Troll slayer task OSRS guide [2022] – Get amazing slayer XP

A lot of OSRS players hate to get a troll slayer task. Mostly that is because they have no idea how to kill these monsters effectively. But, in truth, the troll slayer task is one of the fastest tasks you can get and is pretty profitable at the same time. This OSRS guide will teach you which trolls to kill, how to kill them, and what drops and XP you can expect. 

What trolls should you kill for your slayer task?

There are many types of trolls in OSRS. So naturally, players are confused about which ones they should fight for the best xp and gp an hour. The best variant to kill if you have a slayer task are the ice trolls. 

There are a couple of reasons why these are the best type to kill:

  • Multiple spots to fight them
  • Cannoning them is possible
  • XP just as good as dagannoths
  • Profitable when cannoning due to drops
  • Can be safespotted

Ice trolls are some of the fastest slayer xp in the game. If you are a medium level who does not have ice barrage and under 80 slayer, they are the best monster for quick xp. Another benefit ice trolls have over the regular variant is that the drops are much better. You get many supplies and alchables you can sell or use as an ironman. 

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Where can you find ice trolls?

There are multiple variants of ice trolls in Old School Runescape. These variants are pretty different, and thus it is essential to fight for the right ones. There are three locations where you can find the Ice trolls that you should kill for your slayer trolls. These locations are:

Fremenik Isles: There are multiple spawns here. The best isle to fight them is Jatizo. That is the number of spawns you can find on Jatizo. These spawns are all pretty close to the bank, making it easier to cannon them and pick up the loot you get here. 

Ice Troll caves: Another place where you can fight these monsters are the Ice troll caves. These caves are an okay spot if you do not want to get crashed, but they are suboptimal if you get the maximum of xp an hour doing this slayer task. 

Jatizo mine: I don’t recommend you to do the slayer task in the Jatizo mine. There are only a few spawns here, and the spot isn’t good to cannon. Another problem is that this place is pretty far away from the bank. 

Other variants of this monster are not worth it to fight for slayer. So we will not discuss them. The only ones that might be worth looking at are the trolls you can find in the Nightmare Zone. The Slayer exp there is horrible, but the activity is very AFK. 

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Ice troll slayer task strategy

This strategy assumes that you kill ice trolls for your slayer task. If you don’t want to fight these, this isn’t the guide for you. The best spot to fight them is on the Isle of Jatizo. There are a couple of places where they spawn, all of them are fine for slayer, but the best one is just north of the city, close to the bank. 

There are three different kinds of ice trolls you can fight in Jatizo: 

  • Ice troll runt
  • Ice troll male
  • Ice troll female

Because these all spawn close to one another, and you have to fight them in a multicombat zone, you can pick which one you fight. The one that will give you the most problems is the female, as she uses a very accurate ranging attack that hits through your armor pretty often. 

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Recommended inventory

The essential item to bring is the dwarf multi cannon when fighting these trolls. This cannon is the key to doing your slayer task quickly. In addition, some people recommend you to get a Neitiznot shield for when the ranging ice troll is attacking you. I will only bring this if you are somewhere around combat level 90 or lower. If your account is at a high combat level, you should not bother with this, as it takes another inventory slot.

You should bring about four prayer potions to protect from melee in your inventory. If you want to speed up the task, you should use some melee boosting prayers like ultimate strength or piety. Bring six prayer potions if you’re going to use these prayer bonuses. If you want to save prayer potions as an ironman, you strongly recommend that you bring the bone-crusher necklace. 

You should bring food for training like sharks, monkfish, pineapple pizza, or potatoes with cheese. Also, get either a superset or a super combat potion to fight these monsters. 

Using melee is the best way to kill these ice trolls on a slayer task. Your armor should prioritize saving your prayer points. You can do this by wearing a proselyte and Bandos armor piece. 

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Slayer task tips for ice trolls 

The creatures are pretty straightforward, there aren’t a lot of unique mechanics you should take into account, and since they are aggressive, you don’t need to lure them somewhere. So we will give you a couple of tips to consider as there is no use in overthinking this assignment. 

Use Duradel as a slayer master: You get more monsters per task by using Duradel as your slayer master. This further increases your xp an hour as you often don’t have to contact your slayer master. 

Watch out for the female ice troll: as long as you take into account the accuracy of the female troll and keep in mind that she hits through your armor pretty quickly, this task is safe for hardcore ironman accounts. Don’t go AFK for longer than 30 seconds. 

Don’t underestimate them: keep your prayer high enough to survive disconnecting. This is because the males can hit the 20s with melee and are very accurate, even when wearing high defense armor. 

Bring a Bonecrusher: if you have a bone crusher, you can earn a good amount of passive prayer xp. These monsters have a 100% chance of dropping big bones, giving a base prayer xp of 15. 

Bring alchemy runes – There are a lot of drops here that can be high alched. So if you don’t want to bank every so often, bring these runes. You will quickly earn back the cost of the runes. 

Ice troll drop table

The drops you get will vary a bit on the location of the trolls and which ones you kill. The female, runt, and male ice trolls have a slightly different drop table. The drops here are the ones you will always see here, no matter the variant you fight. 

Rune armor and weapons

These creatures drop quite a lot of good armor. All of these are pretty decent to alch. You can often get the adamant full helms, adamant axes, mithril warhammers, and the steel platebody here. 

Besides these, you can also get rune kiteshields and rune Warhammer here often. These are worth around 30k each. So you can easily make back the money you spend on cannonballs with these drops alone. 

Granite shield

The ice trolls are an exclusive ice troll drop. These shields are worth 34k but can be pretty helpful as a lower-level ironman account. While they are not worth it to especially grind for, you might get some extra coins. 

Noted supply drops

You can get a couple of good supply drops here that are pretty useful for your account. There are three to look out for, and these are all noted. These noted drops are:

  • Raw sharks (2 to 8)
  • Seaweed (3 to 9)
  • Ball of wool (18 to 42).

These are all pretty valuable drops if you have an ironman account. So make sure you keep your eyes open for these supplies! 

Other drops

There are three other drops worth taking into account here while doing your slayer task. The additional drops to look out for are:

  • Ensouled troll heads
  • Long bones
  • Curved bones

These are all useful for training. For example, the ensouled troll heads are good to train your prayer, and the long and curved bones are all excellent to trade in for construction xp.


The troll slayer task in OSRS is one of the most underrated tasks. As long as you follow this guide and kill the ice trolls, you will unlock some of the best slayer xp in the game and still make a profit. 

Keep in mind that you should only fight the monsters you fight slightly north of the settlement of Jatizo. These all have better drops, are in a multicombat zone, and offer the best xp rate while being close to a bank. 

Troll slayer task OSRS FAQ

Are trolls a good Slayer task?

Yes, trolls are among the best slayer tasks you can get in OSRS. However, you need to kill the variant in Jatizo to get the maximum amount of XP and GP an hour. 

What are ice trolls weak to in Osrs?

Ice trolls are weak to ranging and magic. Therefore, using fire spells on them has no special effect, except for variants found in the desert treasure storyline. 

What are the best trolls for slayer osrs?

The best trolls to kill on your slayer task are the ice trolls. These are found in multi combat zones and can be killed quickly with a dwarven cannon. Besides their fantastic xp rate for slayer, they also have a decent drop table that will make the task profitable. 

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