Salve amulet OSRS – 7 best monsters to kill and how to get it

If you plan to kill undead monsters like Ankou, you should consider getting the osrs salve amulet. The bonus it gives against undead and how easy the amulet is to get makes it one of the bis items in many niche situations.

This guide will go in-depth on how to get the salve amulet, what monsters you should use it on and how to get the item back when you lose it. 

How to get the Salve amulet

The salve amulet is a reward from the Haunted mine quest. First, however, you need to make the amulet yourself. Then, you have to mine one of the crystal outcrops on the bottom level of the mine by using a chisel.

Then use a ball of wool on the piece of crystal you have just cut off with the crystal. This will create the salve amulet.  

The Salve amulet can be enchanted. The bonuses are then increased to the following stats:

  • 20% extra strength and accuracy when changed to (e)
  • Extra 1/6th bonus to range in damage and accuracy (when changed to (i)
  • 15% bonus magic 

Both the (i) and (e) enchantment can be combined into the salve amulet (ei). However, these bonuses do not stack with the slayer helm. 

How to get the salve amulet back if you lose it

To get the amulet back, you just need to repeat the same steps you did to get it in the first place. That means getting back to the mine and cutting off a piece of the crystal with a chisel. 

Then just use your ball of wool on the shard, and you get an amulet. However, if you lose an enchanted amulet, you will need to enchant it again! Enchanting these amulets can be a hassle since they cost many NMZ points. 

The 7 best monsters to use the salve amulet on

There are a lot of undead monsters in OSRS where the Slave amulet is the best slot item to wear. So here is a list of our 7 best monsters to kill using a salve amulet in osrs. 

salve amulet barrows

7. Skeletons at barrows

If you want to get your kill count quickly, killing the high-level skeletons in the barrow’s catacombs is a great way to do so. Due to the fact you always have some inventory space left, you can bring the salve amulet to improve your DPS.

Note: the amulet does not work on the Barrow brothers. 

6. Twisted banshee

The twisted banshee is a superior version of the regular banshee slayer monster. These monsters are pretty chill to kill on an ironman account. However, they drop many useful supplies that you can use later on.

 Because you can safespot twisted banshees, this is a great monster to kill on a low-level account using the salve amulet.

5. Deviant specter

If you don’t have a specter slayer task but want to grind on a monster for herbs, then the deviant specter is a great choice. With a salve amulet, you can get many kills an hour here. 

If you are lower, you are better off fighting the chaos druids to get more herbs to turn into potions and herblore xp. To optimize your xp an hour here and get as much profit as possible, you might want to consider buying a herb sack.

osrs amulet

4. Revenants and Revenant Maledictus

The revenants are a decent monster to fight for profitable drops even after the nerf. Since revenants are undead, the salve amulet works like a charm here. However, because the revenants are only found in the wilderness, you risk losing your amulet. 

If you are fighting these monsters on a slayer task, there is a considerable chance of the Revenant Maledictus spawning. This superior revenant is quite strong, so having a bonus against the undead isn’t a luxury. 

3. Pestilent bloat

Experienced theater of blood players don’t have to bring an inventory full of food and can bring items to optimize their runs. The salve amulet works great against the pestilent bloat. 

This boss is undead and is much easier to kill if you have a huge damage and accuracy bonus. 

vet'ion salve amulet osrs

2. Vet’ion

Vet’ion is a great boss to kill for profit. You can solo him and use mediocre gear and still get a ton of kills in. The one big downside to grinding this monster is that he is an exclusive wilderness boss.

You will risk your salve amulet going here with too many expensive items. However, using a non-enchanted salve amulet and some other decent gear is well worth the risk of getting a ring of the god’s drop. 

osrs salve amulet

1. Vorkath

The best monster to use the salve amulet on is Vorkath. This undead zombie boss is a great moneymaker and earns you up to 3m an hour if you use this amulet, and other high-level hear.

If you use range, make sure you use a salve amulet (i) or (ei) to get the maximum kills an hour here. In short, the amulet is a must-have item to have at this boss! 

Salve amulet osrs FAQ

Can you use the salve amulet against the barrow’s brothers?

According to the game, the barrows brothers do not qualify as an undead. So the salve amulet does not work on them. However, you can use the amulet under the crypts to kill the skeletons easily. 

Does the salve amulet stack with the slayer helmet?

No, the salve amulet and the slayer helmet their bonuses do not stack with one another. So you will have to pick one of the two items to use when you have an undead slayer task. Generally, the slayer helmet is the optimal choice. 

Does the osrs salve amulet stack with the full void? 

Yes, the void armor’s ranging bonus stacks with the bonus of the salve amulet. That means you can use both full void and the amulet at Vorkath. This combination greatly improves both your damage and accuracy at this monster.


Final thoughts

A few items are useful for both mid-level and high-level accounts in osrs. The salve amulet is one of those equipment pieces you need to get as soon as possible on your account. This item in your arsenal will greatly help you kill the undead and improve your xp and gp an hour at many monsters. 

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