The ultimate Tempoross OSRS guide – 100k xp an hour Solo, duo and group strategies

The minigame boss Tempoross in OSRS is a fantastic way to train your fishing levels. The boss is pretty easy, and you can get some decent levels in quite quickly. Tempoross is very similar to Wintertodt.

The minigame is Old School Runescape exclusive content introduced in March 2021. Tempoross is a pretty hands-on activity, so don’t expect to train your fishing AFK using this training method. This content is only available to members. 


This content is intended to be beginner-friendly and released around the same time as group ironman. The only requirement to do the Tempoross minigame is having level 35 in the fishing skill. To get to this level you can use various methods.

I would recommend doing some quests to start out training.

It would help if you had a couple of items to make this activity more accessible. For example, a glory amulet to get to the skilling activity more quickly would come in handy. Also, if you have a better than a regular harpoon, e.g., a dragon harpoon, you can get more xp an hour here. However, these are optional for Tempoross.

Requirements tempoross gear

How to get to Tempoross

The fastest way to get to Tempoross is by using the glory amulet to teleport to Alkharid. From the guard’s barracks, go east to the bank. You will see the Ferryman Sathwood’s boat to the bank’s south. You can take this boat and be brought straight to the dock.

An alternative method to get to Tempoross is by using the Camulet. Then, use the teleport option to enter Enakhra’s Temple Entrance. Then, just run south in a straight line when you arrive at the temple. 

Finally, you can also use the magic carpet. Use the magic carpet and pick the option to go to the city of Menaphos. When you get off the carpet in Menaphos, go to the northwest of your minimap. 

tempoross osrs location

Starting out

You can start playing the Tempoross osrs minigame by going on the ship located at the last dock of the Ruins of Unkah. However, if you want to do the encounter in a group, you should go to one of the official Tempoross worlds. These worlds are 341, 422, 463, and 531. 

However, you can do this activity in whatever world you like. It is also possible to do this minigame solo or duo with a friend if you ever make one. The boss scales to the level of players who are fighting him. Another factor that determines the strength of Tempoross is the combined fishing levels of all players doing the encounter. 

If you have never done this fishing activity before, you should do Tempoross in one of the official worlds. That way, you can quickly pick up on what others are doing. The hardest thing about doing this minigame in small groups or solo is putting out fires. 

boat tempoross Old school 07

Items to bring and inventory

You don’t need to bring any items since you can get everything you need in the Tempoross cove. You should take the following items from the cove to make sure you can do every event in the encounter:

  • Rope
  • Bucket
  • Hammer
  • Harpoon*

* Regarding the harpoon, you can bring a better version than the regular variant if you have one. Bringing a crystal or dragon harpoon will significantly boost the xp an hour at Tempoross. 

what to bring to tempoross

Goal of Tempoross minigame

First Phase

The goal of the minigame is to subdue Tempoross by bringing his stats (essence) to 0. This is done by depleting the fishing boss in his energy. 

You can deplete his energy by firing cannons loaded with harpoonfish at him. But, of course, you have to catch the harpoonfish with your fishing skill. 

Every raw harpoonfish fired will drain Tempoross his energy by 10 points. Cooked fish will drain him by 15 energy for every harpoonfish fired. 

tempoross guide osrs

Second Phase

When the energy has been brought down to 0, Tempoross will go under the water and start his second phase. You will now be able to catch energized fish at the end of the docks. To catch them, you will need to fish at the whirlpools.

Catching an energized fish will reduce Tempoross his essence. The goal is to reduce it to zero before the fishing boss can restore his energy to 100%. If the boss manages to get his energy back to 100%, the fight will reset, and you will have to redo the first phase.

If you can bring down Tempoross osrs his essence to zero, you will have won the battle. The minigame will be completed, and you will be brought back to the ruins. 

tempoross second phase

Fishing boss osrs Tempoross mechanics

While the minigame is safe and the fishing boss can not damage you, Tempoross will still throw a bunch of attacks at you to stop you from defeating it. The minigame is safe for hardcore ironman accounts. 

