Twisted bow osrs – tips, best bosses and monsters to fight [2022]

If you ask players what weapon is on their wish list, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the osrs Twisted Bow on nearly everyone. This has become the ranging weapon of choice for high-level players to strive for in almost no time. No wonder the effects of the Twisted Bow can be devastating at a wide variety of bosses and regular monsters. 

This guide will take a deep dive into the most potent ranging weapon in Old School Runescape. Feel free to use the navigation table to find the relevant chapter easily. 

What is the Twisted bow’s effect

The immense strength of the Twisted Bow comes from its passive effect. While a regular bow has a defined power and accuracy calculated from the base stats, this bow is a little different. 

The twisted bow uses the target’s magic level or the magic accuracy to calculate the relevant damage and accuracy when shooting arrows. This is then multiplied by the regular stats of the bow. The accuracy multiplier has been capped at 140% and 250% damage modifier for the magic damage. 

Like the Abyssal Lantern in the Guardians of the Rift, this weapon is more robust at a particular location. However, inside raids, a different cap applies. There the twisted bow can hit up to 350% higher thanks to the calculation of the damage cap. 

The Twisted bow has a maximum hit of 89 using dragon arrows, the maximum ranging stat boosts, and range strength armor. Of course, this is when shooting at bosses with high magic damage like the Alchemical Hydra or Vasa Nistro. When targeting, for example, the hill giant boss Obor, you won’t hit that high due to his lower magic accuracy and damage. 

This passive effect stacks with items like the full void, the enchanted Salve Amulet, and the slayer helm. 

twisted bow money making

How to get a twisted bow

There are two ways to get yourself a twisted bow. First, buying the item from other players and doing Raids, the Chamber of Xerics. 

  • Buying the bow: since this is one of the most expensive weapons in osrs, this is an end-game item. Many players never get one because they are easily over 1 billion GP, depending on market fluctuations. 
  • Raids I: the first mass raids in OSRS is the Chambers of Xeric. This raid is still one of the best moneymakers in the game due to the large number of significant drops you can get here. A great way to grind for a twisted bow is just doing Raids I and hoping to get the drop or save up enough doing this activity to buy the weapon outright. 

Ammo to use

Despite being a costly and powerful weapon, the twisted bow is cheap to use in osrs. You can use as good as every regular arrow when fighting with this bow. However, since its effect is only helpful for high-level monsters and bosses, the smart move is to use the highest tier of the arrow. With the drops, you will make the money you spend on arrows back quickly. 

  • Rune arrows
  • Amethyst arrows 
  • Dragon arrows

Cost of using a twisted bow

Due to the wide variety of inexpensive arrows which can serve as ammunition, the costs of continued use are pretty low. Even more so when compared to a weapon like the Blowpipe, which uses both darts and scales. 

When using the twisted bow, it is good to use the Ava’s accumulator or assembler to get most of your arrows back, which would be dropped on the ground. The table below gives an average cost per hour using the twisted bow with the Ava’s assembler. 

Ammunition usedCost per hour
Adamant Arrow25k gp
Rune Arrow44k gp
Amethyst Arrow 60k gp
Dragon Arrows74k gp
Cost of using Twisted Bow

The difference between the best and second-best ammunition in costs and damage is minimal. So if you are an ironman account, you don’t need to use dragon arrows. However, if you are a regular account with access to the GE, there is no reason not to use dragon arrows in your twisted bow when killing bosses. 

10 Best bosses for twisted bow

Are you wondering where Twisted Bow is BIS and Viable? Here are the best bosses to use the twisted bow for in OSRS. Fighting with this weapon is even more effective when these bosses are weak to range. 

1. The Great Olm

The Great Olm, the end boss in the Chambers of Xeric’s raid, is a pretty obvious first place. This well-deserved number one spot is that the damage cap is 350% as opposed to 250% outside of raids. That means you can hit 99s on Olm with the Twisted bow.

Having this strong ranging weapon at your disposal is one of the best ways to quickly do a solo raid. A twisted bow is also a decent option for other bosses you can encounter in the raids. These are, e.g., Vasa Nistro and the Skeleton Mages. 

2. Alchemical Hydra

My favorite slayer boss in osrs is the Alchemical Hydra. While a blowpipe with adamant or rune darts is pretty strong and effective enough to get quick kills, a twisted bow is a whole different ball game. Since you hit high and accurate, you can often skip dangerous stages and thus save your food and improve your gp an hour. 

The twisted bow is excellent to get your range up if you aren’t 99 yet. You can get over 100k ranging xp at the Alchemical hydra consistently. 

osrs twisted bow best bosses

3. Zulrah

The snake boss Zulrah was one of the first exclusive original OSRS bosses. Aptly named the profit snek, using a Twisted bow at Zulrah is a license to print gp. Thanks to this monster’s high magic, the passive effect is potent here.

If you have fought Zulrah with regular gear before, you surely know about Zulrah her the different phases and the annoying gear switches. Well, the Twisted Bow introduces another method here. You can just semi-AFK the boss wearing Armadyl and using the weapon. You will easily hit through Zulrah her defenses even when she is in a different phase. 

4. Dagannoth Prime

Out of the three dagannoth kings, the Dagannoth Prime is the one that uses the magic combat style. Due to the very high magic level and accuracy. You can kill the Dagannoth prime in under 40 seconds. This makes a weapon makes tribirding the dagannoth kings very easy.

