This will greatly increase your exp an hour. 

Runecrafting level 77 to 90 – Blood runes

Blood runes are pretty cool and new. They offer a semi AFK way to get 35k runecrafting exp an hour. I strongly advise you to use the altar and not the Abyss to craft these runes, as this is much more AFK and only a bit slower. 

Going from 77 to 90 runecrafting with blood runes will make you a profit of about 49m, depending on the prices. If you want to go for 99, you can get around 150m. However, I advise doing 90 to 99 with soul runes as the exp is faster. 

Runecrafting 90 to 99 – Soul runes

When you reach 90 runecrafting, you can make soul runes. This is a pretty fast way to train runecrafting and reasonably AFK if you use the altar. You will get about 45k exp an hour, and you will make around 40 m with this method. 

Soul runes, just like blood runes, are pretty AFK to make and give a lot of exp an hour. You will not make as much money as doing blood runes, but your struggle for 99 runecrafting will be over far sooner. 

Other good methods to train your runecrafting effectively.

Lava runes 23 to 99

If you do not like fun, lava runes are the way to go. Crafting lava runes is the best way to quickly get to 99 runecrafting. It is not AFK, but it is a fast way to get some levels. Of course, you can also do lava runes when you feel like doing them and get more exp then, and do more AFK methods when you don’t feel like hurting your brain. 

Arceuus Library to 77

The Arceuus library is a pretty wacky but effective way to train your runecrafting. You get exp based on your runecrafting level. The goal is to find certain books and hand them to customers. You can find about 150 books an hour. At level one, you will get around 600 exp an hour. At level 77, your exp will jump to about 45k an hour if you concentrate. 

This method is not AFK, but it does feel very different from regular runecrafting, so it can be used to switch things up for a couple of levels. 

15 to 99 runecrafting with other combination runes

Besides lava runes, there are a ton of other combination runes you might want to check out for runecrafting training in OSRS. These often give pretty decent exp and gp an hour, making them an interesting alternative to lava runes. 

Your exp will scale with your level since you will be able to bring more runes thanks to using interesting rune pouches at levels 50 and 75. 

Mud runes: Mud runes are a bit slower, but you do make a lot more money-making them. You get about 20 GP per exp when you craft mud runes. You need to have unlocked the balloon transport system to do these effectively. You can start making these runes starting from level 15.

Smoke runes – can be crafted starting from level 15. These runes are pretty fast and can get you up to 60k an hour if you pay attention to what you are doing. In addition, smoke runes can get up to 8 GP per exp. So the profit is not bad either. 

Steam runes: Steam runes give you the least amount of profit amongst all of these runes. You can get up to 61k exp an hour if you concentrate on what you are doing. The xp a GP is pretty decent, too; you get about six GP for every runecrafting exp. This comes out to 350k exp an hour. 

Level 59 to 99 runecrafting – Cosmic runes

Starting from level 59, you can start to make cosmic runes. The exp an hour is horrendous. You will at most get 20k exp an hour. However, the gp an hour can be pretty decent starting from level 82 when you can make double cosmics. When you concentrate to the fullest and use the optimal efficiency, you can make about 700k an hour here. 

It is advised that you get 70 agility or more to have enough rune and do all the shortcuts. This will greatly improve the efficiency of your training here. That being said., unless you want to try this for some variety, I would not advise you do this training method. 

Runecrafting Guide OSRS – Final thoughts

While runecrafting is absolutely the slowest skill to train in OSRS, over the years, there have been a couple of interesting updates to improve the speed of training this skill. 

I would strongly suggest following our optimal runecrafting guide. This method is the perfect combination of a decent rate of exp an hour and AFK training. Next, make sure you use the Daeyalt essence if you want to increase your AFKing. Finally, having the right rune pouches and using these are also essential to make sure you have a non-shitty time training this skill. 

If you do not want to AFK and just want to have the optimal exp an hour training runecrafting in Runescape, you should do lava runes. In some cases, you are able to get rates of about 70k to 80k exp an hour. 

Make sure you check out our OSRS crafting guide 1 to 99 on our site!

OSRS Runecrafting Guide FAQ

How to get runecrafting pouches in OSRS?

To get runecrafting pouches in OSRS, you first must do the mini-quest Enter the Abyss. This will give you access to the abyssal Area and add rune pouches to the monsters you find there. Then, when you have a broken pouche, you can ask the dark mage in the center of the Abyss if he can repair them. 

How many runecrafting pouches can you have?

You can have four rune pouches. The small pouch is available at level 1, the medium pouch you can use at level 25, the large pouch is usable at level 50, and finally, at level 75, you can have your fourth runecrafting the giant pouch. 

How do you start runecrafting in OSRS?

You need to do the rune mysteries quest to start training this skill. This will unlock the skill. After this, I would strongly suggest you do quests up to level 24. That is the best way to start runecrafting in OSRS without wasting a lot of time. 

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