Wyrm osrs Slayer strategy guide [2022]

Deep in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon of Zeah in osrs, the Wyrm can be found. These slayer monsters are a relatively new addition to the bestiary of Old School Runescape and are pretty fun and easy to kill on a task. 

This guide will go in-depth on how to fight these draconic monsters, what loot you can expect from the wyrm osrs, and we will discuss the most frequently asked questions about these monsters. Let’s dive in! 

Wyrm Osrs weakness and stats

If you plan on doing the Wyrm slayer task or fighting them just for fun or drops, knowing more about these monsters is essential. In this chapter, we will discuss their weakness and their stats. 

Combat levelMax hitHitpoints levelWeaknessAttack style
99 combat13 magic10 melee130 hitpointsStab and rangeMagic and slash
Wyrm weakness and stats

From the above table, we can deduct two things. First, Wyrms have a very high hitpoints level for combat and difficulty. That means they give a lot of slayer xp and are great for training your combat and AFK.

These creatures are weak to stab and range. However, because Wyrms are Draconic, dragonbane weapons will work on them. There are two in osrs: the Dragon hunter lance and the Dragon hunter crossbow. These weapons have a stab and range ability, so using these will increase your xp and gp an hour by quite a lot. 

wyrm osrs slayer task

Wyrm Location

There is only one location where the Wyrms can be found in OSRS. This location is named the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. In the dungeon, there are two different spots where the monsters spawn. 

The Karuulm Slayer dungeon lower level has nine spawns. The task-only section has seven spawns, and the Wyrms can only be fought if you are on a slayer task. 

How to get to the wyrms

  • You can easily reach the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon if you have a Rada’s blessing (3) or (4). Using this diary item, you can teleport to Mount Karuulm right away. 
  • The Fairy ring that the code CIR can use is another great option to get to the Slayer dungeon pretty quickly. You can use agility shortcuts to get to the entrance a lot faster. 
  • The skill necklace is an excellent alternative if you have not done the quests or diary required for the other two methods. The skill necklace teleport to the woodcutting guild will bring you southeast of Mount Karuulm.
wyrm location

OSRS Wyrm Slayer task strategy

Recommended stats and requirements

  • 62 slayer: this is the minimum level to harm them without a boost
  • 60 ranging and 44 prayers: if using a range
  • 60 attack, strength, defense, and 43 prayers for melee
  • Access to fairy rings

These stats are the minimum stats you should have to fight these monsters. Due to their low range and stab defense, you will hit pretty accurately. You should use prayer to make sure these Wyverns can’t damage you too much with their attacks. 

Having an excellent ranging level (60+) to wear dragon hide is also recommended, as you should prioritize magic defense when doing the wyrm slayer task. That way, you can pray against their melee attacks, and bearly take any damage. 

MUST-READ: make sure you have boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots before entering the dungeon. If you don’t have these boots, you will start taking damage pretty quickly and risk dying there. 

Setup ranging Gear

I prefer to use ranging at the wyrms. Despite being draconic monsters, they do not have a Dragonfire attack or something similar. That means you don’t need to take a special shield to protect yourself from damage. This is the Gear I would recommend when you are planning on using ranging here:

  • Slayer helm/armadyl helmet
  • Avas assembler/accumulator
  • Necklace of anguish/fury
  • Rada’s blessing(4)/unholy blessing
  • Dragon hunter crossbow/blowpipe
  • Boots of brimstone/boots of stone/granite boots (If you did not do the elite diaries)
  • Zaryte gloves/Barrows gloves/blessed vambraces
  • Archers ring (i)/brimstone ring/seer’s ring

You can switch out some of the items on this list, but make sure you don’t lower your ranging attack too much. The higher your ranging accuracy is, the more xp an hour you will get, and the faster your wyrm slayer task is over. 

If you want the optimal amount of range xp an hour, you should use a dwarven multi cannon. 

range setup wyrm

Setup melee gear

Melee is only recommended if you have very low-ranging stats. If you are using melee, you should also wear armor that prioritizes magic defense. Wyrms’ other weakness is stabbing, so make sure you use an excellent stab weapon. 