The mechanics Tempoross osrs uses will hinder you from getting more experience and make you lose your tools. Below are all three attacks the fishing boss can throw your way during an encounter and what you should do. 

douse fire runescape

The Lightning Attack

The lightning attack starts with a grey cloud rapidly expanding and shooting out a lightning bolt. This lightning bolt will cause a fire. Extinguishing the fire is essential as it will quickly spread to nearby tiles. To counter this attack, you need to put out the fire with a bucket of water. 

The lightning attack only occurs if Tempoross osrs his energy below 10%.

dousing fire

The Wave Attack

Your screen will quickly get a blue hue when the fishing boss uses the wave attack. To avoid getting swept away and losing the materials in your inventory, you need to tether yourself.

You must use a rope on a mast or a totem pole on the island. The attack will then not influence you. The wave attack only happens after Tempoross falls below 10% and will extinguish any fires.

wave attack tempoross

The Torrent Attack 

The torrent attack starts with a swirling pillar of water. This water is launched at a cannon and can stun a player loading the cannon with harpoon fish. To avoid getting stunned, you need to step away from the cannon.

Like all other attacks, the fishing boss osrs will only fire this when he falls below 10% health. 

Xp rates an hour

The experience rates you can expect at Tempoross are highly dependent on your fishing levels and what activities you do during the minigame. The harpoon you also use significantly influences the xp rates an hour gets here. 

Fishing levelXp rates an hour with regular harpoonXp rates an hour with dragon harpoonXp rates  an hour with crystal harpoon
Level 3530,000 xpN/AN/A
Level 5040,000 xpN/AN/A
Level 6051,000 xpN/AN/A
Level 7062,000 xp65,000 xp71,000 xp
Level 8065,000 xp70,000 xp78,000 xp
Level 9068,000 xp73,000 xp84,000 xp
Level 9970,000 xp77,000 xp100,000 xp
Fishing xp rates at Tempoross not cooking harpoonfish
Fishing levelXp rates an hour with regular harpoonXp rates an hour with dragon harpoonXp rates  an hour with crystal harpoon
Level 3523,000 xpN/AN/A
Level 5030,000 xpN/AN/A
Level 6041,000 xpN/AN/A
Level 7050,000 xp53,000 xp58,000 xp
Level 8062,000 xp65,000 xp71,000 xp
Level 9065,000 xp70,000 xp78,000 xp
Level 9968,000 xp73,000 xp84,000 xp
Fishing xp rates at Tempoross cooking harpoonfish

The Tempoross OSRS XP per hour is 22k fishing xp an hour at level 35 up to 92k fishing xp an hour at level 99. This is comparable to barbarian fishing without tick manipulation.

This experience rate is determined by your fishing level, how active you engage in the activity, and whether you cook your fish or not. To get the best xp rates an hour at Tempoross, it is strongly advised not to cook the harpoonfish you catch. 

killing fishing boss

Best Tempoross activities to do

Starting this minigame for the very first time can be pretty overwhelming. There are many activities to do, and they all give a different amount of points. These are the best activities you should do for xp and points at Tempoross during the fishing boss minigame. 

  • Collect raw harpoon fish – Go to one of the fishing spots and start fishing for harpoon fish. You will get 5 points per caught fish.
  • (optional) cook harpoonfish – You can cook the fish for 10 points each, but this is not optimal if you want more fishing xp an hour. 
  • Deposit harpoon fish – Once you have enough harpoonfish, you can deposit it. Raw harpoonfish will get you 20 points, and cooked will grant you 65 points. If you want more points, cooking the fish is the way.
  • Repairing – Totem poles and masts get damaged by Tempoross. Fixing these with the hammer will give you 40 points, and you will get some construction xp. 
  • Extinguishing fires – After a lightning attack, there will be fires all over the place. Douse these for 40 points per fire.
  • Surviving a wave – One of the attacks will throw a wave your way. Use the rope on a mast or a totem pole for 10 points per wave you survive. 
  • Spirit pool fishing – During the second phase of tempoross osrs, you can fish in the whirlpools at the end of the docks. This will give you 55 points per fish. 
cannon harpoonfish osrs

