Woodcutting guide OSRS [2022] – 1 to 99 the fastest and optimal ways

Woodcutting is one of the most AFK skills in OSRS. Whether you are a member or a F2P player, it is a skill that offers a non-intensive way of getting a good amount of levels. However, OSRS wouldn’t be the game we have all known to love if there weren’t a million ways to train it. 

You can 3-tick teaks, AFK redwoods, and everything in between and still get 99 in a reasonably fast way. This Woodcutting guide for OSRS will discuss all the best ways to train this skill. 

At OSRS boss, we love skills that do not require your optimal attention like runecrafting, so keep this in mind when reading the guide! 

Fastest 1 to 99 woodcutting guide

Below you will find the fastest way to train this skill in OSRS. However, we prefer a ton of alternative ways since they are AFK. These will be discussed in the chapters below. 

Woodcutting level 1 to 26 – Questing

There are a couple of interesting quests you can do to skip the early levels while getting some quest points. These quests are Monk’s friend, Enlighted Journey, the Skrach Uglowee subquest, and Icthlarin’s little helper. These quests will get you from 1 to 26 woodcutting. 

This is only the fastest method when you are planning to maximize your account or get a ton of quests out of the way later. However, if you just want to train your woodcutting up, there is an alternative that is a bit faster. 

Alternative: Regular trees to level 15

Take out your axe and get to chopping trees. Just go wherever and start chopping regular trees. If you start from level 1 to 15, you will need to cut 97 logs. These logs give 25 exp each, so this should not take too long. If you are short on money, you can make a few 1000 GP by banking them. If you don’t need the money, you should drop the regular logs and keep woodcutting. 

Oak trees to level 35

When you reach level 15, you can start cutting oak trees. These trees give multiple logs each. That means, unlike regular trees, these can be done AFK. My favorite place to cut these is near the Draynor Village bank. There are two trees close to the bank, which allows you to easily bank these pretty valuable logs—while not optimal, cutting oak trees is still a decent F2P money-making method that gives you a good amount of woodcutting experience. 

While you can start cutting willow logs at level 30, I would advise you not to cut these. These are quite a bit slower to cut, and thus your exp an hour is lower too. In addition to that, willow logs are worth less than oak logs. So that means there is no reason to start cutting these. You should thus train your woodcutting from level 15 to 35 cutting oak logs. 

Woodcutting osrs guide fastests way

Woodcutting level 35 to 65 – cutting teak trees

Once you have reached level 35 woodcutting, you may switch over to cutting teaks if you are a member. Cutting teak trees is the fastest woodcutting experience in OSRS. However, there are a couple of ways you can do this to make it even faster. 

When you use tick manipulation, this is the fastest way up to 99. If you aren’t using this, then you are better off doing it only up to 65. At OSRSBoss, we prefer to cut teaks the easy way and just AFK train on them by clicking and doing something else simultaneously. 

1.5 or 2-tick woodcutting

If you hate yourself, you can cut teaks on Fossil Island for the fastest woodcutting exp in OSRS. You need to click a lot, and it is hard to learn. It is boring and just stupid to waste your life away doing this. Watch a YouTube video on how to do this because we don’t endorse this way of training. You can do this all the way to 99, but you won’t enjoy it. 

Woodcutting level 65 to 90 – Sulliuscep 

Cutting sulliuscep mushroom trees is the fastest exp for people who are smart enough not to waste their life ticking teak trees. It is a pretty AFK way to do your woodcutting and is actually quite fun too. 

You should do this activity in world 321 because more people will tank the hits from the tar monsters. To prolong your trip, you need to bring antidote++ and something that passively heals you, like a Regen bracelet. You can also bring a bit of food. 

I would advise you to keep the numulite and unidentified fossils and leave the sulliuscep caps on the ground. This will not cost you much exp an hour and won’t lose you a lot of money. 

The woodcutting exp per hour is great if you do this method correctly. You can get up to 70k exp an hour at level 65 if you put your mind to it and concentrate. If you are level 90 woodcutting, you can get over 100k an hour here without too much effort and much AFKing. 

This makes it one of the best ways to get up to level 90 or 99. However, we prefer to do redwood trees for those last nine levels. These are a lot more AFK and much less click intensive while not sacrificing a lot of exp an hour. 

Getting 90 to 99 woodcutting guide – Redwood trees

Head over to the woodcutting guild and start cutting those big redwood trees when you get to level 90. You should bring the best axe. You can access the crystal axe, infernal axe, or dragon axe. Training on redwood trees will get you about 70k to 80k an hour. 

You won’t be making a lot of money cutting redwoods, but you will be able to do many other things while training since this is such an AFK method. In our opinion, that is what OSRS is all about, making account progress without actually doing much. 

Best woodcutting guide osrs

Best alternative woodcutting OSRS training methods

There are a ton of other methods to train your skill that we would like to discuss here. However, we will mainly focus on ways to rain your woodcutting that is AFK but still fast enough that you aren’t wasting your time. 

Level 62 to 90 – The Blisterwood tree

If you complete Sins of the Father up to the point that you can reach the Blisterwood tree. This is a very chill and relaxed way to train the skill. You do not need to pay attention, and you only occasionally need to click the tree to start cutting again. Cutting a log from the Blisterwood tree provides you 76 exp. This will accumulate to up to 65000 woodcutting exp in an hour around level 85. This is slightly better than Teak but worse than sulliceps. 