  • Slayer helm/Faceguard of Neitiznot
  • Infernal cape/Fire cape/legends cape
  • Amulet of torture/fury
  • Rada’s blessing (4)/any other god blessing
  • dragonhunter lace/rapier/(tentacle) whip
  • Avernic defender/dragon defender
  • armadyl chest plate/Karlis leather top/blessed d’hide
  • armadyl chain skirt/Karlis chain skirt/blessed d’hide
  • berserker ring(i)/treasonous ring/brimstone ring
  • Boots of brimstone/boots of stone/granite boots (If you have not done the elite diary)

If you want, you can use a cannon here. However, the area is single combat, so that won’t be that effective. 


Your inventory should keep a bit of space for the drops you get here. You will probably not need to bank during your osrs wyrm task if you have a high magic defense bonus and mage level. 

  • Ranging or bastion potions (super combat when using melee)
  • 3 to 5 prayer potions (8 advised when using melee boosting stats)
  • Mantarays, pineapple pizza, or sharks
  • Bonecrusher
  • Cannon and 3k cannonballs (if using a cannon)
  • Herb stack
  • Dramen staff if not using a Rada’s blessing 3 or 4.
  • Rune pouch
inventory wyrm
example inventory wyrm

Tips and advice

While there is nothing complicated about slaying Wyrms, you might want to follow some interesting tips to get the optimal slayer xp and combat xp an hour here. 

Prioritize magic defense: Wyrms use both magic and melee. So if you want to maximize the time you can stay here, you should 1) pray against their melee attacks and 2) prioritize your magic defense. That way, you will barely take any damage, and you can stay here the entire task. 

Prioritize DPS: the defense of these monsters isn’t very high. If you use your best weapon, you can often finish them off before they can get a real hit in. You won’t just get more xp, but you will also save your supplies. 

Double-check the boots slot: If you have not done the elite diary for Kebos, you should always make sure you have the boots to protect you from the Karluum dungeon floor. 

Consider a cannon: If you have a dwarven cannon, you should consider using it to get some more xp and faster kills. Unlike, e.g., the area where you do kalphite tasks, this is a single combat area. 

Don’t skip/block: Do not skip this slayer task. It goes by very fast, and the xp is pretty decent too. The drops are also slightly above average. You should not block the wyrm task at Duradel

Watch out for the Shadow Wyrm: have you unlocked the bigger and badder slayer perk? Then you will encounter the shadow wyrm 1 in 200 kills. 

Notable loot

If you are an ironman, it’s a good idea to grind wyrms occasionally and make sure you do the assigned slayer tasks. These are the drops you should look out for in paticular as an ironman account.

  • Dragon harpoon
  • Dragon sword
  • Dragon knife

In particular, these drops, and the Dragon harpoon, are beneficial for an ironman account and are pretty hard to get by. The next drops are also attractive to pick up to use as supplies, high alch, or sell on the GE. 

Weapons and armor

  • Red d’hide chaps
  • Adamant sq shield
  • Adamant 2H sword
  • Rune med helm
  • Earth battle staff
  • Rune battleaxe
  • Dragon dagger


  • Fire runes
  • Earth runes
  • Soul runes
  • Blood runes

Other drops

  • High-level herbs
  • High-level seeds
  • Clue scroll (hard)

Final thoughts 

The wyrm slayer task (or as a regular grind) is fun and pretty easy to do. The drops are not half bad, and due to the low defense against stab and ranging, the xp an hour is pretty high. 

Wyrms use two attack styles: magic and melee. The best way to deal with them is to use your protection from melee prayer and use high magic defense armor to absorb their weak magic attacks. The best combat style to fight them with is ranging. Unfortunately, wyrms are vulnerable to the range and dragon bane weapons, so I prefer to use the dragon hunter crossbow here. 

If you are working hard on training your slayer, the following guides are sure to help you out:

Wyrm FAQ

What is the shadow wyrm osrs?

The shadow wyrm is the superior slayer variant of these monsters. You can only encounter these if you have unlocked the slayer perk “bigger and Badder.” If you have unlocked this perk, you can experience these superior creatures in 1 in 200 kills. 

Is there a wyrms safespot?

No, there is no wyrms safespot in the Karuulm Dungeon. The monsters can attack with both a melee and a magic attack, and you can not block both attacks. So you won’t be using a safespot to take any damage. 

Can you cannon wyrms in osrs?

You can cannon the wyrms in the Karuulm slayer dungeon. However, this dungeon is single combat only, so you won’t get as much xp as when using your cannon in a multi combat area. That being said, it is still worth doing as you will do your task much quicker. 

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