OSRS Suqah Slayer Guide [2022] – A massively underrated task

Odds are you just got back from your slayer master. So you need to do a Suqah Slayer Task. So what are these monsters, and is this task worth doing?

A Suqah slayer task is worth it without a doubt. It is one of the easiest monsters to cannon, and they give a massive amount of slayer exp an hour. This guide will teach you exactly how to fight Suqah effectively. 

What are Suqah?

In OSRS, the Suqah are humanoid creatures exclusively found on Lunar Island. They have formed a pact with the moon clan, the native inhabitants of Lunar Island, to protect the island. 

Suqah is aggressive to players and is pretty strong. They use both melee and magic attacks and have a combat level of 111. These creatures can be assigned by two slayer masters: Nieve and Duradel. 

There are two types of Suqah in Old School Runescape. Those who are the dual wielder of weapons and those with a sword and a shield equipped. 

The variant who wields two weapons attacks exclusively with melee attacks. Those with a sword and a shield can attack with both magic and melee. OSRS Suqah is weak against two combat styles: stab attacks and ranged attacks.

Combat level111
Hitpoints level105
Attack Stylestab and magic
WeaknessStab and ranging
Slayer xp107.5
Attack speed3.6 sec
OSRS Suqah Slayer task info

Due to their weakness against ranging, it is strongly advised that you bring a cannon on your slayer task. Bringing this weapon will aid you in completing the assignment almost three times as fast. 

Best places to kill Suqah for your slayer task in OSRS

There is only one location in OSRS where you can kill Suqah. This is the Lunar Isle. Since this location is locked behind a quest, you can only get Suqah assigned as a slayer task after completing Lunar Diplomacy. If you have not done this quest, you can’t get the slayer assignment for these monsters.

There are multiple spots on Lunar Island where you can find these creatures. The most prominent spot where you can find the Suqah is the northern spot. The other place where they are located is in the south.

The best place to kill Suqah for slayer is in the Lunar Island’s northern part. There are many spawns there, making it easy to use your cannon here. Unfortunately, the southern part is not as good as you often need to run around to attack another monster, which wastes time and costs you xp. 

suqah locations osrs
Red northern spawn for cannon; Blue spawns to safespot

Suqah slayer safespots 

There are two safespots where you can attack the Suqah with ranging and magic without them being able to hit you.

  • The tree close to the Oneiromancer
  • The middle of the bridge

Out of the two, the best safe spot is the tree closest to the Oneiromancer. The Suqah that spawns are within range of your magic attacks or ranged attacks. So you will not have to run and leave your safespot. This way, you can do your slayer task without having to go to the bank or bring (much) food. 

If you want to use the safespot on the bridge, you can stand in the middle when ranging them. Then, the Suqah won’t be able to hit you. 

suqah safespot osrs

Suqah cannon spot 

suqah cannon osrs
Cannon spot location

The Northern part of the Lunar Island is the best cannon spot to kill Suqah during your slayer task. The monsters you found there have more spawn points, meaning their numbers are more plentiful. 

It is not advisable to cannon Suqah in the south of the island. There aren’t many spawns there, and the creatures are more spread out. That results in fewer targets for your cannon, slower kills, and less exp an hour. 

suqah cannon

Suqah profitable drops

The Suqah have a meager drop table, almost devoid of profitable drops. There are only a few items here that you should pick up. These drops are:

  • Hard clue scroll
  • Long bone
  • Curved bone
  • Suqah tooth

That’s it! Those are the only four drops you should pick up here. The lack of good drops here means that you will surely lose money doing this task. When you cannon the creatures, you are expected to lose around 200k to 300k an hour doing this task. So keep this in mind. 

I strongly advise you to pick up the hard clue scrolls. Hard clue scrolls are worth around 200k per clue on average. This high worth is due to the excellent variety of attractive, valuable loot you can get here. 

The curved and long bones are both significant drops to get. These can be traded in for a hefty amount of free construction experience, so do not bury them. 

The suqah tooth has quite some utility if you ever plan on planting spirit trees or training your farming with them. This item can be ground up with a pestle and mortar into a ground tooth. Once you have ground teeth, you can give them to farmers to take care of your spirit trees; due to the teeth being untradable, getting these teeth here as a drop is the only way to get them. 

Requirements, gear, and xp an hour

Requirements – You don’t need very high stats to kill these monsters. Those low requirements are because you can safespot the monsters without any issue. To kill them very effectively, you will need 80+ melee stats or 80 ranging. However, you can do with lower stats.

Gear – You should use your BIS Slayer gear here; I recommend you to kill them with either melee or range. That is because those two combat styles are their weaknesses. If you are using prayer, you should protect yourself from melee and use dragonhide armor. The foods you should bring that I recommend are monkfish or better. 

XP an hour – Depending on how you fight these creatures, you can get up to 300k total xp here an hour. The xp is divided as follows: 70k slayer xp an hour, 200k ranging xp an hour, and 30k hitpoints xp an hour. This xp rate assumes using a cannon and a ranged weapon like a blowpipe. 

example suqah inventory
Example slayer task inventory

OSRS Suqah Slayer Task FAQ

What is a suqah tooth used for?

You can use a Suqah tooth to make a ground tooth. The ground tooth is an item that farmers require as a payment to look after spirit tree patches. Unfortunately, these teeth are untradable items, meaning you can not buy them from other players. So, to get these teeth, you will need to be able to get them yourself. 

How should I kill Suqah for slayer?

The optimal way of killing this monster for your slayer task is by using a cannon and fighting them with a grazier rapier. That is because these beasts are weak against ranging and stab. The rapier has a higher DPS than any other ranging weapon here. The cannon will hit multiple at a time. 

Is Suqah a good slayer task?

Yes, the task has some of the best xp an hour. This high xp rate is because you can cannon the monsters, and they are in a multi combat zone. These two factors will ensure that you can get up to 70k exp an hour in your slayer stat. Additionally, you can get up to 200k ranging exp when using a blowpipe and cannon. 

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