Skeletal Wyverns osrs guide [2022]

The Skeletal Wyverns are one of the most often fought monsters in osrs, both by regular and ironman players in osrs. However, these draconic undead monsters require you to have 72 slayers to harm them, so these are not intended for beginners. 

This osrs article will discuss the optimal strategy to defeat these creatures and get the most out of your Skeletal Wyverns slayer task. We will also discuss the locations where you can find them and will answer a couple of FAQs. 

Skeletal Wyverns locations

Despite having been around for quite a while, there is only one location where you can encounter the Skeletal Wyverns. This place is the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, where there are 22 spawns. The first level has 18 spawns, and the upper level has four spawns and can only be used if you have a slayer task. You can also find Hobgoblins, Ice Giants, and Ice Warriors in this dungeon. 

The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon is found south of Port Sarim and close to the fairy ring with the code AIQ. This is also the spot where you mine blurite rocks for a quest. Here are the fastest ways to reach the Ancient Wyverns.

skeletal wyvern slayer task osrs guide
  1. The fastest way to get to the dungeon is by using the Fairy Ring code AIQ. This will get you to Mudskipper Point, just a few seconds south of the trapdoor leading to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. 
  2. If you have a house in Rimmington or a redirection scroll and a house tablet, you can teleport to the house portal and then run south towards the exclamation point on your minimap. 
  3. A quick and easy way to get closer to the dungeon is by using the amulet of glory and tele to Draynor Village. This teleport is close to the bank but not near the dungeon where you have to be. 
  4. You get access to the minigame Rat Pits if you have done the worst quest in osrs, Rat Catchers. Go to your minigame teleports, and you will be able to use a free teleport to Port Sarim. 
skeletal wyverns location osrs slayer

Skeletal Wyvern’s weakness and stats

Many people, Ironman accounts, in particular, are planning to grind these monsters out for profit or the dragon visage. However, if you plan to kill thousands of Skeletal Wyverns, you should know more about their weakness and stats. 

Combat levelHitpointsAttack styleMax hitWeakness
140200Range, Slash, Icy Breath13 (ranged)50 (icy breath)Crush and magic

As you see from these stats, you should not underestimate these monsters. The Ancient Wyverns should always be fought while using a special shield like the mind shield, Dragonfire shield, or ancient wyvern shield. Similar to the Basilisks and Cockatrice slayer tasks, not having a shield will make these creatures even harder to fight. 

The Skeletal Wyverns are weak to magic (+80 defense) and Crush (+90 defense). However, I would not recommend you use those attack styles to fight them. The best way to fight them is by using range and a safespot or with melee (and prayer) and a dragonbane weapon like the dragon hunter lance.  

Skeletal Wyverns slayer task strategy


To fight Skeletal Wyverns effective on your slayer task or as a grind on your account, it is recommended (and sometimes even obligated) to have the following stats:

  • 72 Slayer
  • Elemental Workshop I (for the shield or Dragon Slayer I)
  • 75 attack and strength if using melee
  • 70 hitpoints and 70 prayer if using melee
  • 70 range and 44 prayer if using a range
  • 75 magic if using magic

The only hard requirement on this list is 72 slayer. This level is needed to harm the Skeletal Wyverns. The higher your stats are, the faster you will kill these monsters, and the more drops and xp you will get an hour. The average high-level player will get about 50 kills and 45k xp an hour. This xp rate and gp an hour are comparable to the Brutal Black Dragons. 

Melee gear

Using melee is the best option for high-level players on a Skeletal Wyverns slayer task or grind. You have quite a few good setups if you have the coins to buy BIS items. 

Remember that you should never forget your shield and prioritize a dragon hunter lance. These two items are vital for making the most out of your trip and getting a good amount of kills and xp and gp an hour. 

If you have done dragon slayer II and are just looking to make a profit, you should consider fighting adamant dragons instead. 

