Best ways to get Chaos runes OSRS [2022] – For regular and ironman accounts

Chaos runes are one of the most valuable runes in OSRS. You don’t just need them for bolt spells, charging your trident, and for a bunch of ancient magic spells. Unfortunately, these runes, much like arclight charges, are often in short supply if you are an ironman. 

This guide will show you the best ways to get chaos runes in OSRS and share our tips and tricks to make this easier, no matter your playing style! 

1. Using the Grand Exchange

Let’s start with the obvious one. The best and easiest way to get chaos runes in OSRS is by buying them from the Grand Exchange. You can buy 12 000 of them at once. This makes it easy to get many at once. 

Of course, this method is not available for ironman accounts and is a bit more expensive than doing these other methods. Good news, If you want to get these runes quick and easy, there are a bunch of other decent methods.

2. Getting chaos rune packs from rune shops

The quickest way for ironman accounts to get chaos runes is by buying these in the rune shops. Every rune shop in OSRS has chaos rune packs. These are a kind of bundle with 100 chaos runes in them. This way, you can buy a ton at once quickly. But, of course, you do need to open these yourself in your inventory. 

Getting chaos runes from a rune pack at the shop is another method that will cost you coins, but it is the best way to get these as an ironman if you want them quick and have the coins. 

chaos runes collecting osrs

3. Crafting chaos runes in the Abyss

If you enjoy runecrafting for some reason, then a great way to get your chaos runes is crafting them in the Abyss. You can reach the chaos altar by talking to the mage of zamorak near edgeville after doing the ‘into the abyss’ mini-quest. 

If you concentrate on what you are doing, you can get up to 3k chaos runes an hour this way. Besides getting chaos runes for free, you also get some runecrafting experience in the process. The downsides are that this method is quite intensive, requires a high runecrafting level, and needs to concentrate. 

4. Collecting chaos runes in the wilderness

If you don’t have a high runecrafting level, you can go to the wilderness and collect chaos runes where they spawn. This way, you can get up to 2700 chaos runes an hour. 

You will need to bring food because the fortress is in the wilderness and has both level 8 and level 145 monsters. Just like when collecting giant keys, a great trick to avoid Pkers and the level 145 monsters is using f2p worlds. 

Since chaos runes stack, you can fill your inventory with food. This will help you survive if a pker decides to attack you. Escaping pkers in f2p is very easy. Just bring your teleport runes to Varrock. This way, you can teleport right away. There is no teleblock in the free-to-play worlds, and the fortress is in level 15 of the wilderness. 

ways to get chaos runes osrs

5. Doing Barrows runs

If you are a medium-level player who wants a way to get chaos runes while also getting death, blood, mind runes, and great items, then you should do barrows! This minigame is terrific for both regular and ironman accounts to get a steady supply of chaos runes and other drops. 

You get even more runes if you have done the Mortania hard diary. Completing the diary will increase the number of chaos runes and other runes you get for every completed barrow’s chest. The requirements are pretty high to do this diary, but it is well worth it. 

6. Killing chaos golems

A new method to get chaos runes quite reliably is killing chaos golems. These monsters are level 70 and are only available to members. About one in six of the chaos golems has a 5 to 10 chaos rune drop. Next to that, they also drop chaos cores about one in seven kills. These cores can be used on the chaos altar to make ten chaos runes and get runecrafting experience.

While this is not the fastest way to get chaos runes quickly, it is pretty AFK, and you can train your combat skills simultaneously. You can fight these with piety and a holy wrench in your inventory. Doing that will increase your kills by over 20%.

chaos golems for runes

7. Buying chaos runes with tokkul

Another effective method to get chaos runes is buying them with Tokkul in the Vulcano under Karamja. You can get tokkul by selling other runes or killing the obby monsters you find there. 

This method is pretty slow but viable for skillers who do not want to go to the wilderness. Unfortunately, the amount of fire runes you need for this is also quite substantial. 

tokkul chaos runes osrs

Ways to get chaos runes FAQ

What is the GE limit for chaos runes?

The ge limit for chaos runes is 12 000. This limit resets every 4 hours. After this time limit expires, you can start repurchasing chaos runes at the Grand exchange. 

Where to get chaos runes in f2p?

You can get chaos runes by buying them in the Grand Exchange and the rune shops in Varrock and Port Sarim. Next to that, you can also collect these runes in the wilderness in level 15. 

When to use mind runes vs. chaos runes?

Mind runes are used for elemental spells like the airstrike and the fire strike. Chaos runes are much more versatile. You can use these for bolt spells, recharge your trident of the seas, the slayer bolt, and use ancient magic. 

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