The logs of the time of writing are untradable and only useful to train your firemaking with. This is because, at 96 firemaking exp, Blisterwood logs are slightly better than willow logs to burn. So you can bank them in the bank nearby or just drop them on the floor. 

Cutting teaks or Mahogany for profit

If you want to make some money while training your woodcutting, these two trees are by far the best ones to cut. While magic trees give you more exp and GP per log, they just don’t get chopped as fast. 

Teak is much better or both money and gp an hour out of the two. So cutting Teak will net you about 250k gp an hour and around 100k exp an hour. This is, of course, if you cut them near the bank. A great place for this is in Priffindas, the city you get access to when you do the song of the elves’ quest.  

Cutting magic trees

Magic trees are pretty slow exp an hour and not much money an hour. However, it is pretty AFK to train. For a couple of minutes, you can sometimes just AFK without having to do anything. You will make some money because magic tree logs are worth a bit of money, but don’t expect to make anything over 300k an hour. 

Yew trees in F2P

You can cut yew trees in F2P starting from level 60 woodcutting. The problem with this is that yews are very slow to cut and are less gp and exp an hour than, for example, oak logs. However, since you only have a rune axe, it takes quite a long to cut down a tree. That way, you can AFK quite a bit while doing something else. 

Best trees to woodcut on OSRS mobile

When you are training woodcutting on mobile, you are likely doing this to AFK or just to spend some time when on a trip. I am going to assume you want to do as few clicks as possible. So here are the best trees to cut on OSRS mobile if you want to AFK and train. Don’t forget to press the one-click drop button if you want to keep dropping your inventory. 

Regular trees

You should only train on these when you are below level 15 woodcutting, as these are not very AFK. Don’t forget that you can also quickly sell them to a nearby general store if you are not going to the bank. 

Oak trees

Oak trees are the first tree that will give you multiple logs when cutting. You can thus AFK a bit while training woodcutting. You will not have more than 60 seconds of AFKing training on Oak trees in most cases. While you can cut them to 99, I suggest switching to willows at 50 woodcutting. 

Willow trees

Starting from level 50, I advise you to cut willow trees in Draynor Village. Since it is so close to the bank, you can easily go bank them and restart your trip. There are also multiple trees next to each other, so you have everything you need on one screen. 

Yew trees

Yew trees are a pretty chill way to train your woodcutting on OSRS mobile. The ones in Edgeville are very close to the bank, so you can easily do those on mobile and bank your logs if you want some money. You can also do them in the woodcutting guild if you are a member and want to enjoy the passive +7 levels boost you get there. 

Yews in F2P can give you quite a lot of AFK time. However, since you only have a rune axe, it can take up to a good 2 or 3 minutes till it is cut down. 

Magic trees

One of the best AFK trees is magic trees. These are very slow to cut down and make some money if you bank them. However, they are amazing if you just want to click once or twice a minute. In some cases, you might be able to AFK them for more than 3 minutes. 

Blisterwood trees

One of the best trees on OSRS mobile for low levels is the Blisterwood tree. You can AFK these for quite a long time. Often you can do this for minutes at a time, and you only have to click like 30 times in an hour. 

You can start cutting this tree starting from level 62. However, I would advise you to start cutting it as soon as possible if you are a mobile player, as this is a way more relaxing tree than willows and magic trees. 

Redwood trees

Redwood trees are the best AFK woodcutting training method on mobile there is. You can easily AFK here for minutes at a time and get some very decent exp an hour. Of course, you won’t make much money doing this woodcutting method. However, the relaxed way of training is the best tree on mobile to cut in OSRS. 

Mahogany and teak trees

Mahogany and teak trees are pretty okay on mobile too. If you bank the logs, you will make a decent amount of gp an hour. Out of the two, you should do teaks. While this is the lower level tree, the exp an hour is much better, and they are worth more per log too. So, unless you are an ironman that needs mahogany planks, you should only do teaks. 

Woodcutting guides OSRS final thoughts

Woodcutting is one of the best skills to train on mobile. You can AFK it quite easily and still get decent exp and gp an hour. While it is not a fast skill to train like cooking, you have quite a few methods to make it go faster. There is always the possibility to 2tick teaks and do sulliceps for extra fast exp. While those methods are (very) intense, you can get over 100k exp an hour if you concentrate. 

If you want to learn more about a skill that won’t take you long to get 99 in, check out our crafting OSRS guide!

Woodcutting OSRS FAQ

Where to get a woodcutting cape?

In OSRS, you can find the NPC who sells woodcutting capes around the furnace in Lumbridge. His name is Wilfred and he will sell you the cape and the hood for 99 000 coins. You need to have 99 in the skill to be able to purchase it from him.

How to get to the woodcutting guild in OSRS?

The best way to go to the guild fast is by using the skills necklace. This will bring you just outside of the entrance. Another option you have is using the fairy rings. This will get you pretty fast to the guild too. 

How many willow logs to 99 woodcutting?

Going from 30 to 99 woodcutting, you will need to cut up to 185 000 willow logs. A willow log gives you 67.5 exp per log. You need level 30 to be able to cut them.

How many magic logs to 99 woodcutting?

You can start cutting magic logs at level 75. You will need to cut over 47 500 magic logs from 75 to 99 woodcutting in OSRS. 

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