Rewards and loot

The osrs tempoross rewards pool is pretty interesting. Besides getting up to 100k fishing xp an hour doing this minigame, you can also get some interesting items for your account. For example, Ironman accounts can get a lot of supplies from the Tempoross loot, and regular accounts can earn some coins by selling their rewards on the GE. 

You can get one reward when you have scored a minimum of 2000 points during the minigame. Every 700 points above the 2000-point threshold will earn you one additional bonus. 

In practice, this means that between 2000 and 2699 points, you get one reward. Scoring between 2700 and 3399 points will get you two rewards. 

Besides the rewards described above, you can also get much noted fish as loot. The amount and the type of fish scale with your fishing level. The best possible fish you can get here are raw manta rays when you have 81 fishing. 

most points fishing boss tempoross osrs

Unique rewards

There is a couple of rewards you can only get at this minigame. So if you have an ironman account or want one of the untradable items on this list, you need to do the Tempoross minigame.

  • Spirit flakes – These flakes give a chance of catching two fish anywhere in Runescape except for the minigame.
  • Casket – A possible reward that might have some treasure.
  • Soaked page – Can be used to make water spells more potent in combination with the tome of water
  • Fish barrel – can be used during fishing to store more fish in your inventory.
  • Tackle box – Can be used to store fishing equipment.
  • Big harpoonfish – can be mounted in your house
  • Tome of water – is a book that improves the power of water spells and saves you water runes. 
  • Dragon harpoon – worth one million gp. 
  • Tiny tempor – the Tempoross minigame pet. 
reward casket

Tempoross reward pool

Close to the docks of the Ruins of Unkah, you can find the reward pool. After you have successfully killed the Tempoross fishing boss, you can catch rewards in it by using a fishing net. You can store up to 8000 reward rolls in the pool. 

The value of the rewards of the pool scale with your fishing level. At 81 fishing and above, you get 6.5k gp on average when fishing in the reward pool. 

If you do not need the money right now or aren’t looking for some good training food, you should wait to use the reward pool until you get 81 fishing. That way, you can maximize the profit from fishing in the pool. 

reward pool osrs


You also have the possibility of getting some unique rewards from the debris. This includes the pet, a recolor version of the blue heron. There is also the possibility of getting the Spirit angler’s outfit, the tome of water, the dragon harpoon, etc. 

Tempoross FAQ

What do I need to do Tempoross osrs minigame?

You do not need to bring any items. You can get the rope, hammer, bucket, and harpoon at the entrance of the minigame. To get the best possible xp an hour at Tempoross, you can opt to bring your dragon or crystal harpoon. 

Is Tempoross good for ironman?

The tempoross osrs minigame is an excellent activity for ironman to get high-level fish. The reward pool gives up to 30 noted fish per reward roll. Ironman can also get essential items like the tomb of water at tempoross. 

How many tempoross kills can you have an hour? 

One Tempoross game takes on average 5 to 6 minutes. Since you have to wait for 20 seconds between rounds, the average player will manage to do 8 to 10 Tempoross kills an hour. 

Final thoughts and advice

If you have not tried this minigame yet, I strongly suggest you get your harpoon and go to the fishing boss. While training your fishing with Tempoross is not as AFK as other methods, it is a lot of fun, and the rewards are very profitable too. 

completed minigame tempoross osrs

As a final word of Tempoross advice: Make sure you bring your dragon or crystal harpoon to get the most xp an hour. If you want to prioritize training your fishing, do not cook the harpoonfish. If you’re going to get as many rewards and points as possible, you should shoot cooked harpoon fish at the boss to defeat him. 

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