Top 11 Duradel slayer tasks you should skip for gp and xp [2022]

Slayer is considered to be a pretty slow skill to train. However, knowing what slayer tasks you should skip can help you get to level 99 quicker. We will discuss the 11 slayer tasks you should skip and cancel to get the optimal amount of gp and xp an hour. This way, you can spend your time training more wisely. 

You might disagree with some entries on the list, but we did the math and considered if you can cannon the monsters, how high their defense is, and the task weight. 

Note: these are the tasks you should skip! You can find the tasks to block here: Optimal Duradel Slayer task block list.


While Gargoyles are a pretty decent monster to AFK, they are pretty lousy xp. Gargoyles will earn you about 600k gp an hour but only 15k to 20k slayer xp. That is why gargoyles is a task you should skip if you want the best possible xp an hour. 

If you are an ironman or want to make some extra coins while training the skill, you can do the gargoyle assignment. 

Black Demons

The Black Demons are pretty strong monsters that don’t have exciting drops. If you fight these with melee or range without a cannon, the xp an hour is pretty slow. If you don’t have a solid strategy, I will skip this slayer task. 

The only reason not to skip Black demons is if you use the strategy in our black demon slayer task guide. This tactic will make this one of the best tasks you can get and gain you over 45k slayer xp an hour. 

best slayer tasks to skip osrs

Skeletal Wyverns

Skeletal wyverns can not be cannoned and are always pretty crowded. Due to the fact they have high defense levels, they are also pretty slow to kill. Skip this slayer task to get the best possible slayer xp. The average xp an hour here is about 15k, which is not much, and the average gp an hour is also relatively low. 

If you are an ironman, you might want to consider doing this task anyway. The Skeletal wyverns drop a ton of valuable supplies. 

Steel Dragons

Steel dragons are a mediocre slayer task. Like their stronger cousin, the Adamant dragon, they have a high defense and take a while to kill if you don’t have optimal gear. Their defense against the dwarven cannon is also pretty high, or the location where you can find them does not allow you for a cannon.

Steel dragons is a task you should not block but skip. The task weight is not very high, so skipping the slayer task is optimal. 

iron dragons skip slayer task

Spiritual creatures

An often blocked assignment is the spiritual creatures’ slayer task. The task gives you the option to fight rangers, warriors, and mages. However, because the drops are pretty bad (except for the mages) and the monsters are far from each other, it’s better to skip the slayer task. Blocking the assignment is not optimal due to the low task weight.

Fire giants 

Fire Giants are a pretty AFK assignment if you fight them in the Giant’s Den or the catacombs of Kourend. However, since they are hard to cannon and have very mediocre drops, skipping this assignment is often the right choice. However, if you enjoy a bit of AFK or like to play on mobile, you can still do the task and have fun. 

Check out our Fire Giants slayer task guide to read about the optimal strategy for this assignment.

skip fire giants slayer task

Iron Dragons

Iron dragons are a pretty bad assignment if you want to go for 99. The xp an hour for this task is often under 15k, meaning you should almost always skip this slayer task. If you use Nieve, you might also get Bronze dragons as your assignment; You should also skip these.

If you want to do the iron dragon slayer task and not skip it, use the guide we have written about these monsters. 


This might be a controversial pick for our list of slayer tasks you should skip. Elves are okay as a task if you canon them in Priffinidas. They are a decent way to get crystal shards, and the xp an hour is OK. 

However, there are much better tasks for xp than elves, so I recommend you skip them if you have enough points for this. However, if you want to do this assignment, our Elves slayer guide is here.


There are a couple of ways to tackle this. My favorite way to fight Ankou is in the Catacombs of Kourends. This method is pretty AFK and safe. You can also fight them in the Wilderness and use a cannon. However, doing that is more dangerous than fighting in the Catacombs. 

Ankou has a pretty low defense but mediocre drops and a low hp. The xp an hour is about 20k to 30k. This low xp rate is the reason why skipping Ankou is optimal. 

Blue dragons

While we are sure that a lot of Ironman accounts enjoy this task due to the amount of crafting xp you can get from the blue dragonhide drops. The regular blue dragons and brutal blue dragon slayer task should be skipped due to the low amount of xp you get for this assignment. 

If you want to do this task without wasting points and time, you can fight the baby dragons with a low hp and use cannon to make the kills quicker. The same goes for the brutal black dragons you might get as a task. 


One of the best slayer tasks to make money are the Kurasks. Ironman accounts, in particular, will love fighting these monsters due to the ample supply drops and farming materials they have as loot. However, just like the Turoth, these monsters need to be fought with special equipment and are only found in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. In that dungeon, you can not use the dwarven multi cannon. This liability hampers your xp an hour, making the slayer task a skip in our book. 

skip turoth kurask slayer task

There you have it! 11 slayer tasks you should skip for gp and xp to get to level 99 as fast as you can. 

OSRS Slayer tasks to skip FAQ

How to skip/cancel slayer task osrs?

To skip a slayer task in osrs, you should talk to the slayer master who has assigned you the task. You will be able to skip the task by paying him 30 slayer points. These points are pretty valuable, so make sure you don’t take the decision lightly, as you might need them to block an even worse task or unlock a valuable slayer perk like Bigger and Badder. 

What to do if a Slayer Task is too slow or too hard?

When a slayer task is too hard, you should first look for an alternative. For example, if you have a blue dragon task, you can fight the baby dragons. If you don’t have a more accessible choice, you can look for a safespot. If that is no option, skipping the slayer task for 30 points is another option you have. 

How to skip a slayer task without having points?

If you don’t have any slayer points, you will need to cancel the slayer task by talking to Turael. However, do not do this lightly. Canceling your slayer task this way instead of skipping it with points will end your streak. 

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