Head slotSlayer helmTorva full helm Neitiznot faceguard
Amulet slotAmulet of tortureAmulet of furyAmulet of glory
Cape slotInfernal capeFire capeMythical cape
Armor slotTorva platebodyBandos chestplateJusticiar chestguard
Legs slotTorva platelegsBandos tassetsJusticiar legguards
Weapon slotDragon hunter lance (pound)Blade of SaeldorInquisitor’s mace
Shield slotDragonfire shieldAncient wyvern shieldMind shield
Arrow slotRada’s blessing (4)God blessingNothing
Gloves slotFerocious glovesBarrows glovesRune gloves
Boots slotPrimordial bootsDragon bootsSpiked Manacles
Ring slotBerserker ring (i)Ring of suffering (i)Brimstone ring
Special weaponDragon warhammerDragon clawsDragon dagger
Melee gear skeletal wyverns
melee setup skeletal wyverns

Ranging gear

The best way to kill Skeletal Wyverns as a medium-level account is by using ranging. Range gives you the ability to safespot these creatures. Due to the loot that is dropped here, you can stay indefinitely when using ranging. 

The BIS range gear for the Skeletal Wyverns is also significantly cheaper than the melee gear. While you have many options to switch out, be careful that your range attack bonus is not too low. These monsters have a +140 defense against ranging, which significantly affects the accuracy. 

If you have just gotten your rune crossbow from the crazy archeologist, make sure you get to at least level 70 range before grinding these on your (hardcore) ironman account. 

Head slotSlayer helmetArmadyl helmetBlessed coif
Amulet slotNecklace of anguishAmulet of furyAmulet of glory
Cape slotAva’s assemblerAva’s accumulatorRanging cape
Armor slotArmadyl chestplateBlessed bodyCrystal body
Legs slotArmadyl chainskirtBlessed chapsCrystal legs
Weapon slotDragon hunter crossbowZaryte crossbowBow of faerdhinen
Shield slotTwisted bucklerDragonfire wardOdium ward
Arrow slotDiamond dragon bolts (e)Diamond bolts (e)Runite bolts
Gloves slotZaryte vambracesBarrows glovesBlessed vambraces
Boots slotPegasian bootsRanger bootsBlessed boots
Ring slotArcher Ring (i)Brimstone ringsArchers ring
Special weaponBlowpipeNoneNone
Range gear set up skeletal wyverns
range setup skeleton wyverns osrs

Alternative gear discussing

You don’t need to adhere to the following table of helpful gear. You can also fight the Skeletal Wyverns with magic and void armor. 

Magic: these monsters have a weakness in magic. However, magic does not have a high enough DPS to make it effective. If you are using magic, you can safespot the wyverns, but you should never forget to bring a shield that can protect against the Skeletal Wyverns’ special attack.

Void: A great budget option to use when you don’t have expensive ranging armor is (elite) void. Just like when using the standard ranging method, you should use a safespot when you attack the monsters. Make sure you bring a shield to protect yourself from the magical attacks of the monsters. 


This chapter will only discuss the inventories you use for ranging and melee. However, the inventory for magic and void is very similar to the ones for ranging, so use that as inspiration. 


This is an example inventory for people who want to grind Skeletal Wyverns for quite a long while. Depending on how concentrated you are, this set up an last you a couple of hours here. 

  • Protective shield
  • Ranging potions
  • Prayer potions
  • Sharks or better
  • Herb sack (optional)
  • Rune pouch (law, lava, and death runes)
  • Nature runes (for high alching)
  • Bonecrusher
skeletal wyverns osrs range inventory


This inventory is an example. You can swamp out many things like the potion or the training food.

  • Super combat potion
  •  5 prayer potions
  • Sharks or equivalent food
  • Herb sack (optional)
  • Rune pouch (law, lava, and death runes)
  • Nature runes (for high alching)
example inventory skeletal wyverns

Safespotting skeletal wyvern

You can safespot the Skeletal Wyverns when using a crossbow or magic. However, because they can use PJ, you will only stop taking damage when the monsters have lost their aggressiveness. This loss of hostility takes 10 minutes after being in the same area. 

After these 10 minutes, you can lure the Skeletal Wyverns behind an obstacle like a wall. Then you can quickly start attacking the monster with a long-range attack like range and mage. 

Osrs Skeletal Wyverns money making

Both for regular accounts and ironman accounts, there are many benefits to killing Skeletal Wyverns. One of these is the extraordinary amount of gp you can make here. Also, unlike monsters like the greater demons, you can get quite a few fantastic drops here.

Depending on your combat level and gear set up, Skeletal Wyverns can earn you 1m an hour. This is a pretty high amount, and because so many of the coins are in high alchemy items, wyverns are better than the Chaos elemental to grind for gp

The following stats are recommended here:

  • 72 slayer
  • 80 attack, strength, and defense if you are using melee
  • 80 ranging
  • 44 prayer (70 for piety if using melee)
  • 55 magic for high alchemy

Using range will get you around 45 to 55 kills an hour. The melee strategy requires more supplies, but you will have up to 70 kills an hour. Ensure you have unlocked the fairy rings for fast access to the dungeon. The code that is closest to the dungeon is AIQ. 

