Spiritual creatures OSRS [2022] – the only Slayer guide you need

If you are doing slayer tasks or want to get dragon boots, you will have to fight spiritual creatures sooner or later. Spiritual creatures are kind of a weird monster to get as a slayer assignment. There are three different types that you can kill, and the only spots where these monsters roam is in strange places like the God Wars Dungeon.

This article will tell you all there is to know about the spiritual creatures slayer task, which ones you should (not) fight, and what drops you can expect. 

What spiritual creatures are there in OSRS?

Old School Runescape has a rich bestiary full of monsters you will never fight or probably never heard of. You have most likely heard of or fought against spiritual mages. However, there are other spiritual creatures that you can fight as a slayer task. These are the spiritual ranger and the spiritual warrior.

All three of these variants will be discussed here. However, the one that is worth it the most to check out is the spiritual mage. This monster is the only spiritual creature in OSRS that drops the dragon boots. So if you want to fight a monster with profitable drops or like this must-have item for your ironman, this variant is the one you should check out. 

osrs spiritual creatures guide

Spiritual ranger

The weakest variant of spiritual creatures is the spiritual rangers. You need to have a slayer level of 63 to harm these monsters. These monsters attack with the ranging combat style. There are five types for every faction found in the God Wars Dungeon. The monster is aggressive towards any player not wearing a corresponding got item.

Combat level118
Hitpoints level120
Slayer XP106
Attack styleRanged
Max hit15
Spiritual ranger stats and weakness

As you see, you should not underestimate the spiritual ranger. The spiritiual rangers max hit of 15 is pretty strong, and they have a large hitpoints pool. Their defensive stats are +0 against every combat style, so you can choose how to fight them. I would recommend ranging to save you time on running around. 

Spiritual warrior

At level 68 slayer, you unlock a new spiritual creature to fight for your slayer task. Like the ranger, the warriors will attack you if you are not wearing a god item. There are five different variants too. These monsters are known for their mithril, adamant, and rune equipment drops and are decent to get some high alchemy coins. 

Combat level115
Hitpoints level100
Slayer XP100
Attack styleSlash
Max hit11
Spiritual warrior stats and weakness

From these stats, we can deduce that the spiritual warriors are easier to kill. This easier kill is because they have fewer hitpoints and a lower max hit. These warriors also have a 0+ defense bonus against any combat style. That means you can pick whatever style to fight them, and I suggest using ranged against them. 

spiritual creatures mage osrs

Spiritual mage

This mage is the spiritual creature many of you have on your bucket list to kill, even if you have an ironman account. The spiritual mage is a strong slayer monster that requires you to have 83 slayer to harm it. The monster has five different variants, which correspond to the following OSRS Gods:

  • Zamorak
  • Saradomin
  • Bandos
  • Armadyl
  • Zaros

The spiritual mage is the preferable monster to kill if you have a spiritual creature’s slayer task. These are the stats you need to know: 

Combat level121
Hitpoints level75
Slayer XP75
Attack styleMagic
Max hit19
Spiritual mage stats and weakness

While spiritual mages have a low amount of hitpoints, the max hit pretty high at 19. Like the other variants, I strongly recommend fighting these monsters with ranging. However, melee also works pretty well on them. Killing one of these in the regular GWD is required to complete the Elite Fremennik Diary, while killing one in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon is required for the Elite wilderness Diary. 

Five slayer masters assign these monsters. These masters are the following:

  • Krystillia, the wilderness slayer master
  • Vanneka, in the Edgeville Dungeon
  • Chaeldar in Zanaris
  • Nieve in the Gnome Stronghold
  • Duradel in the Shilo Village.

These monsters are not worth putting on the slayer block list, but you should spend 30 slayer points to skip the spiritual creatures’ slayer task. 

Where to find spiritual creatures

Spiritual rangers, warriors, and mages are all found in the exact locations. The good news is that the slayer task, similar to Elves, is interchangeable for all three variants, so you can just kill the ones the closest nearby. You can find them in the following three places:

God Wars Dungeon: This is where you can find most of the spawns. There are over a hundred Spiritual creatures spawns all over this dungeon. So finding a couple to kill is easy. The Saradomin camp is the best place to kill the mages. 