Due to the Dagannoth prime being so weak to ranging, you can use amethyst arrows here without too much difference compared to dragon arrows. This will save you a couple of Gps without having a lot of influence on your kills. 

5. Commander Zilyana 

Running around with a crossbow or a crystal bow is quite a hassle. However, fighting Commander Zilyana got significantly more manageable thanks to the twisted bow. In addition, the bow has a reasonably long range and is exceptionally accurate here. 

You will have massive hits and noticeable faster kills than any other weapon. Using the Twisted bow at Commander Zilyana will quickly make this a 3m an hour boss. 

6. Jad

Are you struggling to get a fire cape? Just spend one billion gp on a twisted bow and shred through the Jad. When using this weapon, you will hit so high and accurately that you don’t have to bother the healers. 

Using this with dragon or amethyst arrows is superior to using the Blowpipe with dragon darts. Not just the fight, caves get a ton more accessible, but the same goes for the Infernal. 

7. Chaos elemental

Deep in the wilderness, you can fight one of the first OSRS bosses, the Chaos Elemental. This monster uses magic to fight unsuspecting adventurers. However, you can use the twisted bow to kill the chaos elemental quickly due to the high magic level. 

The major downside is that the Chaos elemental is located around level 50 wilderness. So make sure you don’t get skull tricked and lose your items when getting attacked by clever PKers. 

8. Giant Mole

Due to the mechanics of the Giant Mole, running away all the time after being hit and doing a massive amount of damage in one swoop is vital to get fast kills. If you don’t want to use Dharok armor, then the Twisted bow is an advantageous alternative here.

Despite the Giant Mole attacking solely with melee, the monster has a very high magic level. So the twisted bow’s special effect comes into play here. You can hit consistent 50s on the mole with ease and finish the kills here very quickly. 

osrs twisted bow

9. King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon is not located in the wilderness, but you have to run through it. So keep that in mind when picking out the items to bring here. The KBD uses magic attacks and has quite a magic attack and damage, so the twisted bow is a viable option to use here. 

However, because the KBD is a dragon, you are better off utilizing a dragon hunter crossbow or a dragon hunter lance. This has a unique effect that improves damage and accuracy against dragons. 

10. Brutal Black Dragons

Not a boss, but an astonishing honorable mention are the Brutal black dragons in the Catacombs of Kourend. These monsters have a high magic attack and very profitable drops. So I strongly recommend you to use the twisted bow here if you have one.  

The twisted bow is much better than the dragon hunter crossbow here, despite that being a dragonbane weapon. That is the massive magic level the brutal black dragons have in OSRS. 

Remember that the Twisted Bow osrs is not the bis weapon at Armadyl and many other bosses. For example, you are better off using a dragon hunter crossbow at Vorkath due to the passive dragonbane effect. 


If there is one weapon, you should put on your bucket list in osrs, the twisted bow. There are multiple bosses where this is the BIS weapon. Make sure you check how high the boss’s magic accuracy and damage is and not just the ranging defense of the boss. This way, you can effortlessly determine which monsters in osrs are weak to the Twisted Bow. 

Rebuilding or making money with a twisted bow is a breeze. You can smoothly kill monsters like Zulrah or the Alchemical Hydra for over 3m in an hour in profitable drops. Make sure you use at least amethyst, preferably dragon, arrows for the maximum gp and xp an hour.

Do you want to know more about must-have items for your osrs account? Here is some relevant further reading:

Twisted bow osrs FAQ

What is the drop rate of the twisted bow?

The average drop rate of a twisted bow when doing Raids is about 2.90% out of all drops. There are a couple of factors that influence this drop rate. These are, for example, the number of people participating in the raid, the cumulative combat level of the raid participants, and the number of points scored. 

How does the Bow of faerdhinen compare?

When looking at the stats, the Bow of Faerdhinen is better than the Twisted bow when fighting regular monsters. According to my brother, the bow of Ferdinand, or the bow of Ferdinand, has higher base stats and more damage. However, when fighting a monster or a boss with a high magic level, the special effects of the twisted bows comes into play. 
To give a practical example of the difference, you would have a great time if you fought black demons using the Bow of Faerdhinen. You will hit accurate and damage them quite well. The same goes when you, for example, would fight the Alchemical Hydra. You would hit pretty decent and have reasonably fast kills. That is the very high base stats the Bow of Faerdhinen has. 
If you used the Twisted bow at the Black demons, this would go relatively slow. These monsters don’t have very high magic accuracy or damage. So, you would not get any benefit from the passive effect the bow has. So the Bow of Faerdhinen would be much better here.  
However, if you would fight with the twisted bow at the Alchemical Hydra, you would just rip through the boss and get extremely fast kills. These much faster kills are because the passive effect does come into play here due to the high magic level the Alchemical Hydra has. 

Is the twisted bow good at Bandos? 

Bandos, also referred to as General Graandor, no longer has high magic damage or accuracy. Bandos his stats were nerfed a couple of years ago because the Twisted bow was too strong at this boss. 
So as of 2022, this weapon no longer is a good option at Bandos. Instead, you are better off using melee weapons like the tentacle whip of Scythe of Vitur to get quick and effective kills here. Likewise, you are better off using this weapon at Commander Zilyana. 

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