Prayer potions are beneficial and worth using if you use ranging or melee. Your kills will be completed up to 30% faster, which increases your profit an hour.  

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Tips and tricks

One of the most killed monsters in osrs is the Skeletal Wyverns. But, thanks to that fact, people know just about everything there is to know about these creatures. So here are some of the best tips and tricks to increase your gp and xp an hour. 

  • Runite bolts (or better) are more than worth it to use here. Since the kills will be a ton faster, you will recover the cost of bolts quite quickly. Stronger bolts are always worth the while unless they are onyx tipped. 
  • You can use a dwarf multi cannon. However, many consider it not worth it due to the high cost of cannonballs and the high-ranking attack strength. 
  • There are dedicated clan chats with wyvern runners that will help you increase your profit and ease of fighting here. These players will trade your loot for potions, runes, and bolts. 
  • A salve amulet and salve amulet (e) does not work against these monsters. They are reanimated and not undead. 

These tips can also be applied when you have a skeletal wyvern slayer task. Your kills will go a lot faster on an assignment due to the effect of the slayer helm. 

Notable loot

You can get a ton of valuable items which you can sell on the GE or use as an ironman. Make sure you have alchemy spells to make the most out of the armor drops you get here. The majority of the drops can be stacked in your inventory. 

The following loot might be interesting for you to pick up:

  • Wyvern bones
  • Draconic visage
  • Dragon plateskirt
  • Dragon platelegs
  • Earth battlestaff
  • Battlestaff
  • Rune axe
  • Rune battle axe
  • Various runes
  • Supplies

Ironman can use these monsters to get a lot of exciting supplies and a lot of coins to train their construction. Another reason why ironman fight the Skeletal Wyverns is because of the decent odds to get a dragon visage and much higher xp and profit rate than iron dragons. 

The items which do not stack in your inventory can be traded with wyvern runners for additional supplies like ranging potions. This can be useful to get a higher amount of kills an hour. Unfortunately, the skeletal wyverns do not drop many herblore supplies, so you might want to look for an alternative like the chaos druids for herblore training. 


There are a lot of players who love to grind Skeletal Wyverns. It is not hard to see why this is the case. These monsters are easy to grind, can earn you a lot of money for skills, and are pretty decent xp. Furthermore, if you are well prepared, you can stay here for the entire day and grind stackable drops. 

If you decide to fight the Skeletal Wyverns, it is strongly advised to either use range or melee. Out of the two, melee will give you the highest amount of xp and gp an hour, but the requirements for both gear and skills are much higher, and you can’t stay for as long as you want. Ranging is another good option here, as you can last indefinitely, and the setup is pretty cheap. Remember that Skeletal Wyverns have a high range defense, so use suitable bolts like rune or dragon bolts. 

Even though Skeletal Wyverns are weak to magic, this might not be the best attack style to use here. The magic DPS on a single target is not high enough to make sure you get fast kills. Moreover, the cost of the spell is pretty expensive too. 

Skeletal Wyverns osrs FAQ

Does the salve amulet work on Skeletal Wyverns?

Oddly enough, the salve amulet and the salve amulet (e) do not work on skeletal wyverns. This is because these monsters are not traditional undeath like Ankou or Ghouls. Instead, they are reanimated, much like a Thrall. For that reason, the damage and accuracy boosting effect of the salve amulet do not work here. 

What bolts to use against Skeletal Wyverns?

The best bolts to use at the skeletal wyverns are the runite bolts. These bolts offer the perfect balance between cost, damage, and accuracy. A great alternative is diamond bolts (e) if you don’t have these bolts. As a third option, the broad bolts are great to use. While broad bolts are cheap and practical, the other two options are much better since you kill the skeletal wyverns faster. 

How to get to Skeletal Wyverns osrs?

The best way to get to the skeletal wyverns in osrs is by using the fairy ring and going to the Mudskipper Point. From that fairy ring, go south to the exclamation point. You will find a trapdoor leading to the dungeon where the Skeletal wyverns are. Just run past the thugs, hobgoblins, and ice warriors, and you will be able to enter the lair where these monsters reside. 

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