Ancient Prison: The ancient prison is a pretty new addition to the world of Old School Runescape. This place was added simultaneously with the new boss named Nex. Unfortunately, there are only a few Zaros spiritual creatures spawning here. 

Wilderness God Wars Dungeon: If you have a slayer wilderness task for spiritual creatures, then this is where you have to go. Only go here for your wilderness slayer, as there are always player killers around that will want to attack you. 

spiritual creatures location

Spiritual creatures slayer strategy

The strategy for killing spiritual creatures is the same for all three variants. The best way to fight them is with range. That is because it allows you to quickly do some damage to the monster while another NPC finishes it off. 

Since spiritual mages are the most worthwhile type to kill, we will primarily focus on those. However, when applicable, a mention of the ranger or warrior will be made if the tactics differ. 


Besides the slayer levels needed to fight the spiritual creatures, it is strongly advised to have done some relevant quests and have level 70+ stats. These are the requirements you should have to effectively do over 150 kills an hour:

  • 70 ranging or 70 attack and strength
  • 70 agility
  • 43 prayer
  • 61 magic for Trollheim Teleport
  • Completion of Eadgar’s ruse
  • Defeated Dad in Troll Stronghold


Spiritual creatures, and the mages, in particular, hit pretty accurately. However, it is strongly advised that you bring Proselyte armor or god d’hide for the prayer bonus and to protect against running. 

Your weapon should be your BIS weapon for DPS. So this can be a blowpipe or dragon crossbow if you are doing ranging or a rapier when using melee. Like Fire Giants, their defense bonus is low, so prioritize DPS over prayer bonus to make kills more quickly. 

Don’t forget to wear a couple of god items to have protection from aggression from monsters. The Saradomin camp is the best spot to kill spiritual mages. So, you can get away with just bringing a Saradomin item and running to that spot as fast as possible. 

slayer spiritual creatures gear
example gear spiritual creatures slayer task


Your inventory should have at least ten prayer potions since you will be using protection from magic here. You should bring 15 if you plan to use prayer like ultimate strength or piety. Bring at least one super to restore to get your stats back up if you are hit with a debuff. 

I strongly advise you to bring a holy wrench for the prayer restoration bonus here. This will save you 1 or 2 prayer potions. 

You also need to bring some food to restore your hp since other monsters will be hitting you if you don’t have the appropriate god items. 

If it’s the first time to GWD, bring a rope and always carry an emergency teleport since you can get killed quickly if your prayer drops when your internet connection is spotty. 

spiritual creatures inventory slayer osrs
Slayer task spiritual creatures inventory slayer osrs

Tips for slaying spiritual creatures

  • Fight in the Saradomin camp; the mages are much closer to one another there. 
  • Fight mages distracted by werewolves; these are the easiest targets for quick kills.
  • K’riltsutasroth (or something like that) room is plan B if you have 70 attack but not 70 agility
  • Bring a rope if you are not sure if you have been to the GWD before
  • High alchs are useful if you are planning on killing the warriors

If you want more of a challenge and slightly better drops – like the blood shard -you should fight the Zarios variant. They hit more and have higher defense bonuses. However, from xp an hour standpoint, you are better off just killing the regular spiritual mages. 

Drops to look out for

There is a variance between the drops you get amongst the three different spiritual creatures. Of course, we aren’t going to discuss all the loot you can get here, but just the items you should pick up. We are considering if you are an ironman or a regular account.  

Spiritual ranger drops

Spiritual rangers have the worst drop out of all spiritual creatures. You will get about 300 coins on average for killing one of these. So spiritual rangers are not worth it from a money-making and xp perspective. There are only a few halfway decent drops you can get from these monsters:

  • Magic short bow (1-2)
  • Adamant arrows (12)
  • Rune arrow (5)
  • Adamant arrow p++ (3)
  • Adamant arrow tips (13)
  • Clue scroll hard

The best item you get here, in my opinion, is the hard clue scroll. Solving these gives you loot that is worth 250k on average. 

If you fight spiritual creatures in the ancient prison, there is more valuable loot. You get on average 2k per kill. These are the best drops:

  • Ceremonial robe pieces (1 in 650 chances)
  • Adamant bolts (15)
  • Nature rune (1)
  • Chaos rune (1)
  • Rune arrow (12)
  • Rune arrow (50)
  • Grimy herbs (ranarr, avantoe, snapdragon, torstol)
  • Adamant bar noted (1 to 4)
  • Coal (noted)
  • Nihil shards (2-5)
  • Blue dragon scale (2)

Spiritual warrior drops

Spiritual warrior drops are worth a little more than the rangers. You will get 1.2k on average here per kill. This is due to the rune and adamant armor and weapons they occasionally drop. Here are the best drops you can expect here:

  • Adamant battlaxe
  • Adamant two h sword
  • Rune longsword
  • Rune halberd
  • Mithril platelegs
  • Adamant full helm
  • Rune kiteshield
  • Hard clue scroll

The spiritual warriors found in the ancient prison have different drops; they don’t drop the armor but ancient ceremonial robes. 

  • Ceremonial robe pieces (1 in 650 chances)
  • Adamant bolts (15)
  • Nature rune (1)
  • Chaos rune (1)
  • Rune arrow (12)
  • Rune arrow (50)
  • Grimy herbs (ranarr, avantoe, snapdragon, torstol)
  • Adamant bar noted (1 to 4)
  • Coal (noted)
  • Nihil shards (2-5)
  • Blue dragon scale (2)

Spiritual mage drops

The spiritual mages are the spiritual creatures with the best drops. Unlike OSRS chaos druids, they don’t drop a lot of herbs but do have a ton of runes as their most common loot. There are a couple of notable drops from the regular ones, and these add up to about 2k per kill:

  • Dragon boots
  • Death runes
  • Mud rune
  • Nature runes
  • Law rune
  • Blood rune
  • Chaos rune

On an ironman account, spiritual mages are a great way to get chaos runes, blood runes, nature runes, and death runes.

The spiritual mages in the ancient prison have much better loot. Their drops are worth 6.5k on average. This difference in loot value per kill is due to the following drops:

  • Ancient Ceremonial Robes
  • High-level runes
  • High-level herbs
  • Super restores
  • Adamantite bars
  • Coal
  • Blood essence
  • Nihil shard
  • Dragon Boots

Killing spiritual mages in the ancient prison is a pretty decent money maker. On average, you can expect to make 900k by killing these mages if you have high combat stats and mage to defeat about 150 of them per hour. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

Spiritual creatures are only worth killing if you have 83 slayer to fight spiritual mages. These mages will earn you over 450k gp an hour and bring in pretty decent ranging xp. However, if you want to train your slayer up as efficiently as possible, you should skip this task. Due to the task weight, blocking spiritual creatures is not worth the slayer points and the block list spot. 

OSRS Spiritual creatures slayer FAQ

Should I block spiritual creatures osrs? 

Spiritual creatures are the most blocked task in OSRS. However, you should not block spiritual creatures from a slayer point and efficiency standpoint. You should skip them for 30 slayer points. Their task weight is not so high, so you don’t get these as a slayer task. 

How do I get to the spiritual creatures in osrs?

You can quickly get to God Wars Dungeon by using the Trollheim Teleport, which you can unlock by questing Eadgar’s Ruse. Once you have teleported to Trollheim, go down the hill and through the path towards the God Wars Dungeon. Take the rope down, and you will arrive right at a couple of spiritual creature spawns. 

Are spiritual creatures worth it in OSRS?

No, spiritual creatures are not worth it for slaying or grinding them. The only interesting variant is the spiritual mage for the diary requirements and the dragon boot drop. If you have gotten these out of the way, you are better off skipping the slayer task to save time. 

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